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Firetree-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Alfurne World PvPFiretree-US2130
2Aprilius  Firetree-US2097
3Xuluhead  Firetree-US2071Not updated
4Batmön Toxìc TurtlesFiretree-US2022
5Martius Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US2013
6Blodpriest Power FriendsFiretree-US2006
7Autismo  Firetree-US1996
7Healtock Semi ProFiretree-US1996
9Søulz  Firetree-US1988
10Deathwidow AnarchistsFiretree-US1980
11Sotta Semi ProFiretree-US1979
12Pothemonk  Firetree-US1978
13Myath tlcFiretree-US1969
14Råwrr Take TwoFiretree-US1948Not updated
15Vassild Waradin TrainerFiretree-US1936
16Osmatspriest Semi ProFiretree-US1932
17Dessieqt Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1922
18Hyper Cest La VieFiretree-US1917
19Vassìld  Firetree-US1912
20Kalossus  Firetree-US1908
21Ææaææaææaææa  Firetree-US1904
22Slamz Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US1893
23Trawcentric worship me you peasantsFiretree-US1886Not updated
24Satarra All Heart No SkillFiretree-US1883Not updated
25Kountrykow Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US1882
26Maius Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US1878
27Whitebuffalo  Firetree-US1869
28Mikehant Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US1862
29Lolkuo Cest La VieFiretree-US1859Not updated
30Oblivean Wish We Rolled HordeFiretree-US1858
31Seksier Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US1852
31Aprudess AbsolutéFiretree-US1852
33Keela  Firetree-US1849
34Condorium RAGIN CAJUNSFiretree-US1843
35Faldor ONEFiretree-US1840
36Pillowcase Raging Hard RichardsFiretree-US1831
37Tombombadil Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1826
38Acidrap Cest La VieFiretree-US1816Not updated
39Roflock A RoflsquadFiretree-US1810
40Trawcity worship me you peasantsFiretree-US1804Not updated
40Lilitha  Firetree-US1804
42Ziriken AbsolutéFiretree-US1793
43Czarrow  Firetree-US1782
44Nagi InsomniaFiretree-US1774
45Apolloh  Firetree-US1767Not updated
46Nibel Three Day BanFiretree-US1766Not updated
47Chîefsmaxühø SolidarityFiretree-US1747
48Pöltergeist Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US1741
49Lildrizzle Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1740
50Sdplankzz Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1738
51Txmade Shadow AssassinsFiretree-US1736
52Adalena Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1734
52Percsandpurp Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1734
54Gileon AbsolutéFiretree-US1733
55Cadsuane SolidarityFiretree-US1731
56Nephelle SolidarityFiretree-US1730
57Staycool Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1729
58Tabdor Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1728
59Tahzza Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US1726
60Hitmane Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1724
61Artoriuz  Firetree-US1723
62Telindra SolidarityFiretree-US1715
63Setthos Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1712
63Killerelite Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US1712
65Bullofit SolidarityFiretree-US1708
66Crixus SynergyFiretree-US1707Not updated
66Fookmii SolidarityFiretree-US1707
68Stoinker Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1706
69Sylvaelth ShadowsFiretree-US1705
70Wooznib No ThanksFiretree-US1704
70Superkilla  Firetree-US1704
70Osna Order of DestinyFiretree-US1704
73Watsfordinr Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1700
74Musculate AbsolutéFiretree-US1699
75Arazi  Firetree-US1698
75Etienne NO HARD FEELINGSFiretree-US1698
77Coppershot SolidarityFiretree-US1697
78Tempest SolidarityFiretree-US1695
79Chaningtotem NO HARD FEELINGSFiretree-US1694
80Boombastic VanquishFiretree-US1691
81Herass SolidarityFiretree-US1684
82Koralan Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1676
83Jooju No ThanksFiretree-US1675
84Saranwrap  Firetree-US1670
85Silentásault World PvPFiretree-US1668
86Milfyway  Firetree-US1663
87Teddiegraham Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1660
88Odonis InsomniaFiretree-US1654
89Gnargash SolidarityFiretree-US1652
90Shamwowss  Firetree-US1650
91Monkhealz SolidarityFiretree-US1649
92Osmatsz Semi ProFiretree-US1646
93Undeadbones  Firetree-US1643Not updated
94Richardnixon Army of the DeserterFiretree-US1642
95Lïlïth  Firetree-US1640
95Iceicebabye  Firetree-US1640Not updated
97Justout Order of DestinyFiretree-US1637Not updated
98Phynalboss Order of DestinyFiretree-US1631
99Higbeals Order of Knight GuardFiretree-US1630Not updated
100Gladdiator Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US1629

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