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Drak'Tharon-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Infatalx Stormwind Counting HouseDrak'Tharon-US2139Not updated
2Abdeath Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US2020Not updated
3Elliaria  Drak'Tharon-US1911Not updated
4Chilidogs Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US1862Not updated
5Crumb SynergyDrak'Tharon-US1832Not updated
6Marvin Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US1785Not updated
7Cooper The HeisenbergsDrak'Tharon-US1661Not updated
8Shadowmancer Sleeping ForestDrak'Tharon-US1633Not updated
9Buttery  Drak'Tharon-US1623Not updated
10Pritender PvP Aint FreeDrak'Tharon-US1615Not updated
11Riptide SynergyDrak'Tharon-US1501Not updated
12Rayder Deathbringin GaurdiansDrak'Tharon-US1487Not updated
13Kyssandra Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US1479Not updated
14Kittyjj The HeisenbergsDrak'Tharon-US1333Not updated
15Xlordzapple FBIDrak'Tharon-US1151Not updated
16Pandoras Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US1138Not updated
17Aurt Dream DevourersDrak'Tharon-US959Not updated
18Velynithice Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US956Not updated
19Plat Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US952Not updated
20Kenzin Stormwind Counting HouseDrak'Tharon-US948Not updated
21Ashketchumx Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US768Not updated
21Lunà Sleeping ForestDrak'Tharon-US768Not updated
23Giantcow Shadow RisingDrak'Tharon-US767Not updated
23Reivax SynergyDrak'Tharon-US767Not updated
23Anahbell  Drak'Tharon-US767Not updated
26Krugdog Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US764Not updated
27Vìvid ArkaneDrak'Tharon-US576Not updated
27Hamster Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US576Not updated
27Alphaomagado Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US576Not updated
27Dangitall Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US576Not updated
31Megalyn Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US575Not updated
31Lucify SynergyDrak'Tharon-US575Not updated
33Kelen Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Chainerx Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Palden Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Namelesz Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Pindershlon Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Platius Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Ashkari Blood of KingsDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Trakr Benevolent Vortex IIDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Lonlona  Drak'Tharon-US384Not updated
33Moonsugar AwakenDrak'Tharon-US384Not updated
43Peekay Home ImprovementDrak'Tharon-US383Not updated
43Katbelle Stuffed with FluffDrak'Tharon-US383Not updated
45Tiercel Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Paladinnight The Family TreeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Landin Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Riaric Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Meiûqer Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Azzaron The Family TreeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Fellford Sleeping ForestDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Fabiá Sleeping ForestDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Farhtz Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Wysenheimer Home ImprovementDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Brum Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Warbloodz Stormwind Counting HouseDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Zwo Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Aljeana Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US192Not updated
45Oscuro  Drak'Tharon-US192Not updated
60Ventariel Stormwind Counting HouseDrak'Tharon-US191Not updated
61Baldohr Team UnitedDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Gorwyn Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Shemps Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Kreo Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Theworm LeeT Pwn ShopDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Soothstriker When All Else FailsDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Phibal Team UnitedDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Valkai Team UnitedDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Seducta Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Rubyred  Drak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Shoogar Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Thugg Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Rtkjr  Drak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Morl Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Eyepitty When All Else FailsDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Shempster Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Moeslock Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Leviatharan FBIDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Shammoe Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Fawaffles  Drak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Jaganspere UnderOathDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Windsong Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Pirata Saves The DayDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Vendra Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Crêêp Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Purkinje Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Effinelle Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Orilars UnderOathDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Laarry Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Zugzuug Shadow RisingDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Ahhimkidding UnderOathDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Dajord Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Curleyjoe Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Argmon Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Phantomrex Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Honeyanna Forgotten ShadowDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Frosaken Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Puddlejumper Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Ichuteu Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated
61Qrecip Spankys GangDrak'Tharon-US0Not updated

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