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Eldre'Thalas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Couchstyle ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
1Dankaholic ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
1Merkavah ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
1Spedy ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
1Diablõ ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
1Serrinne ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2024Not updated
7Oldgrouchy ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US2017Not updated
8Genghïs InciteEldre'Thalas-US2002Not updated
9Genghîs InciteEldre'Thalas-US1987Not updated
10Albereich  Eldre'Thalas-US1970Not updated
11Fistbump Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US1955Not updated
12Kalothera Death MerchantsEldre'Thalas-US1933Not updated
13Rsmelly Flag CarriersEldre'Thalas-US1901Not updated
14Udiedmanlol  Eldre'Thalas-US1899Not updated
15Luharra Axe of AzerothEldre'Thalas-US1853Not updated
16Genghís InciteEldre'Thalas-US1843Not updated
17Fång Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US1840Not updated
18Newind ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1829Not updated
19Harryputer ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1813Not updated
20Cocomonster Axe of AzerothEldre'Thalas-US1796Not updated
21Lanissa ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1779Not updated
22Gettnerdone ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1777Not updated
23Xuankong MétamorphoseEldre'Thalas-US1759Not updated
24Dezperado Nameless LegendsEldre'Thalas-US1722Not updated
25Candarra Warriors From HellEldre'Thalas-US1711Not updated
26Funkchiller Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US1707Not updated
27Tenzing DiscontentEldre'Thalas-US1697Not updated
28Masuo Warriors From HellEldre'Thalas-US1631Not updated
29Psalmz ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US1626Not updated
30Katianna Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US1616Not updated
31Galletar ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1615Not updated
32Atrëides Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US1613Not updated
33Harrydinger ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1523Not updated
34Cyonia ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US1514Not updated
35Oppress ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1488Not updated
36Madmidori ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US1478Not updated
37Solinarii ExiledEldre'Thalas-US1433Not updated
38Sik ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US1334Not updated
39Tabula Warriors From HellEldre'Thalas-US952Not updated
40Jimmyzz Archaic WarlordsEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Davilator  Eldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Rolaf OathEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Radians GWAREldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Sinfúl Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Desari Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Shadowsteps  Eldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Meta NemesisEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
40Bshàw Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US576Not updated
49Tanis Righteous IndignationEldre'Thalas-US575Not updated
50Boreas ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Celidar Nameless LegendsEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Gwarbeast GWAREldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Daoshi ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Harlwazlok Raiding the BankEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Omgstop Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Marxmen Whatever You WantEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Demonwarden GWAREldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
50Arahant Axe of AzerothEldre'Thalas-US384Not updated
59Dakiras Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Peachpie CorazonEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Bevinannis Devil DogsEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Lerema Whatever You WantEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Ksoltar Flight Of OuroborosEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Ovrdrive Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Sympil Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Dxhell Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Rhinoplast EquilibriumEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
59Ssoco Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US192Not updated
69Gala PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Zantir The SixtiesEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Gavsaint Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Fockewolfe Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Stevonivich PremierEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Olbywan PremierEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Srsbusiness ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Faelii OneTwoThree DEATHEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Lintbeard Eternal VengeanceEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Arkus Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Loreana Skeleton CrëwEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Validorn PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Barnone Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Yufie Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Jehu Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Dezii PremierEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Gwindor Little BIG GuildEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Zael Archaic WarlordsEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Silverföx Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Luckypete PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Gwin Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Stringer PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Trixzy Fates DemiseEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Jarinduva Invaders of the PassEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Rhombold InciteEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Porschefan CorazonEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Popprocks The Empyrean OrderEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Insindi XLVII RoninEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Quizzenbort Axe of AzerothEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Bulletz CorazonEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Slout ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US0Not updated
69Hatix  Eldre'Thalas-US0Not updated

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