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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Earthen Ring-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hody Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US2224Not updated
2Nadiaali Ex Cineribus ResurgamEarthen Ring-US2160Not updated
3Ahzaelia Ex Cineribus ResurgamEarthen Ring-US2143Not updated
4Bonktsu Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US2035Not updated
4Jinksyslock Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US2035Not updated
6Shambulancor Wal Mart SpecialistEarthen Ring-US2026Not updated
7Spooksmagoo InteritusEarthen Ring-US1995Not updated
8Apollÿon Will Kill For FoodEarthen Ring-US1981Not updated
9Taiis The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US1958Not updated
10Theexorcist DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1953Not updated
11Beebe Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US1942Not updated
12Dowg Better Than Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1935Not updated
13Mexi  Earthen Ring-US1931Not updated
14Lomul Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1925Not updated
15Yandorfrey The Dusk StridersEarthen Ring-US1906Not updated
16Brumn DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1900Not updated
17Beedrìll DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1891Not updated
18Sydinius DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1890Not updated
19Mazzy DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1889Not updated
20Jinksycurse SacredEarthen Ring-US1887Not updated
21Valark DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1883Not updated
22Galishon DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1880Not updated
23Sayori Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US1872Not updated
23Leander Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US1872Not updated
25Klaris PinnacleEarthen Ring-US1866Not updated
26Pandatriste IntangibleEarthen Ring-US1851Not updated
27Dortlaka DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1847Not updated
28Persephonias DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1846Not updated
29Copen InteritusEarthen Ring-US1840Not updated
29Hanshijyudan Drunken FoolsEarthen Ring-US1840Not updated
31Gamaliel Grave Runners IncEarthen Ring-US1836Not updated
32Bakaran Feast of SoulsEarthen Ring-US1834Not updated
32Xatera DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1834Not updated
34Ripzipper Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US1833Not updated
35Franziskaner alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US1825Not updated
36Majinvolk  Earthen Ring-US1824Not updated
37Viraen DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1822Not updated
38Intimidation ViciousEarthen Ring-US1818Not updated
39Sasskei PinnacleEarthen Ring-US1817Not updated
39Zaryad DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1817Not updated
41Cronguin Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US1814Not updated
42Necrømancer alea iacta est libertasEarthen Ring-US1813Not updated
43Whitebrick Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1810Not updated
43Shuetsu DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1810Not updated
45Corran Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US1809Not updated
46Alaintérieur Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US1808Not updated
47Ottolie The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US1805Not updated
48Settlesand ExecutionEarthen Ring-US1783Not updated
48Dristzak Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US1783Not updated
50Probrick Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1782Not updated
51Psyrox Sha Touched MeEarthen Ring-US1781Not updated
52Skuby Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1776Not updated
53Fuzzymonk alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US1774Not updated
54Lowfyve The JägermonstersEarthen Ring-US1771Not updated
55Nèrrok Grey Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US1767Not updated
56Lessya Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US1766Not updated
57Mokgath DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1765Not updated
58Heisenbergh In Cold BloodEarthen Ring-US1759Not updated
59Blop InteritusEarthen Ring-US1757Not updated
60Foleycon SacredEarthen Ring-US1756Not updated
61Yohoppity Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US1755Not updated
62Långstrump DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1754Not updated
63Kohpe Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US1746Not updated
64Kazura  Earthen Ring-US1743Not updated
65Fings SacredEarthen Ring-US1739Not updated
66Klimp For the Horde BalloonEarthen Ring-US1734Not updated
67Blisteex Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US1733Not updated
67Gaazghul DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1733Not updated
69Selyanna Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US1732Not updated
70Junkhar Feast of SoulsEarthen Ring-US1729Not updated
71Clann Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US1728Not updated
72Xotickiller Ruineous SenilityEarthen Ring-US1723Not updated
73Vintas DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1721Not updated
74Savare Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US1715Not updated
74Archanine WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US1715Not updated
76Malakos DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1710Not updated
77Enkiñdle Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1694Not updated
78Copë InteritusEarthen Ring-US1692Not updated
79Rigbÿ Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1677Not updated
80Chandragupta DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1676Not updated
81Civelle Ex Cineribus ResurgamEarthen Ring-US1675Not updated
82Dennisd Decus et VeritasEarthen Ring-US1671Not updated
83Darkwanderer Feast of SoulsEarthen Ring-US1670Not updated
83Nwalme DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1670Not updated
85Gwan Blood FistEarthen Ring-US1663Not updated
86Bearamedic alea iacta est fortunaEarthen Ring-US1650Not updated
87Dreamslayer The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US1647Not updated
88Yohippity Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US1635Not updated
89Duho  Earthen Ring-US1634Not updated
90Pathollan SacredEarthen Ring-US1630Not updated
91Olìverquéén party all nightEarthen Ring-US1627Not updated
92Gummiebear DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1618Not updated
93Charisa obviously has no lifeEarthen Ring-US1608Not updated
94Tonzo InsurgenceEarthen Ring-US1594Not updated
95Ihaveakitty Feast of SoulsEarthen Ring-US1560Not updated
96Undercooked DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1533Not updated
97Myrellie alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US1525Not updated
98Mõrdecai Better Than Laid BackEarthen Ring-US1518Not updated
99Asteroth The JägermonstersEarthen Ring-US1517Not updated
100Naquin Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US1508Not updated

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