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Detheroc-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Meanmuggin The Other GuysDetheroc-US1930
2Caliwarrior A Grim DemiseDetheroc-US1924
3Trëësus  Detheroc-US1868
4Yagamoth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US1866
5Fullofbull Just ChillinDetheroc-US1852
6Tripleog Savage BloodDetheroc-US1815
7Blazingangel Legends of ExileDetheroc-US1805
8Deyasolejd The CooksDetheroc-US1742
9Pram Legends of ExileDetheroc-US1740
10Tartha Just ChillinDetheroc-US1724
11Pàngzi Legends of ExileDetheroc-US1707
12Dalamaarr S E V E NDetheroc-US1703
13Hoz SufferDetheroc-US1700
14Clique MirageDetheroc-US1514
15Nunchakus Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US1338
16Shárkeisha EtherealDetheroc-US1328
17Jibzy OverlappedDetheroc-US1148
18Buttersnips Savage BloodDetheroc-US1147
19Bramabull Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US768Not updated
19Dripz SufferDetheroc-US768
19Nomansland  Detheroc-US768Not updated
19Shimz OverlappedDetheroc-US768
19Lockdnloaded The Other GuysDetheroc-US768
24Deathgripz OverlappedDetheroc-US767
24Mummrah The Other GuysDetheroc-US767
26Ámarae  Detheroc-US576
26Lunchqt  Detheroc-US576
26Zeroacumen The Other GuysDetheroc-US576
26Lègion NecroticDetheroc-US576
26Dwizzy IronbornDetheroc-US576
26Nouddersforu Just ChillinDetheroc-US576
26Imedicate Tooned UpDetheroc-US576
33Nekrosiss SufferDetheroc-US384
33Sikorski The Other GuysDetheroc-US384
33Sarkhanvol  Detheroc-US384
33Doublepenny SufferDetheroc-US384
33Monstermonk Savage BloodDetheroc-US384
33Dotyobooty  Detheroc-US384Not updated
33Meagro The Other GuysDetheroc-US384
33Dyelonn Tooned UpDetheroc-US384
33Hiero ExiledDetheroc-US384
33Aelirya The Other GuysDetheroc-US384
33Checkdmg OverlappedDetheroc-US384
33Triod The Other GuysDetheroc-US384
45Vissel SufferDetheroc-US192
45Revi OverlappedDetheroc-US192Not updated
45Finalgodfury SufferDetheroc-US192
45Blackmirage The War LordsDetheroc-US192Not updated
45Guavara KarmaDetheroc-US192
45Softly The Other GuysDetheroc-US192
45Redsonyaa The Other GuysDetheroc-US192
45Swanga The Fellowship of HerosDetheroc-US192
45Shanerae SufferDetheroc-US192
45Hamiltron OverlappedDetheroc-US192
45Shanegreen SufferDetheroc-US192
45Oisian The Other GuysDetheroc-US192
45Saluman Legends of ExileDetheroc-US192
45Voräk The War LordsDetheroc-US192
45Araene  Detheroc-US192Not updated
45Bärjuden Legends of ExileDetheroc-US192
45Kolli Deemed InappropriateDetheroc-US192Not updated
45Wtfpwntlol  Detheroc-US192
45Nataylia NecroticDetheroc-US192
45Namazu Savage BloodDetheroc-US192
45Apostle Savage BloodDetheroc-US192
45Kakarøt Savage BloodDetheroc-US192
67Typhoean Overeems Horse FarmDetheroc-US0
67Sinistertech  Detheroc-US0
67Papamomex BloodbathDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Froshbyte Trailer Park BoyzDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Aspects SufferDetheroc-US0
67Ryustar SufferDetheroc-US0
67Evos SufferDetheroc-US0
67Chyeaitsphbk The Other GuysDetheroc-US0
67Euphela RHOTDetheroc-US0
67Zoep EtherealDetheroc-US0
67Oteris S E V E NDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Magicltrevor SufferDetheroc-US0
67Magellan SufferDetheroc-US0
67Bootleg  Detheroc-US0Not updated
67Drummon Twisted DreamsDetheroc-US0
67Lapudecora Show Me Your CritsDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Murtox I Gargle MayonnaiseDetheroc-US0
67Umbras The Other GuysDetheroc-US0
67Moejojo  Detheroc-US0Not updated
67Kalebale Just ChillinDetheroc-US0
67Greenebud Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0
67Googig OverlappedDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Heist SufferDetheroc-US0
67Mzspellz momsguildDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Dangerous GravediggerDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Niruk Legends of ExileDetheroc-US0
67Obvioustroll UndauntedDetheroc-US0
67Verdrad Spec to KillDetheroc-US0
67Mindgames The Other GuysDetheroc-US0
67Gravedigger GravediggerDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Valrøk SufferDetheroc-US0
67Lightyouup Invalid TargetDetheroc-US0Not updated
67Hoorde  Detheroc-US0
67Justus SufferDetheroc-US0

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