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Draenor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lastrite HereticDraenor-EU1691*
2Kiyohime HereticDraenor-EU1332*
3Lilbinx HereticDraenor-EU192*
4Mastafari HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Brozaka HereticDraenor-EU0*Not updated
4Snowgreen HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Allaicia HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Zulky HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Muttface HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Zulkee HereticDraenor-EU0*
4Winira HereticDraenor-EU0
4Firemancer HereticDraenor-EU0
4Cashpower HereticDraenor-EU0
4Santiano HereticDraenor-EU0
4Krøllz HereticDraenor-EU0
4Wildernezz HereticDraenor-EU0
4Ratharoth HereticDraenor-EU0
4Chubbychunks HereticDraenor-EU0
4Turr HereticDraenor-EU0
4Wilderchick HereticDraenor-EU0
4Smrtni HereticDraenor-EU0
4Sofftus HereticDraenor-EU0
4Onlyblue HereticDraenor-EU0
4Capthorde HereticDraenor-EU0
4Bropro HereticDraenor-EU0
4Mastafury HereticDraenor-EU0
4Tanachi HereticDraenor-EU0
4Callmemooi HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Elíìn HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Rebôrndudu HereticDraenor-EU0
4Akintar HereticDraenor-EU0
4Drifloon HereticDraenor-EU0
4Souleclipse HereticDraenor-EU0
4Soken HereticDraenor-EU0
4Yungue HereticDraenor-EU0
4Madeapally HereticDraenor-EU0
4Gripofdeath HereticDraenor-EU0
4Zlády HereticDraenor-EU0
4Rebôrn HereticDraenor-EU0
4Ónima HereticDraenor-EU0
4Roxos HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Greencannon HereticDraenor-EU0
4Omgholycow HereticDraenor-EU0
4Rezeran HereticDraenor-EU0
4Devilprayer HereticDraenor-EU0
4Xazmine HereticDraenor-EU0
4Zomgar HereticDraenor-EU0
4Brozerk HereticDraenor-EU0
4Sypherlock HereticDraenor-EU0
4Cenaria HereticDraenor-EU0
4Remssi HereticDraenor-EU0
4Restus HereticDraenor-EU0
4Kinosaur HereticDraenor-EU0
4Pryon HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Foxspirit HereticDraenor-EU0
4Brofty HereticDraenor-EU0
4Melanos HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Sypew HereticDraenor-EU0
4Fizzleclap HereticDraenor-EU0
4Cernunoss HereticDraenor-EU0
4Lillylock HereticDraenor-EU0
4Skonex HereticDraenor-EU0
4Dakkotta HereticDraenor-EU0
4Slixy HereticDraenor-EU0
4Goblinkich HereticDraenor-EU0
4Drehadaxa HereticDraenor-EU0
4Islana HereticDraenor-EU0Not updated
4Katiana HereticDraenor-EU0
4Zandalari HereticDraenor-EU0
4Jaylyn HereticDraenor-EU0
4Snootzel HereticDraenor-EU0
4Shinrei HereticDraenor-EU0
4Icehand HereticDraenor-EU0
4Tarji HereticDraenor-EU0
4Furonus HereticDraenor-EU0
4Stormbréaker HereticDraenor-EU0
4Cazzer HereticDraenor-EU0
4Brunshent HereticDraenor-EU0
4Shamoism HereticDraenor-EU0
4Yil HereticDraenor-EU0
4Yilliria HereticDraenor-EU0
4Namisha HereticDraenor-EU0
4Rángér HereticDraenor-EU0
4Todoca HereticDraenor-EU0
4Xenok HereticDraenor-EU0
4Shents HereticDraenor-EU0
4Littleforker HereticDraenor-EU0
4Fex HereticDraenor-EU0
4Orgo HereticDraenor-EU0
4Kemosabeh HereticDraenor-EU0
4Littlepanda HereticDraenor-EU0
4Sybila HereticDraenor-EU0
4Vigito HereticDraenor-EU0
4Sephwa HereticDraenor-EU0
4Salucas HereticDraenor-EU0
4Mastafurry HereticDraenor-EU0
4Adeloth HereticDraenor-EU0
4Zulkeh HereticDraenor-EU0
4Iceheal HereticDraenor-EU0
4Konex HereticDraenor-EU0

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