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Drenden-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Predator Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2085
2Deuce Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2080
3Suitcase Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2056
4Exst Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2051
5Scumbag Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2045
6Popejohn BEASTINDrenden-US2042
7Traplol I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US2034
8Myg Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2033
9Hypelol I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US2031
10Deucë Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2018
11Cronon HypeDrenden-US2016
11Ssjbiggie Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2016
13Natima Engineering MadnessDrenden-US2014
13Dovesari Engineering MadnessDrenden-US2014
15Totemall I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US2013
16Dívíne I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US2011
17Ballak Stacks on DeckDrenden-US2009
18Therogue The New OrderDrenden-US2005Not updated
19Arenamaster I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1992
20Vyrix I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1970
21Tumblr BEASTINDrenden-US1962
22Blueyedsoul BEASTINDrenden-US1956
23Cjlulz Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1953Not updated
24Bishojo SublimeDrenden-US1944
25Lsx Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1942
25Hariel Demons Of HellDrenden-US1942
27Briggle Engineering MadnessDrenden-US1937
28Wontonswag Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1934
29Blastabear Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1925
30Tyrone Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1921
30Wildone BEASTINDrenden-US1921
32Snøwjob I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1917
33Silentchris Demons Of HellDrenden-US1912
34Genthel HypeDrenden-US1909
35Masonlei Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1899
36Steenbeam Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1898
37Downlow BEASTINDrenden-US1895
38Draycoo I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1891
39Superslock I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1890
40Snitchlord Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1877
40Boomkin Phoenix KnightsDrenden-US1877
42Danadolas Demons Of HellDrenden-US1876
43Flyntfloss Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1873
43Freezyougood Demons Of HellDrenden-US1873
45Waada RequiemDrenden-US1864Not updated
46Hashßrown Phoenix KnightsDrenden-US1863
47Syless DsylxeicDrenden-US1862
48Láwl Phoenix KnightsDrenden-US1850
49Catsniffer PhenomDrenden-US1849
50Doyouevnlift I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1846
51Icymorning Full GrizzlyDrenden-US1845Not updated
52Secousse The MourningDrenden-US1824
53Gerttro I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1819
54Maldive Engineering MadnessDrenden-US1818
55Wonderbread Corrupted GladiatorsDrenden-US1811
56Beastin BEASTINDrenden-US1810
57Nynàeve MadnessDrenden-US1793
58Dmxwhat Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1785
59Føxtail Children Of the HordeDrenden-US1774
60Chocnut The Eighty EightsDrenden-US1773
61Vainglory Children Of the HordeDrenden-US1764
62Tokenshammy I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1762
63Hardreign Focused AggressionDrenden-US1761
64Djwhokid Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1760
65Candace Seventh CircleDrenden-US1756
66Abhor ProperDrenden-US1744
67Kàì  Drenden-US1738Not updated
68Slamfest PhenomDrenden-US1737
69Supersmonk I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1734
70Tryston Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeDrenden-US1732
70Beertimex RiotDrenden-US1732
72Kittycatmeow I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1731
73Bayani The Eighty EightsDrenden-US1727
74Mopar I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1725
75Cøco The ReignDrenden-US1714
76Kungle MadnessDrenden-US1704
77Shorty InsurrectionDrenden-US1703
78Scàrlett MadnessDrenden-US1702
79Dragonmeteo Vicarious AtonementDrenden-US1701
80Moparcrazy I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1696
81Kayslay Stacks on DeckDrenden-US1689
82Deathpod Demons Of HellDrenden-US1686
82Tatswayla MadnessDrenden-US1686
84Moparguy I LIKE GIRAFFESDrenden-US1683
85Hienatah Children Of the HordeDrenden-US1680
85Marriana MadnessDrenden-US1680
87Tabachoy The Eighty EightsDrenden-US1677
88Kharus MadnessDrenden-US1676
88Cappadonna Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US1676
90Antha CairdeasDrenden-US1667
91Jentle AdaptationDrenden-US1655
92Saß LigatureDrenden-US1648
93Caldork RequiemDrenden-US1638
94Howlingmoon Stormwind Police DeptDrenden-US1632
95Korhn CairdeasDrenden-US1631
96Odeda PhenomDrenden-US1616
97Valefien MadnessDrenden-US1615
98Inspectadeck Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US1611
99Makla The ReignDrenden-US1604
100Knivës Demons Of HellDrenden-US1598

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