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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Eonar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bubblebop ComplexityEonar-US2267Not updated
2Urkagan  Eonar-US2258Not updated
3Dazdnconfuse Tortured SoulsEonar-US2114Not updated
4Umopapisdn Advocates of WarfareEonar-US2074Not updated
5Friendzoned LegendaryEonar-US2071Not updated
6Deathlordha ComplexityEonar-US2052
7Holywings evolloveEonar-US2046Not updated
8Theturtleman HarbingerEonar-US2028Not updated
9Nitecap  Eonar-US2019Not updated
10Folari Side ProjectEonar-US2011Not updated
11Zerkom AscensionEonar-US1956Not updated
11Jenek AscensionEonar-US1956Not updated
13Horestorm ComplexityEonar-US1934Not updated
14Shapshift The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US1924Not updated
15Weney evolloveEonar-US1922Not updated
16Vdawg AscensionEonar-US1920Not updated
17Decompose evolloveEonar-US1916Not updated
18Zorjord AscensionEonar-US1912Not updated
19Manbeartwig AscensionEonar-US1910Not updated
20Killdrew Side ProjectEonar-US1904Not updated
20Lethäl evolloveEonar-US1904Not updated
22Atear No Mom I Cant PauseEonar-US1888Not updated
23Stönehenge FluidEonar-US1884
24Recab AddictedEonar-US1882Not updated
25Nymerielle Side ProjectEonar-US1878Not updated
26Edeese AscensionEonar-US1877Not updated
27Seralas AscensionEonar-US1876Not updated
28Liitlesho  Eonar-US1859Not updated
29Carrydakota Advocates of WarfareEonar-US1857Not updated
30Dagnabbít  Eonar-US1854Not updated
31Exiled Top TenEonar-US1852
32Sharity Border PatrolEonar-US1844Not updated
32Höly evolloveEonar-US1844Not updated
32Lèthal  Eonar-US1844Not updated
35Babagooshga PerpetualEonar-US1843
36Huntkinghobo Tortured SoulsEonar-US1835Not updated
37Prohunterx FMLEonar-US1832Not updated
38Nert PnEEonar-US1831Not updated
38Chayse  Eonar-US1831Not updated
40Nard First RegimentEonar-US1828Not updated
41Ðøømkin evolloveEonar-US1809Not updated
42Zach AscensionEonar-US1808Not updated
43Bossacre Side ProjectEonar-US1784Not updated
44Akbar BeeroismEonar-US1781Not updated
44Dalthis A Twisted RebellionEonar-US1781Not updated
46Holyraìn evolloveEonar-US1780Not updated
46Köle evolloveEonar-US1780Not updated
48Boomsniped Side ProjectEonar-US1775Not updated
49Rebelrain evolloveEonar-US1769Not updated
50Satanschild The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US1767Not updated
51Straightelf  Eonar-US1766Not updated
52Vênuss evolloveEonar-US1764Not updated
53Bìtter AscensionEonar-US1762Not updated
53Lilreggie  Eonar-US1762Not updated
55Airst Side ProjectEonar-US1757Not updated
56Pixzel Fury of HellscreamEonar-US1756Not updated
57Refinedchaos Top TenEonar-US1739Not updated
58Planetx Knights Who Say NiEonar-US1733Not updated
59Brewxwxw evolloveEonar-US1726Not updated
60Nymeriä Side ProjectEonar-US1702Not updated
61Dentata ComplexityEonar-US1683
62Mastêr evolloveEonar-US1674Not updated
63Legate Side ProjectEonar-US1669Not updated
64Kroyyd FLAMES OF THE PHOENIXEonar-US1662Not updated
64Gruun The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US1662Not updated
66Papadoc Legendary RaidersEonar-US1650Not updated
66Justicê evolloveEonar-US1650Not updated
68Borcaps evolloveEonar-US1639Not updated
69Bushbunny Knights Who Say NiEonar-US1635Not updated
69Tatrz Warlords RefugeEonar-US1635
71Amirrah Fury of HellscreamEonar-US1628Not updated
72Deathrazorx FLAMES OF THE PHOENIXEonar-US1612Not updated
73Kreinin evolloveEonar-US1611Not updated
74Yon evolloveEonar-US1608Not updated
75Eliwynn evolloveEonar-US1605Not updated
76Esemee evolloveEonar-US1602Not updated
77Shieldheart Advocates of WarfareEonar-US1570Not updated
78Pecante Morrigans LegionEonar-US1552Not updated
79Bossostatus  Eonar-US1548Not updated
80Åpøllo Second AttemptEonar-US1518Not updated
81Cabrone MutekiEonar-US1511Not updated
82Shinimasen  Eonar-US1501Not updated
83Idsapit ComplexityEonar-US1432Not updated
84Mysticpork Advocates of WarfareEonar-US1339Not updated
84Caitlynnm THÇEonar-US1339Not updated
86Drtakyon FLAMES OF THE PHOENIXEonar-US1325Not updated
87Zarden Green HoodsEonar-US1321Not updated
88Aggréssion Wrath of the FallenEonar-US1319Not updated
89Nationwide  Eonar-US1151Not updated
90Poata HarbingerEonar-US1145Not updated
91Moonweaves  Eonar-US1143Not updated
92Infidelitas Side ProjectEonar-US1140Not updated
93Fitae The First FleetEonar-US960Not updated
93Fluency The First FleetEonar-US960Not updated
95Gumbercules AddictedEonar-US959Not updated
95Iatolarknrla Knights Who Say NiEonar-US959Not updated
95Executionlxs BloodlettingEonar-US959
95Phadro Advocates of WarfareEonar-US959Not updated
95Warríor Legendary RaidersEonar-US959Not updated
100Vemp AddictedEonar-US956Not updated

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