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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draka-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bruttiss  Draka-US1940Not updated
2Defined PandaemoniumDraka-US1877Not updated
3Vaeil SanctuaryDraka-US1838Not updated
4Megawatts Panic in the FlagroomDraka-US1816Not updated
5Islandpryde SanctuaryDraka-US1803Not updated
6Katehumble SanctuaryDraka-US1768Not updated
7Leedon PandaemoniumDraka-US1763Not updated
8Mstrpriest Horde DismembermentDraka-US1722Not updated
9Cheechh PandaemoniumDraka-US1630Not updated
10Deadlyfarts Death comes RegardlessDraka-US1623Not updated
11Rapala  Draka-US1603Not updated
12Zerofuxz SanctuaryDraka-US1546Not updated
13Mingchenn SanctuaryDraka-US1525Not updated
14Grardar PandaemoniumDraka-US1502Not updated
15Seteria Crimson OrderDraka-US1467Not updated
16Zunni Game of thronesDraka-US1151Not updated
17Deathpoacher hardcore killersDraka-US1150Not updated
18Lorinar Occupy StormwindDraka-US1145Not updated
19Akirasanx SanctuaryDraka-US1137Not updated
20Dillpill  Draka-US960Not updated
20Abarth UnderachieversDraka-US960Not updated
22Lightborn Order of IlluminatusDraka-US958Not updated
22Rotspit SanctuaryDraka-US958Not updated
24Sollomon SanctuaryDraka-US955Not updated
25Abuseur  Draka-US768Not updated
26Nitda Order of IlluminatusDraka-US767Not updated
27Faellx SanctuaryDraka-US576Not updated
27Law Edict of WarDraka-US576Not updated
27Kainam SanctuaryDraka-US576Not updated
27Hellenas Order of IlluminatusDraka-US576Not updated
27Buffaloseven SanctuaryDraka-US576Not updated
27Alashrus DeathnDecayDraka-US576Not updated
33Ulrezaj SanctuaryDraka-US575Not updated
33Jaydm SanctuaryDraka-US575Not updated
35Frostyrepo SanctuaryDraka-US387Not updated
36Saga SanctuaryDraka-US384Not updated
36Fairyyun Order of IlluminatusDraka-US384Not updated
36Tuv SanctuaryDraka-US384Not updated
36Akira TheoryDraka-US384Not updated
36Aendresh GladiatorDraka-US384Not updated
36Hugeguyy  Draka-US384Not updated
36Viperx Group TwoDraka-US384Not updated
36Mokogorken Group TwoDraka-US384Not updated
36Pitchßlease SanctuaryDraka-US384Not updated
45Pìkey Impatient UndertakersDraka-US192Not updated
45Himan SanctuaryDraka-US192Not updated
45Charliexx mercenaries for hire rbDraka-US192Not updated
45Mookaduka Group TwoDraka-US192Not updated
45Naofa The Iron BrigadeDraka-US192Not updated
45Tigerstar The Iron BrigadeDraka-US192Not updated
45Hallogen SanctuaryDraka-US192Not updated
45Dolamight  Draka-US192Not updated
45Lunchabûll Rank OneDraka-US192Not updated
45Kendyll ClearlyDraka-US192Not updated
45Cendorie SanctuaryDraka-US192Not updated
45Contender TheoryDraka-US192Not updated
45Understood UnkemptDraka-US192Not updated
45Potatohunter  Draka-US192Not updated
45Gibnasty SanctuaryDraka-US192Not updated
45Purged Panic in the FlagroomDraka-US192Not updated
45Verlander  Draka-US192Not updated
45Logytech Death comes RegardlessDraka-US192Not updated
45Kerestey Order of IlluminatusDraka-US192Not updated
45Alcapone The UNTOUCHABLESDraka-US192Not updated
45Orniàs Edict of WarDraka-US192Not updated
45Vealnillaice  Draka-US192Not updated
45Taurential  Draka-US192Not updated
68Ellamae  Draka-US0Not updated
68Terana TheoryDraka-US0Not updated
68Darkflaming SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Spagh  Draka-US0Not updated
68Telchar The Iron BrigadeDraka-US0Not updated
68Corbantis  Draka-US0Not updated
68Taaj SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Tobert Order of IlluminatusDraka-US0Not updated
68Helcyon SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Goredonder SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Hideous SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Frigia Semper Fi RaidersDraka-US0Not updated
68Grávewalker  Draka-US0Not updated
68Pandore Death RowDraka-US0Not updated
68Baabady Death RowDraka-US0Not updated
68Rudebwoy Eternal RetributionDraka-US0Not updated
68Tuvoker SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Taibox SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Malsâlt SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Valhallà Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US0Not updated
68Caïnam SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Kandicane Mythic LegionDraka-US0Not updated
68Kuydo  Draka-US0Not updated
68Rol Order of IlluminatusDraka-US0Not updated
68Sidedoor Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US0Not updated
68Pitseleh SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Mstrdracco Horde DismembermentDraka-US0Not updated
68Optsalt Brothers In ArmsDraka-US0Not updated
68Sourpain SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Malrath SanctuaryDraka-US0Not updated
68Stabbingu UnderachieversDraka-US0Not updated
68Valaraad TheoryDraka-US0Not updated
68Charlies mercenaries for hire rbDraka-US0Not updated

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