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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Jcvandamme Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU2494Not updated
2Kylanix FrenzyDoomhammer-EU2219Not updated
3Tiitubis Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU2143Not updated
4Meleeoff Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU2141Not updated
5Tréndam IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU2022Not updated
6Delonna Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1994Not updated
7Kylanic CarnageDoomhammer-EU1948Not updated
8Ridez Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1934Not updated
9Pepe ProhibicjaDoomhammer-EU1903Not updated
10Celethia IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU1902Not updated
11Tractor Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU1856Not updated
12Greavius The Boondock SaintsDoomhammer-EU1845Not updated
13Dents Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU1824Not updated
14Swáín Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1823Not updated
15Thepopé Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1798Not updated
16Ashkandi Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU1795Not updated
17Mágnesium Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1781Not updated
18Torrentino IncendiaDoomhammer-EU1776Not updated
19Wildthog ConvictionDoomhammer-EU1760Not updated
20Criixxus For The WinDoomhammer-EU1743Not updated
21Ramzaq ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU1740Not updated
22Qartvelo RequiemDoomhammer-EU1731Not updated
23Ebayde Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1720Not updated
24Rageboris Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU1708Not updated
25Sausaginator Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1689Not updated
26Verco Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU1684Not updated
27Eroika Vice VersaDoomhammer-EU1679Not updated
28Aedelas Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1672Not updated
29Nicksolame Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1663Not updated
30Speedclaw Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1629Not updated
31Zwiftch The Hordes FinestDoomhammer-EU1624Not updated
32Schumák The Hordes FinestDoomhammer-EU1557Not updated
33Coopert Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU1553Not updated
34Lilmoo The Hordes FinestDoomhammer-EU1537Not updated
35Pravity Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU1524Not updated
36Bowchicka  Doomhammer-EU1521Not updated
37Icecreame Astral WalkersDoomhammer-EU1503Not updated
38Shomshom Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU1491Not updated
39Blaasters IncendiaDoomhammer-EU1480Not updated
40Harosh Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1468Not updated
41Leyo  Doomhammer-EU1438Not updated
42Haat IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU1343Not updated
43Vyper Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1333Not updated
44Syykkeli DiceDoomhammer-EU1151Not updated
45Kakie  Doomhammer-EU1150Not updated
46Tonyblade ConvictionDoomhammer-EU1145Not updated
46Ocieda EqualizeDoomhammer-EU1145Not updated
46Loanshark Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU1145Not updated
49Tiitux Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU768Not updated
49Namedoesntfi Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU768Not updated
51Imotekh In Search For SunriseDoomhammer-EU767Not updated
52Gotmjölk Absolute VictoryDoomhammer-EU766Not updated
53Zirciel Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU765Not updated
54Nancyqt Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Obsidian IncendiaDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Aksana Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Davit CarnageDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Centrifuge ConvictionDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Trunten  Doomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Wozm Defenders of BloodwatchDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Prîestitute Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Magth Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
54Wolfiehunt CarnageDoomhammer-EU576Not updated
64Killallt Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU384Not updated
64Mcleodclan Knights of the BlackroseDoomhammer-EU384Not updated
64Powerwielder The Mole GroundDoomhammer-EU384Not updated
64Mouth Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU384Not updated
64Natheas Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU384Not updated
69Haatx IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Doccie Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Ozymaandius RequiemDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Kissa The Company Of HeroesDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Shadowmix The Guild of FreedomDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Gargarov  Doomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Dodgeydoddy Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Malphius The Company Of HeroesDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Haimuul Intrepid SocietyDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Vuilnisbak VigilantesDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Hildagarde Intrepid SocietyDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Gabrella RequiemDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Supridps RequiemDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Tacco Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Dariuz DiceDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Sankta Vice VersaDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Rox ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Flugga SelectedDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Skygg DiceDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Tankione DiceDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Disclexia Enough Is EnoughDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Shearl Alea Iacta EstDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Ihasarrow Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Babyfacedk  Doomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Blatblat Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Totemtic  Doomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Haát IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Dérríck IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Lavadoll CarnageDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
69Dòtjob Ex CineribusDoomhammer-EU192Not updated
99Zíri Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU42Not updated
100Paok InevitableDoomhammer-EU0Not updated

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