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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Exodar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ñina TwerksExodar-US2243Not updated
2Rourky FatalExodar-US2218Not updated
3Tanookie TwerksExodar-US2216Not updated
4Gnarlynight HaloExodar-US2191Not updated
5Shotyomamabf Warriors of the MoonExodar-US2188Not updated
6Mikolas LegitExodar-US2174Not updated
7Ädelphe TwerksExodar-US2156Not updated
8Elite started from the bottomExodar-US2119Not updated
9Twerks TwerksExodar-US2109Not updated
10Gnarlytko VoltagèExodar-US2108Not updated
11Neuro HaloExodar-US2095Not updated
12Stylez Hey im bastExodar-US2065Not updated
13Vivex follow me on twitchExodar-US2064Not updated
14Zäck Warriors of the MoonExodar-US2048Not updated
15Tempt FatalExodar-US2044Not updated
15Badvibes started from the bottomExodar-US2044Not updated
17Souloxone TwerksExodar-US2029Not updated
18Shocktapus Warriors of the MoonExodar-US2023Not updated
19Hugginz TruthinessExodar-US2014Not updated
20Cicatrizz LegitExodar-US2012Not updated
21Chroma FatalExodar-US2001Not updated
22Shamz TwerksExodar-US2000Not updated
23Muzle TwerksExodar-US1951Not updated
24Mcewan Primal MightExodar-US1936Not updated
24Lanis  Exodar-US1936Not updated
26Ludin The Brown CoatsExodar-US1924Not updated
27Cärebear  Exodar-US1911Not updated
27Silvanic Judgement of the FallenExodar-US1911Not updated
29Blossomx we dem boyzExodar-US1904Not updated
30Yoon TwerksExodar-US1894Not updated
31Hishmar Raiders RebornExodar-US1893Not updated
32Akiska  Exodar-US1888Not updated
33Rickets Beyond AFKExodar-US1886Not updated
34Haray TwerksExodar-US1875Not updated
35Cloudninè Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1861Not updated
36Siouxcee FatalExodar-US1857Not updated
37Aldwarter Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1854Not updated
38Scary ScaryExodar-US1849Not updated
39Goodvibes ScaryExodar-US1839Not updated
40Ketto îcønExodar-US1836
41Chäron Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1833
42Gatius LegitExodar-US1832Not updated
43Selenagomez Righteous BladeExodar-US1827Not updated
44Obstrukt Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1826Not updated
45Hulkalon MartyrdomExodar-US1824Not updated
46Jieuxcee FatalExodar-US1823Not updated
47Punish Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US1818Not updated
48Potchi Primal MightExodar-US1812Not updated
48Itofméyachev Francs TireurSExodar-US1812Not updated
50Åymint we dem boyzExodar-US1805Not updated
51Tooperilous Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1798Not updated
52Cyo FatalExodar-US1794Not updated
53Keja  Exodar-US1791Not updated
54Deathkingtwo TwerksExodar-US1790Not updated
55Healingshoty Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1786Not updated
56Amook EntourageExodar-US1785Not updated
56Yumx FatalExodar-US1785Not updated
58Coldniss Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1782Not updated
59Gustard ArchonExodar-US1780Not updated
59Stewieg LegitExodar-US1780Not updated
61Kaadela TwerksExodar-US1779Not updated
62Gilius Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1775Not updated
62Wiloh ArchonExodar-US1775
64Stônedk TwerksExodar-US1759Not updated
64Zuuman LegitExodar-US1759Not updated
66Newscars LegitExodar-US1754Not updated
67Steamroller LegitExodar-US1750Not updated
67Killkillheal Twisted ShadowsExodar-US1750Not updated
69Theshocker îcønExodar-US1749
69Seadub Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1749Not updated
71Seckssi Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1748Not updated
72Drakshaman Seven Deadly SinsExodar-US1742Not updated
73Beleiriond Knights of SolomonExodar-US1736Not updated
73Mskissmyboot LegitExodar-US1736Not updated
75Vegblast TemerityExodar-US1733
76Bluntforce Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US1732Not updated
76Danadeath TwerksExodar-US1732Not updated
78Scrapeycoco BladestormsExodar-US1731Not updated
79Gusart ArchonExodar-US1724Not updated
79Elfchampion LegitExodar-US1724Not updated
81Rielley LegitExodar-US1719Not updated
82Paws LegitExodar-US1717Not updated
82Halphpint Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1717Not updated
84Powashotz LegitExodar-US1707Not updated
85Wingedangel Knights of SolomonExodar-US1694Not updated
86Bladzz The Brown CoatsExodar-US1691Not updated
87Tydrina LegitExodar-US1689Not updated
88Jocelyng The Brown CoatsExodar-US1677Not updated
89Thorlya  Exodar-US1676Not updated
90Lifespine Warriors of the MoonExodar-US1674Not updated
91Soge LegitExodar-US1660Not updated
92Xaraphine Primal MightExodar-US1650Not updated
93Zolteth GoodTwoGoExodar-US1645Not updated
94Frozeone TwerksExodar-US1638Not updated
95Rourkytron FatalExodar-US1632Not updated
95Ghoulizm LegitExodar-US1632
97Geminyne FatalExodar-US1618Not updated
98Umad The GorgonitesExodar-US1615Not updated
99Stonedk TwerksExodar-US1613Not updated
100Avadacadavra LegitExodar-US1602Not updated

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