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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dun Modr-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Anarthor Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU2593
2Khadgor  Dun Modr-EU2537
3Eskepetokok LovesDun Modr-EU2525Not updated
4Toaa VengeanceDun Modr-EU2517
5Akinxaboss Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2513Not updated
6Blackfirez Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2509Not updated
7Zurek Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2502Not updated
8Bàtmán ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2496Not updated
9Thaessita DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU2481
9Eminencía ProvidenceDun Modr-EU2481
11Neskãqtz Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2478Not updated
12Lectra Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2471Not updated
13Diana NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU2463
14Cháoshèngzhê  Dun Modr-EU2462Not updated
14Skëdrol Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2462Not updated
16Lajhinga ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2449Not updated
16Gogaqt Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2449Not updated
16Shäyä ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2449Not updated
16Waikhru ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2449Not updated
16Teleçæ ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2449Not updated
21Holipop ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2447Not updated
21Bïsmarck Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2447Not updated
23Latrueskill ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2446Not updated
24Senkone Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2444Not updated
25Blezt Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2442Not updated
26Blackfirezx Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2441Not updated
27Mêlly Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2439Not updated
28Exøtíkz Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2428
29Zous Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2425Not updated
30Sunnyzx Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2416
31Penamedás Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2415Not updated
32Mådtøtemyòló FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2412Not updated
33Neskaqtz Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2405Not updated
34Tiryøn ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2404Not updated
35Fulolz Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2403Not updated
36Zuhex  Dun Modr-EU2399Not updated
37Akinxadots Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2394Not updated
38Luffystyle Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2385Not updated
39Damagevendør Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2381Not updated
40Øwnedxd Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2368
41Zuhextwo ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2356Not updated
42Akinxahots Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2355Not updated
43Bigdmg Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2351Not updated
44Skädy ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2350Not updated
45Runnë Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2345Not updated
46Shamhex FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2343Not updated
47Læctrærøfl ARENA MOPSTERSDun Modr-EU2342Not updated
48Tryagainxd ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2341Not updated
49Shäyäxd ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2334Not updated
50Blackfirecba Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2332Not updated
51Tiøchungo FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2329Not updated
52Drløl ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2326Not updated
53Clarís MoonShadeDun Modr-EU2324Not updated
53Ijhingal FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2324Not updated
55Ünnä ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2315Not updated
56Meganlølz For PresidentDun Modr-EU2308Not updated
57Nefharian FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2304
57Emporiolol FrostmøurneDun Modr-EU2304
57Shaked Random NupDun Modr-EU2304Not updated
60Nysä Sons of Darkness PvPDun Modr-EU2302Not updated
61Huisèwushi  Dun Modr-EU2294Not updated
62Thësïs PvP SquaDDun Modr-EU2293Not updated
63Clarîs ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2290Not updated
64Aurka Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2284Not updated
65Telemacon ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2283Not updated
66Sairius Quetz SwitchDun Modr-EU2282Not updated
67Osmøsis KFC EterniaDun Modr-EU2279
68Blackfaryz Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2278Not updated
69Mesta Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2277Not updated
70Whiteángel ALL ÎNDun Modr-EU2275Not updated
71Necromu Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2274Not updated
71Bailajamon Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2274Not updated
73Ixavideuxi Random NupDun Modr-EU2273Not updated
74ßlæø DUBDun Modr-EU2258Not updated
75Jackjerex Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2257Not updated
76Suratwo Master and CommandersDun Modr-EU2256
77Bulex Mythic DreamDun Modr-EU2254Not updated
78Crimp Orgrimmar In FlamesDun Modr-EU2247Not updated
79Tryndamerê Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2244Not updated
80Watchmyslam Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2243Not updated
80Øjustßwnelol  Dun Modr-EU2243Not updated
82Surlëy FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2242Not updated
83Manadasa Orgrimmar In FlamesDun Modr-EU2240
84Zérø May DieDun Modr-EU2236Not updated
85Archyxd FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2232
86Âmarosa FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2230
87Repley Frostgarfio Fans GuildDun Modr-EU2227Not updated
88Hakka DUBDun Modr-EU2224Not updated
89Ignitra Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2223Not updated
90ßlozt Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2222Not updated
91Mazzin PvP SquaDDun Modr-EU2220Not updated
92Deejing Sons of Darkness PvPDun Modr-EU2218Not updated
92Ingaz FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2218Not updated
94Chocintes Quetz SwitchDun Modr-EU2217Not updated
95ßøkzãr Sons of Darkness PvPDun Modr-EU2216Not updated
96Stílaz FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2215Not updated
97Icebone PvP SquaDDun Modr-EU2213Not updated
98Neskaftw Gods RepresentDun Modr-EU2212Not updated
99Zâz FOR THE ALLÎANCEDun Modr-EU2209Not updated
99Zudots UndisputedDun Modr-EU2209Not updated

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