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Eitrigg-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ludere  Eitrigg-US2141
2Frizisferal Undead LegionEitrigg-US2023Not updated
3Htrage Asylum of MisfitsEitrigg-US1977
4Klaws Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US1953
5Ristofar Undead LegionEitrigg-US1935
6Descojonator Undead LegionEitrigg-US1931
7Vacharn Undead LegionEitrigg-US1912
8Holymurica ZeitgeistEitrigg-US1905
9Velii  Eitrigg-US1903
10Valkrid JinxxedEitrigg-US1899
11Rùhl Undead LegionEitrigg-US1885
12Nehmirra Undead LegionEitrigg-US1877
12Hytoron JinxxedEitrigg-US1877
14Zekks Undead LegionEitrigg-US1861
15Baitdakat Undead LegionEitrigg-US1860
16Deathfupoe Undead LegionEitrigg-US1859
17Bubblewraps  Eitrigg-US1856
18Legends Undead LegionEitrigg-US1849
18Sylem Undead LegionEitrigg-US1849
20Nekrosys Undead LegionEitrigg-US1848
21Willféràl JinxxedEitrigg-US1847
22Potent Undead LegionEitrigg-US1846
23Pampers Undead LegionEitrigg-US1844
24Lilnugget Twisted MindsEitrigg-US1842
25Waitin Undead LegionEitrigg-US1837
26Violentjaay Undead LegionEitrigg-US1836
27Primaloom  Eitrigg-US1833
28Rayven Undead LegionEitrigg-US1831
29Vynum Undead LegionEitrigg-US1828
30Mochiqt Undead LegionEitrigg-US1826
31Soultaster Undead LegionEitrigg-US1825
32Damommã Undead LegionEitrigg-US1822
33Baitdabad Undead LegionEitrigg-US1820
34Xgfury UGH IM OUT OF MANAEitrigg-US1817
35Omegablue Undead LegionEitrigg-US1812
35Vantasm Undead LegionEitrigg-US1812
37Ashamalar Undead LegionEitrigg-US1808
38Thorya For Whom The Spell TollsEitrigg-US1804
38Brêakingbone Undead LegionEitrigg-US1804
40Aurelieus Undead LegionEitrigg-US1801
41Caret  Eitrigg-US1796
42Bãdcat Undead LegionEitrigg-US1790
43Rodand A L I A SEitrigg-US1788
43Primaldot  Eitrigg-US1788
45Alimorel  Eitrigg-US1786Not updated
46Swiftarrowz Undead LegionEitrigg-US1784
47Rúhl Undead LegionEitrigg-US1780
48Boomerz Undead LegionEitrigg-US1772
49Miezeka Demonic KingsEitrigg-US1766
50Bansheey Undead LegionEitrigg-US1765
51Morehots Twisted MindsEitrigg-US1748
51Späzz Demonic KingsEitrigg-US1748
53Hunterpanda  Eitrigg-US1740
54Shangxi Undead LegionEitrigg-US1734Not updated
55Iamabear Undead LegionEitrigg-US1733
56Bladezinger UGH IM OUT OF MANAEitrigg-US1730
57Baitdamonk Undead LegionEitrigg-US1728
58Akaviri Undead LegionEitrigg-US1724
59Bamkin Undead LegionEitrigg-US1723
60Healinfool Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US1714
60Naddore The Other GuysEitrigg-US1714
62Poseïdon  Eitrigg-US1711
62Riotshield Undead LegionEitrigg-US1711Not updated
64Paulpowning  Eitrigg-US1708Not updated
64Morïor Undead LegionEitrigg-US1708
66Vyndrokos Undead LegionEitrigg-US1702
67Titsnwigglez Undead LegionEitrigg-US1697
68Arrdaniel  Eitrigg-US1695Not updated
69Goatboy Undead LegionEitrigg-US1691
70Mordecaí Undead LegionEitrigg-US1682
71Hüntress Undead LegionEitrigg-US1681
72Charlamagne Undead LegionEitrigg-US1670
73Boostergold Undead LegionEitrigg-US1666Not updated
74Nasrage Undead LegionEitrigg-US1657
75Reyco Undead LegionEitrigg-US1651
76Nellem Undead LegionEitrigg-US1647Not updated
77Vektur Undead LegionEitrigg-US1640
77Dimbo Undead LegionEitrigg-US1640
79Lilykin Undead LegionEitrigg-US1634
80Shwir Undead LegionEitrigg-US1633
81Silverjake Undead LegionEitrigg-US1625Not updated
81Kalist Undead LegionEitrigg-US1625
83Elementdemon Psycho SquadEitrigg-US1619
84Dungasaur Undead LegionEitrigg-US1609
85Aìlìa Undead LegionEitrigg-US1602Not updated
86Cupow Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US1585
87Fatdruid Undead LegionEitrigg-US1567
88Sçar Undead LegionEitrigg-US1559
89Killerpope Undead LegionEitrigg-US1546
90Courscynt Undead LegionEitrigg-US1543
91Dondoh Undead LegionEitrigg-US1532
92Oogley Undead LegionEitrigg-US1527
93Monkiatso Undead LegionEitrigg-US1518
94Crestone UGH IM OUT OF MANAEitrigg-US1514
95Handsomejack Undead LegionEitrigg-US1511
96Lyeleah For Whom The Spell TollsEitrigg-US1510
97Forthrall Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US1508
98Mageskill  Eitrigg-US1503Not updated
99Lizette Undead LegionEitrigg-US1487
100Sylum Undead LegionEitrigg-US1478

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