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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Elune-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Venster QuichonsElune-EU2462Not updated
2Imraël QuichonsElune-EU2401Not updated
3Arìus QuichonsElune-EU2111Not updated
4Nausìcaa N E X TElune-EU2069Not updated
5Snorkii Clairière EtincelanteElune-EU2060Not updated
6Nixï ErèbeElune-EU2033Not updated
7Oraklos NerZElune-EU1985Not updated
8Kyrinä QuichonsElune-EU1954Not updated
9Hïa NerZElune-EU1921Not updated
10Shäzael ErèbeElune-EU1912Not updated
11Sulfurä Carbone XIVElune-EU1907Not updated
12Asàliâ Carbone XIVElune-EU1903Not updated
13Nivrox Forgetten Angels of MonaElune-EU1902Not updated
14Gunfille NerZElune-EU1891Not updated
15Luï Will O The WispElune-EU1876Not updated
16ßüßülle ErèbeElune-EU1865Not updated
17Frayzya  Elune-EU1860Not updated
18Fendros  Elune-EU1857Not updated
19Azawa Whipe SpiritElune-EU1841Not updated
20Thankor QuichonsElune-EU1829Not updated
21Yumîko AspectsElune-EU1828Not updated
21Týhr AspectsElune-EU1828Not updated
23Provencal Will O The WispElune-EU1825Not updated
24Frplay Casus BelliElune-EU1821Not updated
25Modjette AspectsElune-EU1818Not updated
26Farzel Licence IVElune-EU1817Not updated
26Psykokwak StørmzElune-EU1817Not updated
28Krasaltos AspectsElune-EU1813Not updated
29Meyliä  Elune-EU1808Not updated
29Skarsgard AspectsElune-EU1808Not updated
31Yaleokali  Elune-EU1806Not updated
32Trõin AspectsElune-EU1804Not updated
32Arthuus AspectsElune-EU1804Not updated
34Acëtyll Epsilon CentauriElune-EU1802Not updated
35Yandan QuichonsElune-EU1796Not updated
35Kaptk  Elune-EU1796Not updated
37Møts ThunderstormElune-EU1789Not updated
38Cavhou Evil SwatsElune-EU1784Not updated
39Melunia Les soldats de l espoirElune-EU1780Not updated
39Palonor La Croisade EcarlateElune-EU1780Not updated
39Apøllo Carbone XIVElune-EU1780Not updated
42Psychocydony Will O The WispElune-EU1776Not updated
43Deamøne Evil SwatsElune-EU1775Not updated
44Johnlambo NerZElune-EU1764Not updated
45Thë Evil SwatsElune-EU1762Not updated
45Spartihas QuichonsElune-EU1762Not updated
47Supraskiller  Elune-EU1753Not updated
48Deâth Evil SwatsElune-EU1751Not updated
49Làryo AspectsElune-EU1748Not updated
50Elpisse The HistoryElune-EU1745Not updated
51Mîkàdø Carbone XIVElune-EU1742Not updated
52Wahelion  Elune-EU1736Not updated
53Shåå StørmzElune-EU1735Not updated
53Stratine Vox CordisElune-EU1735Not updated
53Shëwny Off The WallElune-EU1735Not updated
56Yahto StørmzElune-EU1734Not updated
56Milinofghost Âlpha ØmegaElune-EU1734Not updated
58Makmorn Âlpha ØmegaElune-EU1731Not updated
58Sarabande Les Furies de la NatureElune-EU1731Not updated
60Aughundell AntichambreElune-EU1729Not updated
61Quanta EverspellElune-EU1726Not updated
62Kokinolys HøstïlesElune-EU1707Not updated
63Ângeluse Forgetten Angels of MonaElune-EU1701Not updated
64Djis QuichonsElune-EU1698Not updated
65Kraouit L orbe et l épéeElune-EU1693Not updated
66Kukki Âlpha ØmegaElune-EU1690Not updated
67Spùd NerZElune-EU1686Not updated
68Häres Âlpha ØmegaElune-EU1679Not updated
69Krugorr StørmzElune-EU1667Not updated
70Büccha La TribuElune-EU1658Not updated
71Badekte Carbone XIVElune-EU1656Not updated
72Julyanna ErèbeElune-EU1624Not updated
73Manya SolsticeElune-EU1619Not updated
74Nylï AspectsElune-EU1585Not updated
75Sydz SolsticeElune-EU1574Not updated
76Pafdantagl SolsticeElune-EU1573Not updated
77Mermol ArchangesElune-EU1552Not updated
78Toulout Vox CordisElune-EU1511Not updated
79Lemonk The MoonElune-EU1507Not updated
80Wuchu AspectsElune-EU1502Not updated
81Rary DisbandElune-EU1477Not updated
82Ogkush PhenomenElune-EU1415Not updated
83Kyrìnä QuichonsElune-EU1343Not updated
84Nastralià Carbone XIVElune-EU1338Not updated
85Xentha Âmes NomadesElune-EU1331Not updated
86 Âlpha ØmegaElune-EU1329Not updated
87Arnïka UnchaînedElune-EU1326Not updated
88Spàràdräp Utopia SanctumElune-EU1312Not updated
89Øxiigène Les Moustaches du LionElune-EU1311Not updated
90Alysa SolsticeElune-EU1309Not updated
91Arniche  Elune-EU1304Not updated
92Paskal les chevaliers de feuElune-EU1303Not updated
93Kyrinâ QuichonsElune-EU1151Not updated
94Ethergor Carbone XIVElune-EU1150Not updated
95Argantar Forgetten Angels of MonaElune-EU1149Not updated
96Spøonn ArchangesElune-EU1138Not updated
97Lawinaelle Evil SwatsElune-EU1098Not updated
98Sohana Freedom SpiritElune-EU959Not updated
98Fiøuteur Clairière EtincelanteElune-EU959Not updated
98Hypérïon  Elune-EU959Not updated

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