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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dotalot BEASTEredar-US2216Not updated
2Solicit BEASTEredar-US2190Not updated
3Shafiiq BEASTEredar-US2187Not updated
4Grimesz TEAM BRING ITEredar-US2178Not updated
5Jivvy Capital VicesEredar-US2159Not updated
6Wreckin  Eredar-US2150Not updated
7Ingot BEASTEredar-US2135Not updated
8Hamoni ParadigmEredar-US2126Not updated
9Jclol BEASTEredar-US2122Not updated
9Hemera BEASTEredar-US2122Not updated
11Farmersfriar Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US2121Not updated
12Littuljon Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US2111Not updated
13Farmersdoter Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US2108Not updated
13Migo BEASTEredar-US2108Not updated
15Blessedone BEASTEredar-US2104Not updated
16Belizaera Months BehindEredar-US2102Not updated
17Lebowski BEASTEredar-US2090Not updated
17Gucchi BEASTEredar-US2090Not updated
19Jehryn Game OvérEredar-US2066Not updated
20Farmers CHANNEL FIVE NEWS TEAMEredar-US2062Not updated
21Tacgnol BEASTEredar-US2060Not updated
22Gigglespoons ParadigmEredar-US2048Not updated
23Rosie CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US2039Not updated
24Aidsx BEASTEredar-US2028Not updated
25Gregg ParadigmEredar-US2023Not updated
26Templyn ParadigmEredar-US2021Not updated
27Pepperpotts ParadigmEredar-US2016Not updated
28Stellar ParadigmEredar-US2015Not updated
29Aeonignis Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US2013Not updated
30Slillymonkey PVP POWrCOR OPrestNoMorEredar-US2002Not updated
31Valind Game OvérEredar-US1999Not updated
31Crysa ParadigmEredar-US1999Not updated
31Ozii  Eredar-US1999Not updated
34Xloudman Months BehindEredar-US1996Not updated
35Tooly ParadigmEredar-US1980Not updated
36Tdsz BEASTEredar-US1977Not updated
37Tdz BEASTEredar-US1973Not updated
38Pantec Game OvérEredar-US1969Not updated
39Alzoric HiveEredar-US1968Not updated
40Globalwarmer The UncrunchablesEredar-US1945Not updated
41Adam Capital VicesEredar-US1939Not updated
42Globalgrabe ParadigmEredar-US1938Not updated
43Feorah Dirt DogsEredar-US1923Not updated
44Dirtydiapers  Eredar-US1922Not updated
45Chiramii BlasphemyEredar-US1921Not updated
46Kaylena The UncrunchablesEredar-US1919Not updated
47Templo ParadigmEredar-US1917Not updated
48Boyardee ParadigmEredar-US1910Not updated
49Weebits HiveEredar-US1901Not updated
50Shadowshiv and the Pwny ExpressEredar-US1899Not updated
51Vivenna ParadigmEredar-US1897Not updated
52Holyshbatman Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US1896Not updated
53Stantler Capital VicesEredar-US1888Not updated
54Acslayter ParadigmEredar-US1882Not updated
55Shaldokahn ParadigmEredar-US1877Not updated
56Picon Dirt DogsEredar-US1872Not updated
57Pukeskywalkr SanctuaryEredar-US1871Not updated
58Khaow ParadigmEredar-US1869Not updated
59Rivross Capital VicesEredar-US1863Not updated
60Kuriara Months BehindEredar-US1852Not updated
61Alisonrose HiveEredar-US1845Not updated
62Maliciouskil Capital VicesEredar-US1844Not updated
63Charlice BEASTEredar-US1843Not updated
64Shamikazee Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US1837Not updated
65Satsui Capital VicesEredar-US1832Not updated
66Majinmuu Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US1817Not updated
67Sinista Capital VicesEredar-US1801Not updated
68Flawwless BEASTEredar-US1797Not updated
69Elio The Seven SinsEredar-US1788Not updated
70Ritehand CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1784Not updated
71Retsull  Eredar-US1780Not updated
72Prympristine Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US1771Not updated
73Dianazaii ParadigmEredar-US1757Not updated
74Toecrusher ANIMALSEredar-US1756Not updated
75Repshiyotar Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US1754Not updated
76Satanssistä CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1751Not updated
77Adogg CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1727Not updated
77Swollen PredominantEredar-US1727Not updated
79Biggredd ANIMALSEredar-US1726Not updated
80Kineta ParadigmEredar-US1722Not updated
81Problem ParadigmEredar-US1717Not updated
82Tirri ParadigmEredar-US1708Not updated
83Pantaro CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1705Not updated
84Maens The Fractal EffectEredar-US1701Not updated
85Happypancake ParadigmEredar-US1700Not updated
86Templin ParadigmEredar-US1687Not updated
86Gigglespoon ParadigmEredar-US1687Not updated
88Mangatol and the Pwny ExpressEredar-US1686Not updated
89Repress CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1685Not updated
90Yeager CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1678Not updated
91Strikedeath Grumpier Old MenEredar-US1674Not updated
92Velanda BEASTEredar-US1672Not updated
92Bullarki Legends Never DieEredar-US1672Not updated
94Stunloche CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US1669Not updated
94Dëadlift CHANNEL FIVE NEWS TEAMEredar-US1669Not updated
94Nemysyss PredominantEredar-US1669Not updated
97Fireskull ParadigmEredar-US1667Not updated
98Chanella ParadigmEredar-US1661Not updated
99Zulatai Capital VicesEredar-US1653Not updated
100Waken  Eredar-US1646Not updated

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