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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Detheroc-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Yagamoth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US2101Not updated
2Baddad The War LordsDetheroc-US1779Not updated
3Pram Legends of ExileDetheroc-US1740Not updated
4Tartha Just ChillinDetheroc-US1724Not updated
5Pàngzi Legends of ExileDetheroc-US1707Not updated
6Noyou Frostwolf ClanDetheroc-US576Not updated
7Sikorski The Other GuysDetheroc-US384Not updated
7Nekrosiss SufferDetheroc-US384Not updated
7Gamonjr Short Bus RaidersDetheroc-US384Not updated
7Triod The Other GuysDetheroc-US384Not updated
11Vissel SufferDetheroc-US192Not updated
11Finalgodfury SufferDetheroc-US192Not updated
11Sygroth  Detheroc-US192Not updated
11Kraytoz Short Bus RaidersDetheroc-US192Not updated
11Oisian  Detheroc-US192Not updated
11Saluman Legends of ExileDetheroc-US192Not updated
11Bärjuden Legends of ExileDetheroc-US192Not updated
11Deviilgirl Tooned UpDetheroc-US192Not updated
19Jazzymom momsguildDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Meridith cadenceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Destroe M E R C SDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Magicltrevor SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Magellan SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Umbras The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Themoosh SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Greenebud Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Heist SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Hoorde  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Kaays  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Justus SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Erie Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Yasmy Hordeland SecurityDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Slimbot The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Lolirayp  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Shangroulie Minions of MugatuDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Goullet SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Tieris  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Geo SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Robspierre SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Killiansred SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Zøned The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Hamßurgler Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Weiden Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Colt The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Streppy SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Sackofkittys Show Me Your CritsDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Helwyai Minions of MugatuDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Opassa DirtRoad DemiGodsDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Coquet Pet SauceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Raukawa Team IIDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Mandallis SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Kaemi  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Fusionz Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Smoogg Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Nokomanida  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Agradeleous Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Saintly Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Renjii SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Stormsshadow M E R C SDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Nykl  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Zugdar Team IIDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Savannahlol SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Woodzor Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Labaronne M E R C SDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Kronith The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Mastro  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Reapthis Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Innoue  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Zoduras Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Sackofpuppys Show Me Your CritsDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Dizzydude The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Naixx  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Knows  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Starkiller Show Me Your CritsDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Holysmhow Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Undeadjim The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Kigallar Savage BloodDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Crazydevil  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Corb SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Leetan Team IIDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Boogerfart Pet SauceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Zapharno The Dark MenaceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Hexzzilla The Other GuysDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Waltintall Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Clochette Pet SauceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Rööster Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Saikicrimson Savage BloodDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Colombian  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Chaman Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Geminil Savage BloodDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Komish UndauntedDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Ladiboi Pet SauceDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Celebhil SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Celastia  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Fabiox Twisted DreamsDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Healsfordead TreasonDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Korali Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Spraypaint  Detheroc-US0Not updated
19Zarken SufferDetheroc-US0Not updated
19Ghanx Tooned UpDetheroc-US0Not updated

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