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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dragonmaw-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Shadowfang Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU2072
2Atheriel The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU1972Not updated
3Zolder  Dragonmaw-EU1911
4Moosurdaddy StaticDragonmaw-EU1905
5Whoplay Enter The FuryDragonmaw-EU1894Not updated
5Volski Warlords of HellDragonmaw-EU1894Not updated
7Wheresmymana StaticDragonmaw-EU1856
8Masrawi StaticDragonmaw-EU1848Not updated
9Flaffy AnomiaDragonmaw-EU1830Not updated
10Nerraw AnomiaDragonmaw-EU1811Not updated
11Dokugan KyaiDragonmaw-EU1794Not updated
12Wrouuff Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU1793
13Smackthat StaticDragonmaw-EU1780
14Ssmiley  Dragonmaw-EU1778Not updated
15Oohhnnoo Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU1769
16Legendàry StaticDragonmaw-EU1760
17Metalnuts StaticDragonmaw-EU1754
18Natalié ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU1714
19Tealco AftermathDragonmaw-EU1692Not updated
20Akarian AftermathDragonmaw-EU1657Not updated
21Goanga AftermathDragonmaw-EU1634Not updated
22Sensimania Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU1603
23Kopetka Enter The FuryDragonmaw-EU1565Not updated
24Ryuuzakii ContinuumDragonmaw-EU1546Not updated
25Cartonz The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU1537Not updated
26Tealq AftermathDragonmaw-EU1525Not updated
27Ivydk ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU1521Not updated
28Marvv The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU1419Not updated
29Aennaalt AftermathDragonmaw-EU1291Not updated
30Yunal  Dragonmaw-EU1138Not updated
31Zultan The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU1129Not updated
32Usf The PullersDragonmaw-EU960Not updated
33Straix EntropyDragonmaw-EU958
34Stuntt AftermathDragonmaw-EU957Not updated
34Moodin LimitedDragonmaw-EU957Not updated
36Keena The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU954Not updated
37Yshara The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU950Not updated
38Tyrii AftermathDragonmaw-EU767Not updated
38Mardvdruid Rage from BelowDragonmaw-EU767Not updated
38Arrowyn Enter The FuryDragonmaw-EU767
41Psiko BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Verdie The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Trixxion AftermathDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Vadoma AftermathDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Sammons Rage from BelowDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Kurcula AftermathDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
41Logitechron The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU576Not updated
48Frys Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU575Not updated
49Deathmaster AnomiaDragonmaw-EU384
49Derezz MissclickDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Skibidee The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Enhancegirl ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Mypriest AftermathDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Ruantorn ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU384
49Synthous Moon TemplarsDragonmaw-EU384
49Fadge AnomiaDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Beeftek EntropyDragonmaw-EU384
49Sragath  Dragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Tauli The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Naes The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Drbadvibes Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Lisaknight Moon TemplarsDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Antdruid The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Lilti Enter The FuryDragonmaw-EU384Not updated
49Deac  Dragonmaw-EU384Not updated
66Whaat  Dragonmaw-EU192
66Sish The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Oneshotyou The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Sommos  Dragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Segac  Dragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Mapyron  Dragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Cephei Last Try of the EveningDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Bloodyvoodoo AftermathDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Ilia AftermathDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Yourmysmile The Rug DoctorsDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Lighthope The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Zgrbix AftermathDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Trynwanx The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
66Incinmonk  Dragonmaw-EU192
66Sha DominionDragonmaw-EU192Not updated
81Titan AftermathDragonmaw-EU31Not updated
82Akkula AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Aiyomuh Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0
82Twiggi The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Innuendo BEYKOZDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Socoddre AftermathDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Thechaos Horde AlmightyDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Ghroth NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
82Xellosian NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
82Chroncz PohodaDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Vinzlage The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Shamala NeophronDragonmaw-EU0
82Shanay ProvídenceDragonmaw-EU0
82Felangor Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Saphirë EntropyDragonmaw-EU0
82Amolein DragonkinDragonmaw-EU0
82Weedmachine  Dragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Connla Northstar LegionDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Kozie The Royal JestersDragonmaw-EU0Not updated
82Dragonman Enter The FuryDragonmaw-EU0Not updated

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