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Draenor-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Crazygoose Semi ProDraenor-US2075
2Design Faceroll IncDraenor-US1950
3Widowmaker FrescoDraenor-US1928
4Imakeumadbro FrescoDraenor-US1926
5Dèsign Faceroll IncDraenor-US1903
6Virit Faceroll IncDraenor-US1828Not updated
7Kittypurry Faceroll IncDraenor-US1820
8Phidra DisdainDraenor-US1773
9Grillzalld Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1757
10Gutitout Follow MeDraenor-US1752
11Healthplan CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1736
12Beárbáus DisdainDraenor-US1718
13Fresco FrescoDraenor-US1684
14Frostacus InflictionDraenor-US1674Not updated
15Suppapaws DisdainDraenor-US1667
16Farwolf DisdainDraenor-US1664
17Mcskater Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US1653
18Invalidate DisdainDraenor-US1648
19Sokzak CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1643
20Vaxas DisdainDraenor-US1622
21Geronemo MightyDraenor-US1621
21Gutlet Follow MeDraenor-US1621Not updated
23Buckangel DisdainDraenor-US1612
23Skaterdk Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US1612
25Aviand ReforgedDraenor-US1590
26Guttas Follow MeDraenor-US1583Not updated
27Tayquavious  Draenor-US1581
28Andriana ParadoxDraenor-US1573
29Fris DisdainDraenor-US1556
30Jbones Follow MeDraenor-US1553
30Scento ReforgedDraenor-US1553
32Vaxasus DisdainDraenor-US1540
33Rekkoned Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1539
33Biggieuh The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US1539Not updated
35Alouicious  Draenor-US1527
36Icyunvme ReforgedDraenor-US1514
36Itzchris FrescoDraenor-US1514
38Ðrunk Faceroll IncDraenor-US1508
39Redrevive RenaissanceDraenor-US1494Not updated
40Phurious HomelessDraenor-US1489
41Dulim Faceroll IncDraenor-US1467Not updated
42Lunchbox CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1435
43Volbeat Faceroll IncDraenor-US1426Not updated
44Tsii Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1393
45Mack Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1389
46Dameprimus Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1385
46Sabriel Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1385
48Erryg Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1384
48Pugnodeum Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1384
50Khtastea Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1380
51Dilirium Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1376
52Surikin Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1364
53Baofah Praetorian GuardDraenor-US1358
54Wmwmwmw CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1332
55Drivebye CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1312
56Nightkilr Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1302
56Thundr Follow MeDraenor-US1302Not updated
58Levarius CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1301
59Fahren ParadoxDraenor-US1290
60Ðistortion  Draenor-US1142Not updated
60Hasnofear CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US1142
62Wreclused Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1139
62Thedistance Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US1139
64Whitnie MightyDraenor-US1136Not updated
65Fluffybeard Straight to the topDraenor-US1133
66Kanrethåd HomelessDraenor-US1132
67Smashing DiscordDraenor-US958
67Gingerhunt  Draenor-US958Not updated
69Kazeijin ReforgedDraenor-US957
69Deviation Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US957
71Mightynemo MightyDraenor-US956Not updated
71Monhula DisdainDraenor-US956
73Canabiz Faceroll IncDraenor-US955Not updated
74Likeomg CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US951
75Pops Praetorian GuardDraenor-US866
76Propainis DiscordDraenor-US767
76Darkstun DarkshadeDraenor-US767Not updated
76Brewtality CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US767
76Mistiaa DiscordDraenor-US767
80Asheet Follow MeDraenor-US766Not updated
80Elfieya MightyDraenor-US766Not updated
80Skuggi ConsequenceDraenor-US766Not updated
80Kochiyama Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US766
84Cõrrupt Straight to the topDraenor-US765Not updated
85Gimlisonofjr The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US576Not updated
85Boltonator DisdainDraenor-US576
85Biggio The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US576
85Preye Faceroll IncDraenor-US576Not updated
85Kronas All ElementsDraenor-US576
85Käge ÄRKHÄMDraenor-US576
85Sashá Faceroll IncDraenor-US576
85Destroywow DarkshadeDraenor-US576Not updated
85Xanbriar  Draenor-US576Not updated
85Shöcker DEATH OF DEATHWINGDraenor-US576Not updated
85Zarosh Follow MeDraenor-US576Not updated
85Shammyammy Follow MeDraenor-US576Not updated
85Showkon Hells angel Heavens ScumDraenor-US576
98Defhunter Happy Funk BandDraenor-US575
98Joblok Semi ProDraenor-US575
98Dropinwood Follow MeDraenor-US575Not updated

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