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Elune-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Koba Reign of the ExiledElune-US2226
2Jadesgoodbes  Elune-US2122
3Roofy InsanumElune-US1992
4Slooterella Circle of DawnElune-US1986
5Jaynie  Elune-US1973
5Cores AmnestyElune-US1973
7Brutuson Acta SantiElune-US1952
8Owltech Reign of the ExiledElune-US1945
9Okimoto Undying ResolutionElune-US1939
10Vulccan UnbreakableElune-US1937
11Locknitdown NightfaIIElune-US1927
12Anastasia FusionElune-US1910
13Tigra AmnestyElune-US1892
14Samonios ShinigamiElune-US1887
14Gahleëm Tempted KillersElune-US1887Not updated
16Flappy TheoremElune-US1863Not updated
17Chometre I Personnal Account IElune-US1859
18Chìllrend AmnestyElune-US1850
19Pholia Chambers of ShaolinElune-US1834
20Geraldus Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1832
21Siverfox United ForcesElune-US1831
22Jaxenb FusionElune-US1821
23Wôlfgang Undying ResolutionElune-US1818
24Pharia Tempted KillersElune-US1817
25Int Safety FirstElune-US1815
26Ziero Acta SantiElune-US1811
27Ranubrius Easy CompanyElune-US1805
28Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US1804
28Cupidkiss AmnestyElune-US1804
30Jfrøst Easy CompanyElune-US1795
31Served Easy CompanyElune-US1794
32Grimglobb InsanumElune-US1786
33Bringer AxisElune-US1771
34Patoff Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1758
35Pukeahontas Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1750
36Staxxz Inner FocusElune-US1746
37Constant IconicElune-US1745
38Thoroth Reign of the ExiledElune-US1744
39Drunis Easy CompanyElune-US1741
40Atsushi  Elune-US1740
41Vladus InsanumElune-US1736Not updated
42Erresira FusionElune-US1732
43Aibe Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1728
44Hannibäl NightfaIIElune-US1727
45Õldgreg Reality CheckElune-US1724
46Tichondrian TritonElune-US1723Not updated
46Taintcraker InsanumElune-US1723
48Slicen TheoremElune-US1719
49Charitybush InsanumElune-US1718
50Suggy InsanumElune-US1716
51Celticbliss InsanumElune-US1707
52Optomistx Reign of the ExiledElune-US1693
53Sineater Dark SkiesElune-US1692
53Jolinar Dark SkiesElune-US1692
55Zances InsanumElune-US1688
56Taintedferal InsanumElune-US1687
57Zeuq Inner FocusElune-US1680
58Kryptonic Inner FocusElune-US1679
58Kafkat Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1679
60Zallii InsanumElune-US1672
61Addaloxia InsanumElune-US1671
61Obamascare InsanumElune-US1671Not updated
63Plo Inner FocusElune-US1670
63Taintedhuntr InsanumElune-US1670
65Jastiriari InsanumElune-US1668
66Razalghul Inner FocusElune-US1661
67Amarashi InstabilityElune-US1658Not updated
67Adamas AmnestyElune-US1658
69Rinalie Circle of DawnElune-US1652
70Güldån InsanumElune-US1651
71Hijuztice InsanumElune-US1650
72Sèras Socially AwkwardElune-US1647
73Twntyfrhndrd AxisElune-US1645
74Caeus Circle of DawnElune-US1639
75Peterone Midnight CartelElune-US1636
76Sugnasty InsanumElune-US1635
77Metan InsanumElune-US1626
78Addalox InsanumElune-US1625
79Lockgodess InsanumElune-US1621
80Sneakyoksana Circle of DawnElune-US1620
81Thorimm InsanumElune-US1617
82Valeste Inner FocusElune-US1606
83Barathos Rising StormElune-US1602
84Barirn Council of TarisElune-US1601
85Jilayne FidelisElune-US1600
86Hunttress Circle of DawnElune-US1599
87Calnroo Knights of AddictionElune-US1579
87Ironmaged Tempted KillersElune-US1579
89Dragar Circle of DawnElune-US1576
90Principessa InsanumElune-US1570
91Tahurs  Elune-US1564
92Blastingholy Circle of DawnElune-US1548
93Skyclear Circle of DawnElune-US1546
94Onrydogg Circle of DawnElune-US1529
95Kcooper UnbreakableElune-US1522
96Maturin Afraid of ElementalsElune-US1520
96Imagine Inner FocusElune-US1520
98Potentis InsanumElune-US1506
98Complacency InsanumElune-US1506
100Dunlôp Undying ResolutionElune-US1500Not updated

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