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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Coldáz Seems MightyEredar-EU2578Not updated
2Niknû  Eredar-EU2530Not updated
3Chimini Dark EmpireEredar-EU2526Not updated
4Háramash  Eredar-EU2514Not updated
5Cindylol Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2480Not updated
6Sonah Seems MightyEredar-EU2459Not updated
7Lwo  Eredar-EU2454Not updated
7Pyrodus Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2454Not updated
9Loxa MaligneEredar-EU2440Not updated
10Naramay Respersum CruoreEredar-EU2426Not updated
11Mentolo eZ WINEredar-EU2424Not updated
12Icesolol SoulboundEredar-EU2418Not updated
13Drifaa How I Met My RankíngEredar-EU2417Not updated
14Avana LonelyEredar-EU2413Not updated
15Ultur  Eredar-EU2409Not updated
16Zerøloltwo Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2404Not updated
17Varooca Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2390Not updated
18Lokeb eZ WINEredar-EU2381Not updated
19Ulimaz The Dark AngelsEredar-EU2367Not updated
20Verøx seven lags to dieEredar-EU2361Not updated
20Netawas Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2361Not updated
22Onkelwilly Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2351Not updated
23Varmina Respersum CruoreEredar-EU2346Not updated
24Xzyzzq Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2331Not updated
25Bestdrifaeu How I Met My RankíngEredar-EU2330Not updated
26Téhen Evil EmpireEredar-EU2321Not updated
27Shírona The drunken MonkeyZEredar-EU2318Not updated
28Facedoc UprisingEredar-EU2304Not updated
29Prr I AM FROM CLEAVELANDEredar-EU2303Not updated
29Dschingiz ProjectXEredar-EU2303Not updated
31Mânky  Eredar-EU2296Not updated
32Alaynâ Triforce oF HordeEredar-EU2292Not updated
33Mìzengard Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2291Not updated
33Allyse We Got ChallengerEredar-EU2291Not updated
35Cowlin  Eredar-EU2284Not updated
36Carbonomicz Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2281Not updated
37Xâth  Eredar-EU2274Not updated
38Níknu Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2273Not updated
39Mindblast Nyratic and DytonicEredar-EU2271Not updated
40Tehen Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2264Not updated
41Nziah  Eredar-EU2258Not updated
42Thulya Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2253Not updated
43Xirany seven lags to dieEredar-EU2252Not updated
44Drakedog Evil EmpireEredar-EU2250Not updated
45Aiviil Nyratic and DytonicEredar-EU2248Not updated
46Antie Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2247Not updated
47Gibar Seems MightyEredar-EU2242Not updated
47Secreficed eZ WINEredar-EU2242Not updated
49Cindela Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2241Not updated
50Wedaru  Eredar-EU2238Not updated
51Brainsan  Eredar-EU2228Not updated
52Mallakai Satans Little HelperEredar-EU2227Not updated
52Adkins hexadecimalEredar-EU2227Not updated
54Boncho AwakeEredar-EU2225Not updated
55Nagashi Respersum CruoreEredar-EU2224Not updated
56Monijanaea Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2220Not updated
57Elandîr nø Pain nø GainEredar-EU2218Not updated
58Nîknû Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2217Not updated
58Sonahxy Seems MightyEredar-EU2217Not updated
60Kíngwood eZ WINEredar-EU2215Not updated
60Bushyasta Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2215Not updated
62Ðeristrasza I unleashed IEredar-EU2214Not updated
62Nøfear eZ WINEredar-EU2214Not updated
62Schamistyle IntegrityEredar-EU2214Not updated
65Swâs WyrenarEredar-EU2212Not updated
66Luffy eZ WINEredar-EU2211Not updated
67Xidik eZ WINEredar-EU2210Not updated
68Kyra Tears of AbaddonEredar-EU2209Not updated
68Feylax  Eredar-EU2209Not updated
70Lyraziar How I Met My RankíngEredar-EU2206Not updated
71Powerpuffman PWNYHOFEredar-EU2204Not updated
72Pfosthino ForgedEredar-EU2201Not updated
73Hêxerus  Eredar-EU2200Not updated
73Rotzalot Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2200Not updated
73Chainx KillingSpreeEredar-EU2200Not updated
76Wastedx Stroke ItEredar-EU2196Not updated
77Laumolol DIE WO GUT SINDEredar-EU2195Not updated
78Calestrâ eZ WINEredar-EU2192Not updated
79Sentoz  Eredar-EU2184Not updated
80Regnor Stroke ItEredar-EU2180Not updated
81Luegni SixSixSixEredar-EU2179Not updated
82Ulimea Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2178Not updated
83Maybeâskilla I unleashed IEredar-EU2176Not updated
84Kâzaam  Eredar-EU2172Not updated
85Zziox KillingSpreeEredar-EU2170Not updated
86Ænoxx Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2162Not updated
87Shindø Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2153Not updated
88Eisenlatte MajoritYEredar-EU2152Not updated
89Welox Schlachtzug des DrachenEredar-EU2146Not updated
90Wrack Evil EmpireEredar-EU2145Not updated
90Talumas Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2145Not updated
92Zaryo Dont be mad BrahEredar-EU2133Not updated
93Bullsteak eZ WINEredar-EU2128Not updated
94Críxus Platt Haun GangEredar-EU2127Not updated
95Tehên Evil EmpireEredar-EU2125Not updated
95Headchrash Evil EmpireEredar-EU2125Not updated
97Böisi Zwei Vier fest im VisierEredar-EU2124Not updated
97Dotschwingaa hexadecimalEredar-EU2124Not updated
99Ostard Pro NovumEredar-EU2123Not updated
100Brysi Stroke ItEredar-EU2121Not updated

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