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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Feihcretsam Alter EgoDragonblight-EU2116Not updated
2Luven Alter EgoDragonblight-EU2092Not updated
3Stealthykill Alter EgoDragonblight-EU2072Not updated
4Agronab Alter EgoDragonblight-EU2046Not updated
5Slaktárn Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU2044Not updated
6Harkats Alter EgoDragonblight-EU2041Not updated
7Adrenalynz Whats in the boXDragonblight-EU2011Not updated
8Liberiangirl Cult of the Unholy CowDragonblight-EU2004Not updated
8Jìgsaw Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU2004Not updated
10Destructionz Mayhem BrotherhoodDragonblight-EU1989Not updated
11Xwolf Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1986Not updated
12Deadjames TenacityDragonblight-EU1958Not updated
13Gurligguf Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1954Not updated
14Gypsyy AsylumDragonblight-EU1949Not updated
15Coffeeshop TenacityDragonblight-EU1938Not updated
16Eestlane Legion EstlandDragonblight-EU1934Not updated
17Veelâ The Fallen AngelsDragonblight-EU1929Not updated
18Moonbite Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1920Not updated
19Zolbodan Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1918Not updated
20Destex Forces of the AllianceDragonblight-EU1913Not updated
21Lypsysonni Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1911Not updated
22Cptalexandr Avant GardeDragonblight-EU1901Not updated
23Yoursoboring Lux MundiDragonblight-EU1900Not updated
24Sparx Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1881Not updated
24Títanx Whats in the boXDragonblight-EU1881Not updated
26Pharax PreludeDragonblight-EU1880Not updated
27Cpt Just FriendsDragonblight-EU1879Not updated
28Xtraheals  Dragonblight-EU1876Not updated
29Sentenced The Fallen AngelsDragonblight-EU1873Not updated
30Mutupatuca Cheesecake VendorDragonblight-EU1856Not updated
31Andurilii Sweet RevengeDragonblight-EU1854Not updated
32Selere Legion EstlandDragonblight-EU1830Not updated
33Canalia Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1823Not updated
34Inze Legion EstlandDragonblight-EU1818Not updated
35Silthria Mayhem BrotherhoodDragonblight-EU1808Not updated
36Executus MythDragonblight-EU1800Not updated
37Luzii All Class SweDragonblight-EU1773Not updated
38Repaired Forces of the AllianceDragonblight-EU1764Not updated
39Ishis Little PuggersDragonblight-EU1763Not updated
40Cptindiica AbracadaverDragonblight-EU1747Not updated
41Turaform AscendedDragonblight-EU1745Not updated
42Youngdog And Some DrunksDragonblight-EU1744Not updated
43Vegga TenacityDragonblight-EU1740Not updated
44Stormxdragon TenacityDragonblight-EU1718Not updated
45Youngdoc And Some DrunksDragonblight-EU1716Not updated
46Flepser PreludeDragonblight-EU1713Not updated
47Vaeden Mayhem BrotherhoodDragonblight-EU1701Not updated
48Squamosa Whats in the boXDragonblight-EU1697Not updated
49Veix Legion EstlandDragonblight-EU1684Not updated
50Flozniac Mayhem BrotherhoodDragonblight-EU1683Not updated
51Leeter Avant GardeDragonblight-EU1660Not updated
52Forsakenx Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1659Not updated
53Kroniq Never Been FeebleDragonblight-EU1658Not updated
54Natanek Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1650Not updated
55Theoskillz TenacityDragonblight-EU1648Not updated
56Buzzie Lux MundiDragonblight-EU1647Not updated
57Massacred Forces of the AllianceDragonblight-EU1632Not updated
58Namuzus Knights Who Say NihDragonblight-EU1537Not updated
59Befsztyk InsurrectionDragonblight-EU1522Not updated
60Onemoon Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1515Not updated
61Decriha  Dragonblight-EU1466Not updated
62Shakîrã Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU1296Not updated
63Raineloire  Dragonblight-EU1151Not updated
63Mafik Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1151Not updated
63Nakedq Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1151Not updated
63Zurico Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU1151Not updated
67Jëel AscendedDragonblight-EU1137Not updated
68Flumpins Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU960Not updated
68Xaryme Never Been FeebleDragonblight-EU960Not updated
68Varrior Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU960Not updated
68Kikazaru Avant GardeDragonblight-EU960Not updated
72Certhon Alter EgoDragonblight-EU959Not updated
72Finckleburg Alter EgoDragonblight-EU959Not updated
72Fanvadvarmt Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU959Not updated
75Amaturk Knights Who Say NihDragonblight-EU954Not updated
76Luxina AscendedDragonblight-EU953Not updated
77Ketrish Whats in the boXDragonblight-EU952Not updated
78Tribalz IDEMISEDragonblight-EU768Not updated
78Mahowitt Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU768Not updated
78Mesomelas PreludeDragonblight-EU768Not updated
78Nubissh Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU768Not updated
78Jakubus Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU768Not updated
78Devsqt DisturbedDragonblight-EU768Not updated
84Ethanol Alter EgoDragonblight-EU767Not updated
85Hodgei Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Kalstrom Alter EgoDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Shàmeonyou Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Deturrhurr Whats in the boXDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Sagemode PreludeDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Septx Avant GardeDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Zendira Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Larizas AscendedDragonblight-EU576Not updated
85Klåparn Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU576Not updated
94Humanslayeer Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU575Not updated
95Ugruk O Brother Where Art ThouDragonblight-EU384Not updated
95Jupile AfterdawnDragonblight-EU384Not updated
95Musamba The KhalasarDragonblight-EU384Not updated
95Vauxlordey D A R K S I D EDragonblight-EU384Not updated
95Jlock InhlanganoDragonblight-EU384Not updated
95Omurtag Magista DraconisDragonblight-EU384Not updated

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