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Elune-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Soulstice PokeElune-US2226
2Jadesgoodbes Tempted KillersElune-US2045
3Brutuson Acta SantiElune-US1952
4Shockblaze stalk adn killElune-US1925
5Locknitdown NightfaIIElune-US1891
6Gahleëm Tempted KillersElune-US1887
6Tigra AmnestyElune-US1887
8Chìllrend AmnestyElune-US1850
9Lissana Realm of GuardiansElune-US1836Not updated
10Pholia Chambers of ShaolinElune-US1834
11Siverfox Gates of HellElune-US1831
12Anastasia FusionElune-US1822
13Wôlfgang Undying ResolutionElune-US1818
14Pharia Tempted KillersElune-US1817
15Int Safety FirstElune-US1815
16Ziero Tempted KillersElune-US1811
17Chållenger Realm of GuardiansElune-US1809
18Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US1804
18Cupidkiss AmnestyElune-US1804
20Zivalsoly AmnestyElune-US1799
21Cores AmnestyElune-US1786
22Frogstar Realm of GuardiansElune-US1784
23Samonios ShinigamiElune-US1779
24Served  Elune-US1773
25Scalliwag Acta SantiElune-US1753
26Õldgreg Reality CheckElune-US1751
27Pukeahontas  Elune-US1750
28Staxxz Inner FocusElune-US1746
29Ophil Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1745
30Ranubrius Hannibals WarriorsElune-US1744
31Patoff Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1741
32Atsushi Inner FocusElune-US1740
33Flappy TheoremElune-US1739
34Erresira FusionElune-US1732
35Hannibäl NightfaIIElune-US1727
36Tichondrian TritonElune-US1723
37Slicen TheoremElune-US1719
38Thoroth Reign of the ExiledElune-US1717
39Aibe Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1713
40Geraldus Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1709
41Drunis Hannibals WarriorsElune-US1706
42Optomistx Reign of the ExiledElune-US1704
43Kryptonic Inner FocusElune-US1697
44Nyxarya Questers RunElune-US1691
45Okimoto Undying ResolutionElune-US1687
45Sineater Dark SkiesElune-US1687
45Jolannar Dark SkiesElune-US1687
48Zackerias  Elune-US1683
49Macaroons Questers RunElune-US1681
50Zeuq Inner FocusElune-US1680
50Kîngpáîñ Reign of the ExiledElune-US1680
52Plo Inner FocusElune-US1670
53Jaxenb FusionElune-US1667
54Celticbliss Red DragonzElune-US1665
55Adamas AmnestyElune-US1662Not updated
56Razalghul Inner FocusElune-US1661
57Amarashi InstabilityElune-US1658
58Nek Inner FocusElune-US1654Not updated
59Jfrøst  Elune-US1649
60Sèras Socially AwkwardElune-US1647
61Twntyfrhndrd AxisElune-US1645
62Kimerra Inner FocusElune-US1611
63Valeste Inner FocusElune-US1606
63Drunkerd  Elune-US1606
65Barathos Rising StormElune-US1602
66Calnroo Knights of AddictionElune-US1598
67Rowin TritonElune-US1595Not updated
68Tahurs Reign of the ExiledElune-US1594
69Peterone Midnight CartelElune-US1592
70Ironmaged Tempted KillersElune-US1579
71Carnage MarElune-US1566
72Hunttress Circle of DawnElune-US1561
73Óuch Circle of DawnElune-US1529
74Maturin Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1520
74Imagine Inner FocusElune-US1520Not updated
76Skyclear Circle of DawnElune-US1505
77Dunlôp Undying ResolutionElune-US1500
78Jeesus  Elune-US1497
78Kaarg Inner FocusElune-US1497
80Barirn Council of TarisElune-US1482
81Ratt Circle of DawnElune-US1473
82Irenede Inner FocusElune-US1429
83Onrydog InsanumElune-US1358
84Zêus Undying ResolutionElune-US1334
85Ragnarak Inner FocusElune-US1327
86Plox Inner FocusElune-US1321
87ßubblewrap AmnestyElune-US1313
88Kdunce Inner FocusElune-US1311
89Cashomani Dark SkiesElune-US1309
90Slootdingo  Elune-US1306
91Chrysopoeia ShinigamiElune-US1296
92Inmanhawk Dark SkiesElune-US1149
92Omalli Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1149
94Scarlit Circle of DawnElune-US1148
95Kderp Inner FocusElune-US1145
96Grizzi Mom Said Were GladiatorsElune-US1139
97Illuminater Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1135
98Aokii Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1131
99Enhancer Backpedaling GladsElune-US1127
100Chosen  Elune-US959

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