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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bolanas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2471Not updated
2Meehaul Purple is a FruitDraenor-EU2331Not updated
3Pilsneren Sober KannibalsDraenor-EU2312Not updated
4Mangletrain ProminenceDraenor-EU2304Not updated
4Nåvíi AbsurdumDraenor-EU2304Not updated
6Viticus Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU2296Not updated
7Hyonra Boom TimeDraenor-EU2291Not updated
8Nalfy Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU2285Not updated
9Sythx Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU2269Not updated
10Punqt Old SchoolDraenor-EU2260Not updated
11Eiltis ErebosDraenor-EU2233Not updated
12Flaybach Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU2219Not updated
13Rekkiem AureusDraenor-EU2210Not updated
14Lonélywolf The AftermathDraenor-EU2204Not updated
15Chrisator Old SchoolDraenor-EU2190Not updated
16Hellokittyx ControversialDraenor-EU2173Not updated
17Karnatron Old SchoolDraenor-EU2137Not updated
18Cuteezy Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU2131Not updated
19Gogu ProminenceDraenor-EU2126Not updated
20Judgementz CrystalClearDraenor-EU2116Not updated
21Bloodrocuted Twisted SnakesDraenor-EU2112Not updated
22Monquito Blood and TearsDraenor-EU2085Not updated
23Dabuuw  Draenor-EU2049Not updated
23Satelol Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU2049Not updated
25Saurfangi InfamyDraenor-EU2043Not updated
26Gorrel Blood and TearsDraenor-EU2042Not updated
27Lifelord ErebosDraenor-EU2040Not updated
27Lyrenia Eat My CritDraenor-EU2040Not updated
27Dustty Knights of OstojaDraenor-EU2040Not updated
30Vitaminbwhat The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU2035Not updated
31Tabithar ExtensoDraenor-EU2034Not updated
32Morfiuz The horde stormtroopersDraenor-EU2029Not updated
33Lyriz Eat My CritDraenor-EU2025Not updated
34Lárise Blood and TearsDraenor-EU2022Not updated
34Nadabutsi Carnage IncDraenor-EU2022Not updated
36Stierherman Borderland LegionDraenor-EU2020Not updated
36Mcjoint a GuildDraenor-EU2020Not updated
38Puzsls The Forbidden FewDraenor-EU2019Not updated
39Boygeorged The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU2016Not updated
40Gârm Ambition UnboundDraenor-EU2015Not updated
41Bodies Usleben DiamantDraenor-EU2007Not updated
42Enthazer The Forbidden FewDraenor-EU2006Not updated
43Shífuu Blood and TearsDraenor-EU2005Not updated
44Topdollar Fluffy Toxic PandasDraenor-EU2004Not updated
45Silodin MystDraenor-EU2002Not updated
46Dzengiskhan The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU2001Not updated
47Nimrot Carnage IncDraenor-EU2000Not updated
47Orcanojunior Blood and TearsDraenor-EU2000Not updated
49Schönberg Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1998Not updated
49Flyléaf Endless MomentumDraenor-EU1998Not updated
51Erkin LuceDraenor-EU1994Not updated
52Sneakysneaky You Aint Seen BadBoys IIDraenor-EU1989Not updated
53Udietoo Atrum VeneficusDraenor-EU1988Not updated
54Hutor The Lost OblivionDraenor-EU1987Not updated
55Ziyola The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU1986Not updated
56Rhiv PurplesDraenor-EU1984Not updated
57Flxgon Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1982Not updated
58Apuleius Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1974Not updated
59Frísty Endless MomentumDraenor-EU1973Not updated
60Kéyan Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1968Not updated
61Petitpas HazardousDraenor-EU1967Not updated
61Góttcha Ashes To AshesDraenor-EU1967Not updated
63Cordozar HazardousDraenor-EU1966Not updated
63Emiliane HazardousDraenor-EU1966Not updated
65Balázio Eat My CritDraenor-EU1965Not updated
66Nyoken AureusDraenor-EU1964Not updated
66Kaiim Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU1964Not updated
68Critorus Wannabe GladsDraenor-EU1963Not updated
69Xinovos The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU1961Not updated
70Groktus HazardousDraenor-EU1959Not updated
71Competitíon Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1958Not updated
72Enezer HazardousDraenor-EU1956Not updated
73Wónga  Draenor-EU1950Not updated
74Sollersq AureusDraenor-EU1948Not updated
75Yogsy The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU1947Not updated
76Jamiryou The AtlasDraenor-EU1946Not updated
77Elvenfizz New EraDraenor-EU1941Not updated
78Namrod Phoenix FlameDraenor-EU1938Not updated
79Braios LucidDraenor-EU1937Not updated
80Vesherxo LELZ SMØKEDDraenor-EU1936Not updated
80Sotapupu HazardousDraenor-EU1936Not updated
82Íroko InfamyDraenor-EU1934Not updated
83Lizui Blood and TearsDraenor-EU1931Not updated
84Palaven Eye of the TiggerDraenor-EU1929Not updated
85Napastnik THIS IS ORGRIMMARDraenor-EU1927Not updated
86Thundérbuddy New World OrderDraenor-EU1925Not updated
87Sámu THIS IS ORGRIMMARDraenor-EU1923Not updated
87Vitaminbyo The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU1923Not updated
89Dares  Draenor-EU1918Not updated
90Dangerzoné Endless MomentumDraenor-EU1914Not updated
90Firéstartér LELZ SMØKEDDraenor-EU1914Not updated
92Unevil High TreasonDraenor-EU1912Not updated
93Mischmetal LuceDraenor-EU1908Not updated
94Nabru Stance Dance RevolutionDraenor-EU1905Not updated
94Muhammadalí The Lost ChapterDraenor-EU1905Not updated
96Blúf Stance Dance RevolutionDraenor-EU1904Not updated
96Dakushisai LuceDraenor-EU1904Not updated
96Mindhaste HazardousDraenor-EU1904Not updated
99Julia NeotericDawnDraenor-EU1903Not updated
100Oganad Actus DeiDraenor-EU1900Not updated

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