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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Eitrigg-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Beautylift ShadeEitrigg-EU2275
2Mïxa  Eitrigg-EU2228Not updated
3Kryptz  Eitrigg-EU2191Not updated
4Ðémence RainEitrigg-EU2181
5Alyssandra ShadeEitrigg-EU2174
6Bøømbøx  Eitrigg-EU2155Not updated
7Pokpokpok ApøløgieEitrigg-EU2152
8Lemønhàze  Eitrigg-EU2122Not updated
9Mânza WinterheartEitrigg-EU2121Not updated
9Mélynas WinterheartEitrigg-EU2121Not updated
11Galvørn WinterheartEitrigg-EU2104Not updated
12Deathknighty RenameEitrigg-EU2079
13Laalaa WinterheartEitrigg-EU2077Not updated
14Klindaz WinterheartEitrigg-EU2069Not updated
15Dathremar  Eitrigg-EU2063
16Silence WinterheartEitrigg-EU2057
17Croqueluñe AwakeningEitrigg-EU2052Not updated
18Ladrym La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU2048
19Kâlie Lightning ShadowsEitrigg-EU2040
19Melahêl  Eitrigg-EU2040
21Pharam  Eitrigg-EU2020Not updated
22Maëllolzwtf Les Griffes RougesEitrigg-EU2019
22Ðæly Irøn PyriteEitrigg-EU2019
24Cälypsö RainEitrigg-EU2007
25Adaria ExceedEitrigg-EU2006
26Anticide WinterheartEitrigg-EU1972Not updated
27Djéli AddictEitrigg-EU1949Not updated
28Yakima Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU1938
29Seilla WinterheartEitrigg-EU1914Not updated
30Pøkpok ApøløgieEitrigg-EU1911
31Elementari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU1900
32Ðêss Padawanzz PøunzzEitrigg-EU1888Not updated
33Loulouttel ApøløgieEitrigg-EU1885
34Tridus Dragon CélesteEitrigg-EU1867
35Socha La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1866
36Irøel ExceedEitrigg-EU1862
37Attÿs ExceedEitrigg-EU1857Not updated
38Spécimen Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1850
39Myrha WinterheartEitrigg-EU1849Not updated
40Sublimïnelf CaLoftEnAzerothEitrigg-EU1845Not updated
41Hellstørm A F KEitrigg-EU1843Not updated
42Ziboux Les Griffes RougesEitrigg-EU1837Not updated
43Tristeluñe AwakeningEitrigg-EU1836Not updated
44Blackbaby  Eitrigg-EU1828Not updated
45Nakagawa WinterheartEitrigg-EU1822
46Druitoxde STARSEitrigg-EU1818
47Engëllinä AddictEitrigg-EU1804Not updated
48Warmichemine les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU1802
49Darthian Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1798
50Creami ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU1793
51Jizzbow  Eitrigg-EU1791Not updated
52Lanïmal Les MariachisEitrigg-EU1785Not updated
53Boony Les SchtroumpfetteEitrigg-EU1778
54Exelcium Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1771
55Naajiin Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1770
56Caëlys WinterheartEitrigg-EU1767Not updated
57Fortknõx Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1759
58Ellonya WinterheartEitrigg-EU1755Not updated
59Sorin La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1747
60Sendri AddictEitrigg-EU1738
61Smooth RaidPulLEitrigg-EU1737
62Katoumou  Eitrigg-EU1736Not updated
63Voriondil Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1734
64Patouch We are legendsEitrigg-EU1711
65Gogogorush CynwällsEitrigg-EU1710
66Cecili Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1709
66Alleinhon Les Griffes RougesEitrigg-EU1709
68Tofiheal WinterheartEitrigg-EU1708
69Vlazyr La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1706
70Pøwwned Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU1704
71Iziss ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU1703
72Xerenus CynwällsEitrigg-EU1690
73Sayuky Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1680Not updated
74Chocks les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU1676
75Ptitshëitan AwakeningEitrigg-EU1675
76Nanakî Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1674
77Tÿson CynwällsEitrigg-EU1661
78Kîmahri Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1660
78Anweena Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1660Not updated
80Faabb ApøløgieEitrigg-EU1659
81Remords WinterheartEitrigg-EU1657Not updated
82Eveal les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU1654Not updated
83Leagg ApøløgieEitrigg-EU1648
84Aldarïon WinterheartEitrigg-EU1645Not updated
85Stickmoue ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU1636
86Nieki Les MariachisEitrigg-EU1629Not updated
87Orîonîs Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1612Not updated
88Riddïck ultime pvpEitrigg-EU1611Not updated
89Légorion Elder Blâck ßløødEitrigg-EU1604Not updated
90Pandàcétamol Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU1601
91Panoramixmo  Eitrigg-EU1591
92Ricco angel from the hellEitrigg-EU1588Not updated
93Ozyrïs  Eitrigg-EU1578Not updated
94Némèzis ANGES ET ÐÉMØNSEitrigg-EU1572
94Ddivine HørÐe OeuvreEitrigg-EU1572Not updated
96Dkdjoe AddictEitrigg-EU1569
97Wûshu AwakeningEitrigg-EU1546
98Mânzâ WinterheartEitrigg-EU1531Not updated
99Nérûll Padawanzz PøunzzEitrigg-EU1530Not updated
100Clôûd CynwällsEitrigg-EU1528

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