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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Veloty  Emerald Dream-US2625Not updated
2Ratkingx  Emerald Dream-US2527Not updated
3Dreamsx The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2520Not updated
4Tyler Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2452Not updated
4Exorbítant Rattlesnake RatatambaEmerald Dream-US2452Not updated
6Kateupton The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2445Not updated
7Triand World PVPs FinestEmerald Dream-US2419Not updated
8Asapweedjohn The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2407Not updated
9Ultraviolate Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2375Not updated
10Albo Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2373Not updated
10Reqked Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2373Not updated
12Levak Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2372Not updated
13Swapandkill  Emerald Dream-US2369Not updated
14Vampy Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2364Not updated
15Heltør Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2361Not updated
16Ragemore Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2358Not updated
17Brôm NócEmerald Dream-US2354Not updated
18Ampeg Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2351Not updated
19Shiftflingin Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2350Not updated
20Evexo Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US2344Not updated
21Return The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2334Not updated
22Lupoñ Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2329Not updated
23Shockadin Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2323Not updated
24Heaters Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2321Not updated
25Jkspiritlink Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2319Not updated
25Vayris Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2319Not updated
27Sassiness NócEmerald Dream-US2316Not updated
27Jaymoneydk  Emerald Dream-US2316Not updated
29Application LividEmerald Dream-US2312Not updated
30Ricoswaze the god kingsEmerald Dream-US2309Not updated
30Zbx Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2309Not updated
32Lichbornluke Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2308Not updated
33Disowndu NócEmerald Dream-US2306Not updated
33Pÿ NócEmerald Dream-US2306Not updated
35Ferenzie NócEmerald Dream-US2303Not updated
36Garo The Pride of LotharEmerald Dream-US2296Not updated
37Areleus The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2295Not updated
38Zurga Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2291Not updated
39Menjosuru Golden VanguardEmerald Dream-US2285Not updated
40Skinvision Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2284Not updated
41Misspelt Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2280Not updated
42Stîx Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2266Not updated
43Noxì NócEmerald Dream-US2264Not updated
44Jeffaar AnodyneEmerald Dream-US2263Not updated
45Rekrap NócEmerald Dream-US2259Not updated
46Sullivan WarbringerEmerald Dream-US2258Not updated
47Djscardpath Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2257Not updated
48Blameshift Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2253Not updated
48Bathory NócEmerald Dream-US2253Not updated
50Huntersbest Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US2245Not updated
51Potroast Above AllEmerald Dream-US2241Not updated
51Lifexo Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2241Not updated
53Vaighn Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US2237Not updated
54Shepherd Eighth LegionEmerald Dream-US2235Not updated
54Garthbrooks Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2235Not updated
56Vaighnz Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US2232Not updated
57Qordix Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2231Not updated
58Biggy NócEmerald Dream-US2229Not updated
59Datchi Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2228Not updated
60Gforce Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2227Not updated
61Eric PressureEmerald Dream-US2225Not updated
61Brewingballs Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2225Not updated
61Scàrd Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US2225Not updated
64Razé NócEmerald Dream-US2221Not updated
64Boàgrius Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2221Not updated
66Castlë Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2220Not updated
66Chewytaffy Symphony of BladesEmerald Dream-US2220Not updated
68Atalosx The CrewEmerald Dream-US2218Not updated
68Fizzbandjr Banana BanditsEmerald Dream-US2218Not updated
70Oldmanshu Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US2217Not updated
70Sinae Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2217Not updated
72Steelbro Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2216Not updated
73Fert  Emerald Dream-US2215Not updated
74Whatwhenhow Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US2213Not updated
74Blamexo Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2213Not updated
76Ballageezus  Emerald Dream-US2210Not updated
77Daiquiri  Emerald Dream-US2209Not updated
77Xpollination Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2209Not updated
79Bàcôn  Emerald Dream-US2208Not updated
80Soulcrusher Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US2207Not updated
80Peacetreaty Division VIIEmerald Dream-US2207Not updated
80Steelheal Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2207Not updated
83Skaliah  Emerald Dream-US2203Not updated
83Pho Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2203Not updated
83Salanar  Emerald Dream-US2203Not updated
86Krauth Druids of the WildEmerald Dream-US2202Not updated
86Solweaver Phoenix HighguardEmerald Dream-US2202Not updated
88Chelina Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US2201Not updated
89Sandracela Bandit LoungeEmerald Dream-US2200Not updated
89Krenko TideEmerald Dream-US2200Not updated
91Zénchi Outdated Glad TitleEmerald Dream-US2196Not updated
92Brøfistx Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US2193Not updated
93Swagdaddy  Emerald Dream-US2191Not updated
94Decoyx Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2190Not updated
95Floontshaman The CrewEmerald Dream-US2188Not updated
96Picklewagon Bandit LoungeEmerald Dream-US2187Not updated
96Oompaloompâ Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US2187Not updated
98Spade Basement WarriorsEmerald Dream-US2184Not updated
98Moneh Crown of SoulsEmerald Dream-US2184Not updated
98Vd The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US2184Not updated

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