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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Draenor-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Kittypurry  Draenor-US2336
2Widowmaker FrescoDraenor-US2311Not updated
3Insanegoose FrescoDraenor-US2290
4Virit  Draenor-US2253
5Crazygoose Semi ProDraenor-US2207
6Dèsign  Draenor-US2200
7Design  Draenor-US2116Not updated
8Camadran  Draenor-US2046
9Skatersan Born To DieDraenor-US2036Not updated
10Fearndots Forged in GoldDraenor-US2032
11Beárbáus DisdainDraenor-US2011
12Pain  Draenor-US1998
13Gôku RenaissanceDraenor-US1989Not updated
14Aviand ReforgedDraenor-US1988
14Vrukor The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1988Not updated
16Ghost Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1976
17Grillzalld Follow MeDraenor-US1968
18Lkue KnightsØfTheßløødØathDraenor-US1967Not updated
19Tholair The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1960Not updated
20Sheyogorath Forged in GoldDraenor-US1953
21Varistea Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1945
22Wesmantooth Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1939
23Tsii Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1938
24Conmastertwo Archangels of HellDraenor-US1931Not updated
24Regandea Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1931
26Flipabird Bout to go HAMDraenor-US1929
27Baofah Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1924
28Dameprimus Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1922
29Pugnodeum Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1920
29Dilirium Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1920
31Sabriel Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1919
32Pops Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1909
32Erryg Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1909
34Asheet Follow MeDraenor-US1905
35Whitnie MightyDraenor-US1897
35Scento ReforgedDraenor-US1897Not updated
35Takethefist Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1897
38Allinavi The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1890Not updated
39Chaarlemegne InflictionDraenor-US1889Not updated
40Anonymity EruditeDraenor-US1881Not updated
41Bèast Team CarbonDraenor-US1876Not updated
42Mgandakidlat InflictionDraenor-US1875Not updated
43Rekkoned Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1873
44Warning InflictionDraenor-US1870Not updated
45Phidra DisdainDraenor-US1860
46Bogrash The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1858Not updated
47Firadin DisdainDraenor-US1856
48Invalidate Forged in GoldDraenor-US1855
49Buckangel DisdainDraenor-US1853
50Doofensmirtz Manifest DestinyDraenor-US1852
51Tendar  Draenor-US1839Not updated
52Itzchris Sons Of Anarchy ÐraenorDraenor-US1835Not updated
53Gutitout Follow MeDraenor-US1832
54Guttas Follow MeDraenor-US1829
55Skorian Trial and ErrorDraenor-US1826
56Mcskater Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US1825
56Icyunvme ReforgedDraenor-US1825
58Darkstun DarkshadeDraenor-US1820
59Jbones Follow MeDraenor-US1818
60Fèyd InflictionDraenor-US1817
61Gutlet Follow MeDraenor-US1815Not updated
62Vaxas ReforgedDraenor-US1814
63Raadagastt The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1811Not updated
64Sokzak Manifest DestinyDraenor-US1807
65Desímus Faceroll IncDraenor-US1800
66Geronemo MightyDraenor-US1798Not updated
67Aztraeus TorchwoodDraenor-US1796
67Vaxasus DisdainDraenor-US1796Not updated
69Mightynemo MightyDraenor-US1794
70Biggieuh The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US1793Not updated
71Redrevive RenaissanceDraenor-US1792Not updated
71Dorrian Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1792
73Phurious HomelessDraenor-US1786
74Xantharr Manifest DestinyDraenor-US1780
74Suppapaws DisdainDraenor-US1780
76Holydespair The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1779Not updated
77Jabberwakki Prompt CriticalDraenor-US1777Not updated
77Sprange ReforgedDraenor-US1777Not updated
79Weeweefacer  Draenor-US1767Not updated
80Wrecluses Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1766
81Fris DisdainDraenor-US1760
82Kattdåddy  Draenor-US1758Not updated
83Impulsivë Happy Funk BandDraenor-US1751
84Muertes The Imperial OrderDraenor-US1748Not updated
85Andriana ParadoxDraenor-US1747
85Crappface Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1747
87Bojook Practical MagicDraenor-US1745
88Elfieya MightyDraenor-US1737
89Farwolf DisdainDraenor-US1736
89Healthplan  Draenor-US1736Not updated
91Tuzzy JudgementDraenor-US1728Not updated
92Cicile DisdainDraenor-US1721
93Vtnick Eye of the TigerDraenor-US1708
94Methodlol Bout to go HAMDraenor-US1696
95Deathréaver Deja VuDraenor-US1695
96Krenlor Trial and ErrorDraenor-US1694
97Thedistance Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1689
98Ravagemike Sons Of Anarchy ÐraenorDraenor-US1688Not updated
99Wrecluse Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1676
100Lightsmiter HappyGoLuckyKillingCoDraenor-US1666

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