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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Drak'thul-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Majtro INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2479Not updated
2Ivimila INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2465Not updated
3Ethiencz INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2464Not updated
4Pyromäniac INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2463Not updated
5Metaxx INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2420Not updated
6Sprayer MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU2387
7Uperlól Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU2375
8Blizo  Drak'thul-EU2348Not updated
9Premiér INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2347Not updated
10Dopehope Plan B fear warriorDrak'thul-EU2342Not updated
11Ethíen INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2300Not updated
12Teepekx INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2291Not updated
13Smøked Silver LegionDrak'thul-EU2269Not updated
14Wowzzik INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2265Not updated
15Speedeffect INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2230Not updated
16Hatréd INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2223Not updated
16Typhonic INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2223Not updated
18Michmajstrcz INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2221Not updated
19Nathanós INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2212Not updated
20Vacances INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2209Not updated
21Ebigail INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2208Not updated
22Marielka INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2207Not updated
23Druidosko INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2206Not updated
24Marsal MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU2205
25Riskøs SunreaversDrak'thul-EU2201Not updated
25Galazar INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2201Not updated
27Icrituquit INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2193Not updated
28Dugro INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2192Not updated
28Keysersôze R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2192Not updated
30Brancikovac SunreaversDrak'thul-EU2191Not updated
31Kuse Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2182Not updated
32Grimmer INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2178Not updated
33Felleric MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU2174
33Twééck INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2174Not updated
35Badmóód INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2173Not updated
36Tyreall Orosený BroskvickyDrak'thul-EU2169Not updated
37Mojorising Braterstvo KrnovDrak'thul-EU2165Not updated
38Vectif INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2164Not updated
38Zuladin Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2164Not updated
40Ysuwaren Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2162Not updated
40Azaroo Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2162Not updated
42Kusko Orosený BroskvickyDrak'thul-EU2158
43Agromiilk INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2157Not updated
43Walhen Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2157Not updated
43Djmeli Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2157Not updated
46Brix Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2153
46Xæøp Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2153Not updated
48Dernek CeskoslovenskoDrak'thul-EU2150Not updated
49Bagø Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU2149
50Edík INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2148Not updated
50Nawe Blood ShadowsDrak'thul-EU2148Not updated
52Ratchel INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2146Not updated
53Atlim M Y T HDrak'thul-EU2145Not updated
54Europidus INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2142
55Ivimillaa INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2141Not updated
56Defly Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2138Not updated
57Teerage Cutting EdgeDrak'thul-EU2135Not updated
57Spikorevival R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2135Not updated
59Iviimiila INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2134Not updated
59Bosinko Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2134Not updated
59Ivimiila Do Not Be AggressiveDrak'thul-EU2134
62Raduskka Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2133Not updated
63Mashetti Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2131Not updated
64Sãgittarius Do Not Be AggressiveDrak'thul-EU2130
65Teppekx INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2125Not updated
66Oot R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2124Not updated
66Ðoden MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU2124
68Doden MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU2121
68Healyoumaybe INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2121Not updated
70Beautylady Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU2120
71Jahodkalol INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2116Not updated
72Lidnøk SunreaversDrak'thul-EU2115Not updated
72Dokktor Do Not Be AggressiveDrak'thul-EU2115
74Wøwz INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2113Not updated
75Incøming Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2111Not updated
76Jänxx Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU2106Not updated
77Velorien The GrindersDrak'thul-EU2103Not updated
78Bloodsugar R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2100Not updated
78Valesin Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2100Not updated
80Tepeekx INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2099Not updated
81Beautyladyy Orosený BroskvickyDrak'thul-EU2098Not updated
82Hiketwo R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2092Not updated
82Ewanice JAPAN DOGDrak'thul-EU2092Not updated
84Shockyou R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2087Not updated
84Strogg  Drak'thul-EU2087Not updated
84Gejsak R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2087Not updated
87Swiz INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2086Not updated
88Crizer R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2081Not updated
89Mojjo Do Not Be AggressiveDrak'thul-EU2079Not updated
90Xfirecek INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2078Not updated
91Lamiwiel Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2077Not updated
92Aßella Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2074Not updated
93Drealm Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2071Not updated
94Trid Lights OutDrak'thul-EU2069Not updated
95Blackrooter INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2068Not updated
95Natassha R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2068Not updated
97Vegabomb R E A P E R SDrak'thul-EU2067Not updated
97Caregodx INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU2067Not updated
99Hofmann Do Not Be AggressiveDrak'thul-EU2066
99Notskill WFA CONFEDERACYDrak'thul-EU2066

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