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Dragonmaw-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Alienforce AftermathDragonmaw-EU1663Not updated
2Oohhnnoo Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU1636
3Seljoo DragonkinDragonmaw-EU1633Not updated
4Tealco AftermathDragonmaw-EU1527
5Sensimania Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU1487
6Tealq AftermathDragonmaw-EU1315
7Ivydk ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU1285
8Baltazo EntropyDragonmaw-EU957Not updated
9Akarian AftermathDragonmaw-EU956Not updated
9Wrouuff Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU956
11Arrog AftermathDragonmaw-EU955
12Marvv The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
12Goredel The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
12Zultan The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
12Monknessa The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
12Zinta The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
12Yshara The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950
18Aennaalt AftermathDragonmaw-EU767Not updated
19Beowúlf The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576
19Stanza The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576
19Propanon EntropyDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
19Verdie The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576
19Kalty The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576
19Logitechron ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU576
25Frys Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU575
26Straix Back to BackDragonmaw-EU384
26Ninely LimitedDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Goanga AftermathDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Azurius EntropyDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Skibidee The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384
26Ancaria EntropyDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Stefidpants EntropyDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Yunal  Dragonmaw-EU384Not updated
26Lexiarch Back to BackDragonmaw-EU384
26Qelborg The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384
36Tinermania BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU192
36Sommos ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU192
36Beeftek Back to BackDragonmaw-EU192
36Cephei Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU192
36Eurin NeophronDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
36Bloodyvoodoo AftermathDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
36Heluh Back to BackDragonmaw-EU192
36Sammons AftermathDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
36Drbadvibes Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU192
36Incinmonk Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU192
36Zaseda Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU192
36Marchangel Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU192
36Sha Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU192
49Akkula AftermathDragonmaw-EU0
49Porchling Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Stuntt AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Endor InspiredDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Solidity AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Thehorde AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Innuendo BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU0
49Socoddre NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
49Sish The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0
49Margoz AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Lilyanka NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
49Ayuhm EntropyDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Morgomir BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Maxgarrett AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Perigrew Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Xellosian NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
49Balora BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU0
49Vinzlage The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0
49Shamala NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
49Felangor Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Impervious AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Norx Orgrimmar MerchantsDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Mindstab The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0
49Dragonman DestinyDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Troian EntropyDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Thunderchain  Dragonmaw-EU0
49Shammértime Dulce Bellum InexpertisDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Thorias EntropyDragonmaw-EU0
49Apatheia AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Totemii Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Unmág LimitedDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Connla Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Shanay ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU0
49Dusky Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Norrana Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Attaxx InspiredDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Lavrence LimitedDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Jaudun Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Ashiya Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Soqriot Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Matlafousika NeophronDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Incinerator Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Atreid Alter EgosDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Crayontrain InspiredDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Altter Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Seepra uU DEINTSÖRÖS casanouvaDragonmaw-EU0
49Paramour AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
49Cuddlybuns Local TalentDragonmaw-EU0
49Pharzuph Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0
49Lifewire Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Pallaskillen Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
49Rebirth Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU0

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