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Destromath-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mendicantx  Destromath-US2199
2Kanake RuffRidersDestromath-US2193
3Falco LETS GODestromath-US2085
4Bellybella StatusDestromath-US2053
5Heed Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US2044
5Heathul  Destromath-US2044
7Darkxbull the BubblewrappedDestromath-US2038
8Saellol Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US2019
9Ill LETS GODestromath-US2013
10Falcolol LETS GODestromath-US2009
11Mortsubite Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US2008
12Pulserifle LETS GODestromath-US2000
13Heilaunia LETS GODestromath-US1997
14Nahmean LETS GODestromath-US1991
15Zeroskill Imaginary FriendsDestromath-US1985
16Iloveham LETS GODestromath-US1976
17Bandrewk Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US1973
18Ræper  Destromath-US1961
19Précision  Destromath-US1959Not updated
20Ekco LETS GODestromath-US1956
21Decadens War Is The AnswerDestromath-US1951
22Coolstorybro Bare MinimumDestromath-US1949
23Healzmum SabbatumDestromath-US1948
24Chilvibes Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1947
25Lolusucknerd Bare MinimumDestromath-US1935
26Xbubs Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1916
26Chillimane Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1916
28Soycazador Gnomeland SecurityDestromath-US1911
29Healingham LETS GODestromath-US1908
30Xdubz Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1902
31Colefox RuffRidersDestromath-US1897
32Astator The Dark KingdomDestromath-US1895Not updated
33Xadeus Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1893
34Miepmiep  Destromath-US1888
34Lonks LETS GODestromath-US1888
36Twobucks  Destromath-US1884
37Purixx Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1873
38Flecko  Destromath-US1870Not updated
39Surm  Destromath-US1858
40Purexz Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1853
41Xadious Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1852
42Doubletreble Kalamitous IntentDestromath-US1844
43Wolvespride DelusionalDestromath-US1843
43Roguebob Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US1843
45Lewnee LETS GODestromath-US1841
46Bektok XccelerationDestromath-US1834
47Aberrax LETS GODestromath-US1830
48Gerolyonse  Destromath-US1829
49Heilkrieger LETS GODestromath-US1824
50Rabor  Destromath-US1823
51Luchoxvato Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US1820Not updated
52Luchoxmaton Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US1819Not updated
52Xbows Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1819
54Greylyth  Destromath-US1818
55Juriko  Destromath-US1812
56Champiowns Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US1810
56Scabingwound  Destromath-US1810
58Pjuice  Destromath-US1809
59 The Dark KingdomDestromath-US1807
60Ogrush LETS GODestromath-US1803
61Undeathknite  Destromath-US1797
62Luchovatoelf Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US1796
63Hiroyuki  Destromath-US1795
63Luchito Ninjabread MenDestromath-US1795
65Doedoedoedoe Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US1793
66Alman Got It From The GuildDestromath-US1787
67Brokenangel PinkBird MentaLinstituteDestromath-US1783
68Chilloutt Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1780
69Hölly HardcodedDestromath-US1771
70Kitistra Emerald RainDestromath-US1769
71Krazykat Got It From The GuildDestromath-US1768
72Preclude  Destromath-US1766Not updated
72Backstabyou RuffRidersDestromath-US1766
74Holybooty Got It From The GuildDestromath-US1757
75Darkhershey LETS GODestromath-US1755
76Pulque No Achievements RequiredDestromath-US1754
77Xbluntz Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1752
78Epoxy Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US1747
79Bob Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US1746
80Drakonus XccelerationDestromath-US1741
81Oneblood  Destromath-US1740
81Princjoffreÿ Geeks UnleashedDestromath-US1740
83Samantha  Destromath-US1733
84Shambones Got It From The GuildDestromath-US1730
85Hennekos Emerald RainDestromath-US1729
85Akumaa RuffRidersDestromath-US1729
87Saellolx LETS GODestromath-US1727
87Xadiouz Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1727
89Veder No Achievements RequiredDestromath-US1711
90Rocklêe SabbatumDestromath-US1706Not updated
91Xadeuz Rules of BusinessDestromath-US1704Not updated
92Swindel The Cake Is A LieDestromath-US1698
92Kiteya Premature EvocationDestromath-US1698
94Vitry RuffRidersDestromath-US1696
94Cättleclysm WarhavenDestromath-US1696
96Matoporpesos Ninjabread MenDestromath-US1693
96Guyturcotte RuffRidersDestromath-US1693
98Æpicheals  Destromath-US1689
98Clappon LETS GODestromath-US1689
100Zulcruel War Is The AnswerDestromath-US1688Not updated

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