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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Drek'Thar-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Kiamera No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU2402Not updated
2Khàlési  Drek'Thar-EU2391Not updated
3Catane MAXIMUM SECURITYDrek'Thar-EU2364Not updated
4Toast  Drek'Thar-EU2100Not updated
5Phènix  Drek'Thar-EU2070Not updated
6Wilddrak Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU2042
7Yautja No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU2027Not updated
8Kiamerà No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU2026Not updated
9Mâgna Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU2017
10Soheï La Røse NøireDrek'Thar-EU1995Not updated
11Lovemarley Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1974Not updated
12Romchutus No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU1945Not updated
13Orkow No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU1934Not updated
14Quigone Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1919
15Dracir Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1915
16Krynos  Drek'Thar-EU1912Not updated
16Chamillia Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1912
18Zema Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1911
19Dàenerys No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU1860Not updated
20Aykin  Drek'Thar-EU1850Not updated
21Percefaille Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1845
22Adéenne Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1821Not updated
23Ðeathßreeze Les Maîtres de GuerreDrek'Thar-EU1817Not updated
24Kamilia Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1816Not updated
25Kemyo No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU1815Not updated
26Greybàck Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU1775
27Effroie Librias ChorusDrek'Thar-EU1760Not updated
28Mgrkroko QuatreDrek'Thar-EU1757
29Kaeritlas QuatreDrek'Thar-EU1752Not updated
30Valknut S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1750
31Jupilen Under Control ParadisDrek'Thar-EU1727Not updated
32Tromb Les Enfants de la LuneDrek'Thar-EU1721Not updated
33Babyloo oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1715Not updated
33Dresloa S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1715
35Lithaferoce Lordaeron SoulDrek'Thar-EU1713
36Chakta S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1711
37Steìnar S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1705
38Lithahealing Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU1704
39Bãltãzãr Les Maîtres de GuerreDrek'Thar-EU1696Not updated
40Rmi La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU1693
41Jackylee KHBDrek'Thar-EU1684Not updated
42Rocks AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU1680Not updated
43Zorgussion agapèDrek'Thar-EU1678
43Lavieille  Drek'Thar-EU1678Not updated
45Käbükï S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1677
46Gløubiboulga MAXIMUM SECURITYDrek'Thar-EU1676Not updated
47Shadowlame S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1675
48Sodané S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1667
49Kary S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1659
50Pastys S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1656
51Lecarteler S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1655
52Chamelias oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1652Not updated
53Asylia S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1644
54Aldises S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1642Not updated
55Spayten  Drek'Thar-EU1638Not updated
56Thorgräm S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1636
57Deviljoss La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU1633
58Liora oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1626Not updated
59Èléna La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU1609
60Babakaos Lordæron ParanøDrek'Thar-EU1602
61Astrane oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1591Not updated
62Babÿloo oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1588Not updated
63Ségolène La ZiZaNieDrek'Thar-EU1565Not updated
64Babyloò oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1557Not updated
65Volendar Lordaeron SoulDrek'Thar-EU1540
66Seksy  Drek'Thar-EU1531Not updated
67Jossdemon lesvénérablespandashansDrek'Thar-EU1526Not updated
68Courdèrriere oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1515Not updated
69Demohaîne âmes errantesDrek'Thar-EU1513
70Darkponay S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1512Not updated
71Wärmolitor S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1496Not updated
72Nikram S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1478
73Neese S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1317Not updated
74Taopaîpaî  Drek'Thar-EU1301Not updated
75Vitharr S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1149
75Critikal Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU1149
77Joejackson oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1146Not updated
78Boycle agapèDrek'Thar-EU1144
78Ascagn S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU1144Not updated
80Espritblanc  Drek'Thar-EU1143
80Toupou oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU1143Not updated
82Kÿnnä EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU1141Not updated
82Thaddeus EnferDrek'Thar-EU1141
84Boüne Nos EscapeDrek'Thar-EU1139Not updated
85Ldiablo Under Control ParadisDrek'Thar-EU1138Not updated
85Sanguinolae Les Maîtres de GuerreDrek'Thar-EU1138Not updated
87Atenaa Knight of TrustDrek'Thar-EU1128Not updated
88Rosk No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU960Not updated
88Juo A PLUS SOUS LE BUSDrek'Thar-EU960Not updated
90Warneven Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU959
90Lagavulin Under Control ParadisDrek'Thar-EU959Not updated
90Magdrae agapèDrek'Thar-EU959
90Messalah oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU959Not updated
90Øuille S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU959
95Belldandÿ EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU958Not updated
96Volmaru  Drek'Thar-EU956Not updated
97Ðjimmy oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU955Not updated
98Dkstrose horacion sheisDrek'Thar-EU953Not updated
99Zem Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU768
99Thaël Last souls of LordaeronDrek'Thar-EU768Not updated

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