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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dunemaul-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Majézik APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2181Not updated
2Scytex APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2174Not updated
3Minosêt APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2171Not updated
4Whalepistol Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU2161Not updated
5Belorien APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2119Not updated
6Badlikamiri APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2092Not updated
7Polineikos  Dunemaul-EU2063Not updated
8Gilza APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2015Not updated
9Zarathustrae APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU2013Not updated
10Meshamsta Auctioneer SyndicateDunemaul-EU2002
11Apocallyptto The BloodpactDunemaul-EU2001Not updated
12Mightypaw The Black FuryDunemaul-EU1967
13Dripz ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1966Not updated
14Pandôrà APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU1959Not updated
15Leuke APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU1947Not updated
15Frostcone HearthstonersDunemaul-EU1947
17Interitús The Black FuryDunemaul-EU1926Not updated
18Shurukai The Black FuryDunemaul-EU1918
19Kelav APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU1902Not updated
20Tranquillita The Black FuryDunemaul-EU1880
21Sephlroth ClaymoreDunemaul-EU1849Not updated
22Drwowhead DreamersDunemaul-EU1846Not updated
23Snipertr RagnarokDunemaul-EU1832Not updated
24Vanax  Dunemaul-EU1825Not updated
25Metropoler Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU1814
26Volcanism Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU1812
27Rosqaw ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1805Not updated
28Enoch Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU1774
29Drips ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1753Not updated
30Holydefeat The BloodpactDunemaul-EU1737Not updated
31Trastter APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU1733Not updated
32Chapulcu APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU1729Not updated
33Meganfoxyo Red Sun RisingDunemaul-EU1719Not updated
34Irndru ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1680Not updated
35Fthrmckenzie ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1650Not updated
36Warriax HearthstonersDunemaul-EU1649Not updated
37Bournemouth ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1642Not updated
38Priestoz HearthstonersDunemaul-EU1582
39Drenaj  Dunemaul-EU1523Not updated
40Timerider MagnificentDunemaul-EU1497
41Novaextremex ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1471Not updated
42Blueshift MagnificentDunemaul-EU1331Not updated
43Gålactus ColdfusionDunemaul-EU1299Not updated
44Cjay Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU1151Not updated
45Redknife Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU1145Not updated
46Fluffyfly The BloodpactDunemaul-EU1138
47Thórns ColdfusionDunemaul-EU960Not updated
48Sermy  Dunemaul-EU959Not updated
49Kultikin The Wolves BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU955Not updated
50Zafina  Dunemaul-EU768
50Pandiax HearthstonersDunemaul-EU768Not updated
50Holypapaz HomicideDunemaul-EU768
50Lexkiller Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU768Not updated
50Naudiz ColdfusionDunemaul-EU768Not updated
55Raistblack Bloodwolf TribeDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Adroo The BloodpactDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Bhaldie Red Sun RisingDunemaul-EU576
55Axellent Last BastionDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Thundersz ColdfusionDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Bolladin  Dunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Tamerss RagnarokDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Mooiboy Red Sun RisingDunemaul-EU576
55Iceclawz ColdfusionDunemaul-EU576Not updated
55Blackass ClaymoreDunemaul-EU576Not updated
65Rodach ColdfusionDunemaul-EU575Not updated
66Ziralus The Black FuryDunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Checku The Trendkill CoterieDunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Wobbley Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU384
66Timpow  Dunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Seroza APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Bloodmercy Red DawnDunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Zebellahh APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU384Not updated
66Juminus Warlords of OrgrimmarDunemaul-EU384Not updated
74Whiterash CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSEDunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Mecherath Warlords of OrgrimmarDunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Wreckton  Dunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Drakhan The Black FuryDunemaul-EU192
74Steak  Dunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Gangpan APOCALYPSEDunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Carlos Last BastionDunemaul-EU192Not updated
74Narthan ColdfusionDunemaul-EU192Not updated
82Icestar BladeDunemaul-EU0
82Hannus HakkapeliitatDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Darkghosty Eighty FiveDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Boca DreamersDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Bethel Ancient DragonDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Äayla ColdfusionDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Börkehatun LasT StoPDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Swazi ColdfusionDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Vayl HoBDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Curne Recipe for LoveDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Elrox Last BastionDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Graul BladestormDunemaul-EU0
82Wolly ColdfusionDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Zenervir Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU0
82Killermade Eighty FiveDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Ðryope ExtacyDunemaul-EU0
82Xoinks The LegacyDunemaul-EU0
82Midalie Veterans of AlteracDunemaul-EU0Not updated
82Mice The Black FuryDunemaul-EU0

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