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Earthen Ring-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Fooze  Earthen Ring-US2254
2Rezi IntangibleEarthen Ring-US2143
3Shambulancor Wal Mart SpecialistEarthen Ring-US2026
4Darøs The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US1982
5Clarityx Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1944
6Jinksyslock Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US1893
7Ekinger DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1879Not updated
8Torg WarsongEarthen Ring-US1877
9Sayori Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US1872
9Leander Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US1872
11Nadiaali  Earthen Ring-US1871
12Bonktsu Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1860
13Valark DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1859
14Leihr Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US1856Not updated
15Tauraxe DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1843Not updated
16Jinksycurse Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US1841
17Pizipshamp Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1839
17Cresent Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1839
19Xatera DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1834
20Kinetick Grave Runners IncEarthen Ring-US1831
21Franziskaner alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US1825
22Beedrìll DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1821
23Mexi Ruineous SenilityEarthen Ring-US1819Not updated
24Intimidation ViciousEarthen Ring-US1818
25Sammybear Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1811
26Whitebrick Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1810
27Corran Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US1809
28Lowfyve Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1808
29Beebe Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US1806
30Mazzy DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1792
31Mokgath DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1791
32Foleycon SacredEarthen Ring-US1788
33Fuzzymonk alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US1786
34Viraen DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1785
35Cronguin Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1783
35Dristzak Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US1783
37Probrick Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1782
38Speedigonz Midnight Sun MilitiaEarthen Ring-US1781
39Theexorcist DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1778
40Lessya Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US1770
41Nèrrok Grey Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US1767
41Långstrump DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1767
43Quanchi Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1764
44Heisenbergh In Cold BloodEarthen Ring-US1759
45Kohpe Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US1756
45Selyanna Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1756
47Sasskei Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US1744
48Malakos DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1741
49Fings SacredEarthen Ring-US1739
50Persephonias DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1735
50Ottolie The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US1735
52Klimp For the Horde BalloonEarthen Ring-US1734
53Blisteex DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1733
54Gêoffrey The Phantom LegionEarthen Ring-US1732
55Dash obviously has no lifeEarthen Ring-US1729Not updated
56Clann Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US1728
57Mysticmage DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1726Not updated
57Alaintérieur DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1726
59Xotickiller Ruineous SenilityEarthen Ring-US1723Not updated
60Vintas DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1721
61Savare Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US1719
62Galadrae AberrationEarthen Ring-US1718
62Zeddsdead Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1718
64Miyabi Midnight Sun MilitiaEarthen Ring-US1717
65Archanine WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US1715
66Deathstouch ExplicitEarthen Ring-US1712
66Údoo DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1712
68Vanguards Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1704Not updated
69Merilen SacredEarthen Ring-US1701
70Goalie Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US1700
71Shairo DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1696Not updated
72Moroth DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1694Not updated
73Monroe The Phantom LegionEarthen Ring-US1691
74Chandragupta DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1676
75Civelle Ex Cineribus ResurgamEarthen Ring-US1675
75Taiis The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US1675
77Yohoppity Midnight Sun MilitiaEarthen Ring-US1672
78Nwalme DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1670
79Kacuska  Earthen Ring-US1665
80Razzik Natures EliteEarthen Ring-US1664
80Sydinius DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1664
82Gwan Blood FistEarthen Ring-US1663
83Gaazghul DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1662
84Nerrok Grey Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US1647
84Dreamslayer The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US1647
86Wrugget Contract KillersEarthen Ring-US1638Not updated
87Yohippity Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US1635
88Pathollan SacredEarthen Ring-US1630
89Melidorine alea iacta est dignitasEarthen Ring-US1627
89Olìverquéén party all nightEarthen Ring-US1627
91Gummiebear DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1618
92Araanah NemesisEarthen Ring-US1609Not updated
93Charisa obviously has no lifeEarthen Ring-US1608Not updated
94Tonzo InsurgenceEarthen Ring-US1594
95Casl Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US1565
96Speedforce obviously has no lifeEarthen Ring-US1552Not updated
97Westtoast alea iacta est fortunaEarthen Ring-US1550
98Undercooked DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1533
99Myrellie alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US1525
100Priced Word is BondEarthen Ring-US1523

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