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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Durotan-KR Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1무분왕 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR2268
2Vermut 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR2264Not updated
3오대장일까 튜 닝Durotan-KR2241Not updated
4애기피그렛 H i d d e nDurotan-KR2231
5파랑꽃 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR2229
6헬링님 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR2063Not updated
7부끄럽죠 튜 닝Durotan-KR2058Not updated
8Ieta Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR2050Not updated
9배컁 HELLPERDurotan-KR2040
10리똥쓰 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR2039Not updated
11Phoby 향 수Durotan-KR2024Not updated
12Fhoby DOOM SQUADDurotan-KR2022
13젝송 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR2014
14용암슈퍼폭발  Durotan-KR2013Not updated
15박학다식 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR2005Not updated
16Forcez S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1987
17Haryu O N EDurotan-KR1967Not updated
18의철 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1966Not updated
19킹유니 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1947Not updated
20Rakers HELLPERDurotan-KR1945
21빛이대리라 H i d d e nDurotan-KR1943
22반화넬 O N EDurotan-KR1941Not updated
23와저씨대리라 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1940
24Leta Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR1935Not updated
24너무부끄럽다 튜 닝Durotan-KR1935Not updated
26Xaguar S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1930
27부끄럽나 CancelDurotan-KR1921Not updated
28Shotclocks S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1916
28Fosha 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1916
28프리미엄라떼 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1916Not updated
31Qpr O N EDurotan-KR1914
32Zenryou 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1909Not updated
33나우시가 Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR1900Not updated
34띄링 HELLPERDurotan-KR1899
35Marioworld HELLPERDurotan-KR1897
36Matar 향 수Durotan-KR1890Not updated
37Retisian Team isDurotan-KR1885Not updated
38조탱자 H i d d e nDurotan-KR1880
39패왕씹광딸에뉴비 아랫도리Durotan-KR1879
40앵거 CancelDurotan-KR1871Not updated
40Gettin BATTLEDurotan-KR1871Not updated
42충파충파열매 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR1868Not updated
43Lnchic S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1866
44동결불작 O N EDurotan-KR1864
45얼창뽕뿅 튜 닝Durotan-KR1858Not updated
46설화초 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1856
47오감독 호드발컨들을 설레게하는 와갤형들Durotan-KR1854Not updated
47류공 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR1854
49레타어린이 Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR1852Not updated
50삐약삐악병아리 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1851
50켄시쨔응 아랫도리Durotan-KR1851
52농업님 H i d d e nDurotan-KR1850
53꼽대기  Durotan-KR1847Not updated
54불꽃남자조르나 아랫도리Durotan-KR1844
55빨강꽃 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1834
55Hyozean S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1834
57노경종 아랫도리Durotan-KR1830
57대경실색 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1830Not updated
59아끼미 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1827
60Bargav Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR1818Not updated
61단목 튜 닝Durotan-KR1811Not updated
62바쥬카 O N EDurotan-KR1808Not updated
63버벌진호 CancelDurotan-KR1806Not updated
63Michelli 난 독Durotan-KR1806Not updated
65Bumy Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR1801Not updated
66고어령 남자는 조지아 여자는 버지니아Durotan-KR1793
67슈발얼방쿨 Team isDurotan-KR1782Not updated
68쓰다 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1780
69즐겜유저김싸메님 CancelDurotan-KR1772Not updated
70자몽녀 니들이 버스나 타니깐 개념이 없는거다Durotan-KR1768
71Michelz CancelDurotan-KR1766Not updated
72큐피앙 O N EDurotan-KR1764Not updated
73누나때리지마 남자는 조지아 여자는 버지니아Durotan-KR1762
74Kerrigun 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR1761Not updated
75Zow H i d d e nDurotan-KR1757
76Marinblue 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR1756
77김진하 아랫도리Durotan-KR1755
78붐킨님 HELLPERDurotan-KR1753
79쓰다님 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1733
79Poddod 남자는 조지아 여자는 버지니아Durotan-KR1733
81희엘 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1729Not updated
82Rionel HELLPERDurotan-KR1728
83부르쓰님  Durotan-KR1727Not updated
84잇힝삼히힝 HELLPERDurotan-KR1726
85츱츱이  Durotan-KR1722Not updated
86히처링 Team isDurotan-KR1720
87까만호랭이  Durotan-KR1716Not updated
88마성의노움 O N EDurotan-KR1712Not updated
89Xandy S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1711
90조드손 남자는 조지아 여자는 버지니아Durotan-KR1710
91나루짱님 혼자만 잘살믄 무슨 재민겨Durotan-KR1709
91이새끼급가삑 H i d d e nDurotan-KR1709
93수죵 Team isDurotan-KR1707Not updated
94이잉몬 Red FactoryDurotan-KR1706
95새벽녘황금빛햇살 BATTLEDurotan-KR1705
96Inchic S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1703
96혼빛 O N EDurotan-KR1703Not updated
98Yuziro HELLPERDurotan-KR1700
99흑마스터 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1698
100Amongi HELLPERDurotan-KR1695

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