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Fizzcrank-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Artemmis Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US2010
2Sooter homeFizzcrank-US1995
3Masøn hey im mongoFizzcrank-US1938
4Nedk  Fizzcrank-US1934
5Liyah homeFizzcrank-US1913
6Lastwarrior Heros of the FallenFizzcrank-US1889
7Layinski Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1858
8Owaishiagami Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1846
9Frozentundra Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1843
9Aragard Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1843
11Yumemaria Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1839
12Çopenhagen Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1838
13Cinch Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1836
13Megavash Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1836
15Owlcaponë LichFizzcrank-US1827Not updated
16Oztroza Horizon PvPFizzcrank-US1825
16Suulee Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1825Not updated
18Drschlotkin New DawnFizzcrank-US1824
19Hoyer Hells GloryFizzcrank-US1816
20Blazér  Fizzcrank-US1815
21Danthorr Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1814
22Ravenz Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1812
22Mongolordqt ReforgedFizzcrank-US1812
24Kaelysa Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US1810
25Kungfuwhip Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1807
26Mäûled Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1806
27Christianx  Fizzcrank-US1794
28Jokerzwild Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1793
29Eatmydmg Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1792
30Djelrey  Fizzcrank-US1786
31Stip Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1785
32Lunarlis Used NapkinFizzcrank-US1782
32Triplexrated Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1782
34Magetastik Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1781
35Priestadin Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1778
36Møøn Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1773
36Kilted Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1773
38Dædbôlts Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1769
39Killinblow Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1767
40Lilasianprep Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1766
40Sardines Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1766
42Ministry Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1764
43Shamanthafox Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1761
44Ravenlocks Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1758
45Sitluc Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1754
46Thoronimo Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1750
47Jylenqt Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US1746
48Pandalooza New DawnFizzcrank-US1743
49Horìzon Sweet DeathFizzcrank-US1741
50Legawien Used NapkinFizzcrank-US1740
50Prostances  Fizzcrank-US1740
52Yelir Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1739
52Ojòmmòjo Horizon PvPFizzcrank-US1739
54Kitteneaters Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1736
54Etude Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1736
56Terkleton Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1735
57Galesong Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1733
57Crazd Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1733
59Mshadows Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1728
60Drahh CRËTINSFizzcrank-US1724Not updated
61Naag The Geriatric NinjasFizzcrank-US1722Not updated
62Axelaw Untold legionsFizzcrank-US1721
62Bowe Women of WarcraftFizzcrank-US1721
64Ogreshot Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1720
65Dorya Used NapkinFizzcrank-US1719
65Haywood Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US1719
67Taznnatthree Horizon PvPFizzcrank-US1718
68Pallykid Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1715
69Saphyré Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1711
70Tbagsuka Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1710
71Fetta LichFizzcrank-US1709Not updated
72Monkeybellz Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1699
73Tytehgoblin Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1696
74Hotremix Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1694
75Minivash Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1681
75Hoboes Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1681
77Orcyporkysr Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1680
78Leeröy LichFizzcrank-US1679
79Evilbeest Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1678
79Weinergate New DawnFizzcrank-US1678
81Coldy Horizon PvPFizzcrank-US1666
82Hulkiofidfii  Fizzcrank-US1660
83Lará  Fizzcrank-US1657
84Reyaloth ExodusFizzcrank-US1655
85Dübb Used NapkinFizzcrank-US1652
86Sheedevil Natural Horde KillersFizzcrank-US1650
87Swadowman Horizon PvPFizzcrank-US1643
88Zendora Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1634
89Frostyqt  Fizzcrank-US1632Not updated
90Tupelo Legion of The UnforgivenFizzcrank-US1631
91Klltrgg Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1622
92Selnia Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US1621
93Longbellz Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1611
94Batiatus Untold legionsFizzcrank-US1610
95Doyouevendot Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US1591
96Cooties Super Happy Fun TimeFizzcrank-US1564Not updated
97Tytehdruid Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1546
98Bubblëwrap Burning BladesFizzcrank-US1530
99Darknightkng The PoisonFizzcrank-US1522
100Siemat The Geriatric NinjasFizzcrank-US1516Not updated

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