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Destromath-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Warzock  Destromath-EU2051Not updated
2Kitkobra  Destromath-EU1923Not updated
3Bustler ImmortalDestromath-EU1880Not updated
4Puerta ImmortalDestromath-EU1857Not updated
5Pewpewlaserq BamEYDestromath-EU1813Not updated
6Nedra  Destromath-EU1809Not updated
7Maliw  Destromath-EU1798Not updated
8Bartolome Ten doomed DudesDestromath-EU1781Not updated
9Kæde  Destromath-EU1775Not updated
10Liqûid Asche des PhönixDestromath-EU1753
11Barté Ten doomed DudesDestromath-EU1675Not updated
12Oqalorak Silent HillDestromath-EU1664Not updated
13Deathrenger ImmortalDestromath-EU1559Not updated
14Blackagony Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU1489Not updated
15Gojiro THE LEGION OF THE HORDEDestromath-EU1471Not updated
16Malakayin  Destromath-EU1470Not updated
17Syntrax Old BonezDestromath-EU765Not updated
18Knille  Destromath-EU576Not updated
19Saps Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU384Not updated
19Rocksólid Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU384Not updated
19Sincyla Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU384Not updated
19Earthhat  Destromath-EU384Not updated
19Deepkill WOWSZENEDestromath-EU384Not updated
19Takaar FeârDestromath-EU384Not updated
25Mörderpúppe DreadnightDestromath-EU192Not updated
25Jaken  Destromath-EU192Not updated
25Shaddowpain Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU192Not updated
25Bløødydead Easey ModeDestromath-EU192Not updated
29Gretzky Flying ShrimpDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Badehan  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Redagony Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Wotang  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Ohno Kalimdors BündnisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Rhâgé CarboniteDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Anathéma Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Ejana  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Uluru braucht GoldDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Nymphadorâ  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Bartobartus SteinmetzeDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Avaax Old BonezDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Coniptionz NoFearDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Câtwómân Asche des PhönixDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Ohyes Kalimdors BündnisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Quenthen  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Cronik SteinmetzeDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Leeko CongregoDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Shrinx  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Anyre  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Sønix  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Delfina Viribus UnitisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Tiberus  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Sarosh  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Jlo  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Tattoó Nordische GeisterDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Maisha Kalimdors BündnisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Mandai Whyne Wipe und GesangDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Namì BAF SturmrächerDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Astirius  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Selki Asche des PhönixDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Zangetsû CarboniteDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Flxbang NTADestromath-EU0Not updated
29Alekz  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Holybria  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Splish Kalimdors BündnisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Onetokill BAF SturmrächerDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Aykka RiseDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Verticale InPanicDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Raytos Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Kenran pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Elstra Engel der ApokalypseDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Amazzone TnTDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Scorched braucht GoldDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Raelya Old BonezDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Noyd  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Abî DedicatedDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Erthjra Sword ArtDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Naomilady Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Largis Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Bèn ImmortalDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Synz  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Feyj SinworiDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Flyfii  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Rexxus ParAnoIADestromath-EU0Not updated
29Chàgal ImmortalDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Tènébrae  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Pastja braucht GoldDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Daknille  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Hogrew SinworiDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Rorhalingor pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Dràki On SightDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Bartolômeus Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Meduras Viribus UnitisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Xers Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Salizade  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Clînch Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Daijal  Destromath-EU0Not updated
29Lôtte Viribus UnitisDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Arthjra Legendaries of WarcraftDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Abüstrasza DedicatedDestromath-EU0Not updated
29Knak  Destromath-EU0Not updated

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