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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fenris-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ooglemcdoogl Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US2402Not updated
1Sitonit Ooh ShinyFenris-US2402Not updated
3Massterofwar Ooh ShinyFenris-US2290Not updated
4Nosidam Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US2271Not updated
5Namor Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US2246Not updated
6Massterheals Ooh ShinyFenris-US2213Not updated
7Monkwahlberg Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US2184Not updated
8Destroee Operation Ground n PoundFenris-US2176Not updated
9Ticklemytusk Operation Ground n PoundFenris-US2148Not updated
10Kazashammy SupremacyFenris-US2139Not updated
11Solarslash PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US2068Not updated
12Bigdkplaya Ooh ShinyFenris-US2063Not updated
13Eizyevil PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US2028Not updated
14Aussie Howlin HurricaneFenris-US2004Not updated
15Warlorees  Fenris-US2003Not updated
16Elfonmyface The OutcastsFenris-US2002Not updated
17Roctris PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1984Not updated
18Clincedene PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1976Not updated
19Eizyark PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1969Not updated
20Hesgotaname PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1964Not updated
20Elisandrah PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1964Not updated
22Gilytha Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1955Not updated
23Lickmasster Ooh ShinyFenris-US1953Not updated
24Toxinz PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1945Not updated
25Pyroz PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1943Not updated
26Rudles PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1927Not updated
27Irrational PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1920Not updated
28Mauklindaufe PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1913Not updated
29Acing VALKYRIEFenris-US1910Not updated
30Hani PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1901Not updated
31Sin PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1886Not updated
32Whosthisguy TryHardzFenris-US1874Not updated
33Bencicil CheckmateFenris-US1854Not updated
33Aetherspirit  Fenris-US1854Not updated
35Depravity LordsofDarknessFenris-US1850Not updated
36Nosda The OutcastsFenris-US1846Not updated
36Acaiddian Daybreak ElitesFenris-US1846Not updated
38Dèspisè Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1844Not updated
39Tyraku  Fenris-US1839Not updated
40Benalish Elite of the HordeFenris-US1812Not updated
41Philosophy  Fenris-US1808Not updated
42Caolainne The OutcastsFenris-US1805Not updated
43Mongodagreat The OutcastsFenris-US1801Not updated
44Swank VALKYRIEFenris-US1795Not updated
45Goatjam TritonFenris-US1785Not updated
46Cheeseynacho The OutcastsFenris-US1777Not updated
47Gdampally Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1769Not updated
48Monthly CheckmateFenris-US1765Not updated
49Wedgwood Towards GloryFenris-US1757Not updated
50Cyclone Army of ThrallFenris-US1756Not updated
51Desanct ULTRAVIOLENCEFenris-US1753Not updated
52Tandilla Evil AngelsFenris-US1746Not updated
53Rîversong II Game Over IIFenris-US1734Not updated
54Revile  Fenris-US1713Not updated
55Hunsàker TryHardzFenris-US1706Not updated
56Ellymaye The OutcastsFenris-US1678Not updated
57Rillon End Game TheoryFenris-US1677Not updated
58Vulkronp Howlin HurricaneFenris-US1674Not updated
59Justaguy The OutcastsFenris-US1671Not updated
60Begeezus ULTRAVIOLENCEFenris-US1669Not updated
61Chestypot Dark Knights of HellFenris-US1660Not updated
62Slapey The OutcastsFenris-US1639Not updated
63Bonegnashr Evil AngelsFenris-US1638Not updated
64Skadoosh The OutcastsFenris-US1634Not updated
65Velanor InterventionFenris-US1622Not updated
66Ðill Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1606Not updated
67Ninjà VelocityFenris-US1577Not updated
68Insanity The OutcastsFenris-US1503Not updated
69Fruitrollups Operation Ground n PoundFenris-US1487Not updated
70Bigcràig TryHardzFenris-US1484Not updated
71Bloodseraph The OutcastsFenris-US1480Not updated
72Hardwarlock VelocityFenris-US1478Not updated
73Yeng Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1477Not updated
74Rainbowroad PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1454Not updated
75Bobthemage The OutcastsFenris-US1452Not updated
76Festerx SavageknightsFenris-US1442Not updated
77Nobear Holy KhaosFenris-US1394Not updated
78Cràig TryHardzFenris-US1333Not updated
79Dethspree Elite of the HordeFenris-US1332Not updated
80Parkeras CheckmateFenris-US1288Not updated
81Escpethefatè  Fenris-US1151Not updated
82Hotshealqt Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US1150Not updated
82Hunnybunnypw  Fenris-US1150Not updated
84Nexiras SWAGFenris-US1148Not updated
85Ledonnais PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US1141Not updated
86Zarî The OutcastsFenris-US1138Not updated
87Czar PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US960Not updated
87Exhilaration Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US960Not updated
89Ptownterror Howlin HurricaneFenris-US959Not updated
89Egonstranglr The OutcastsFenris-US959Not updated
89Fluzbi Daybreak ElitesFenris-US959Not updated
89Grannyuy PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US959Not updated
93Cacashe PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US955Not updated
94Excoriate  Fenris-US954Not updated
95Gulley Daybreak ElitesFenris-US952Not updated
96Serenitiest Evil AngelsFenris-US768Not updated
96Bigstormz Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US768Not updated
96Raxin Army of ThrallFenris-US768Not updated
96Quiy Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US768Not updated
96Hellzwrath  Fenris-US768Not updated

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