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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Destromath-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Irae pRophecyDestromath-EU2336Not updated
2Caladanbruth Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU2252Not updated
3Vemmo Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU2188Not updated
4Morygan FVCKBlTCHESGETMONEYDestromath-EU2162Not updated
5Talectra Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU2106Not updated
6Krute Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU2104Not updated
7Vemma  Destromath-EU2103Not updated
8Morten RaH XephonDestromath-EU2080Not updated
9Kellanved Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU2027Not updated
10Tyranica pRophecyDestromath-EU2011Not updated
11Lockybalboa pRophecyDestromath-EU2000Not updated
12Zayres The Born ChaosDestromath-EU1981Not updated
13Asterios RaH XephonDestromath-EU1973Not updated
14Anomander Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU1954Not updated
15Frostitute  Destromath-EU1935Not updated
16Blistig Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU1896Not updated
17Swintus SpartaDestromath-EU1805Not updated
18Trieorena HeretícDestromath-EU1618Not updated
19Aiela Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU1500Not updated
20Krònos  Destromath-EU1467Not updated
21Oblaty Endzeit BCDestromath-EU1415Not updated
22Zéuzz FeârDestromath-EU1326Not updated
23Faulx Twenty Inches UnbuffedDestromath-EU960Not updated
23Shinao BoandlkramerDestromath-EU960Not updated
25Erada THE LEGION OF THE HORDEDestromath-EU959Not updated
26Shádowblade  Destromath-EU953Not updated
27Deadlyfail Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU768Not updated
27Takuja pRophecyDestromath-EU768Not updated
27Creolén Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU768Not updated
30Lassa contaminatedDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Knille Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Elayoè Northern Lights TeamDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Telkar Doomhammers ErbenDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Gîmlì Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Mesaria Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU576Not updated
30Ironsam Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU576Not updated
37Øuray HeretícDestromath-EU384Not updated
37Wassermann no brain just PAINDestromath-EU384Not updated
37Reznap Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU384Not updated
37Nekto Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU384Not updated
37Fußnagelz pRophecyDestromath-EU384Not updated
42Dieforme Night Raiders EliteDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Robino FeârDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Pharynx Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Yomi pRophecyDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Vertyxx Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Êisenfaust Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Gnominati Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Florentine Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Artruya FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Canistro ZwergenWeitwurfCrewDestromath-EU192Not updated
42Jah Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU192Not updated
53Matyra pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Lílip contaminatedDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Iza Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Lampe Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Krônôs Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Machdichkalt Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Halasta FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Badehan FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Deathlexus Flame onDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Madago Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Tojin FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Wotang TheDevilsRejectsDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Budokai pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Elyst pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Vardek Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Calemlya Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Nachtgestalt Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Wolfdragon pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Muecke pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Sharybdis FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Zegema Primal LegionDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Bugsy untouchableDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Pharmagirl Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Zloy Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Anuzgomez SinworiDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Drcrushi Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Miyá Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Xaví Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Cranks Brood BeretsDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Xarxus Two Steps From HellDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Zenec untouchableDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Cruzander pRophecyDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Kamonas Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Jares Brood BeretsDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Parac FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Kankaja Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Grompf Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Annun Possum sed NoloDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Largas Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Imân Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Leeko CongregoDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Ranco dóGmàDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Ragnarâ Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Nod spec pro painDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Kenway PatchworkDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Anyre TheDevilsRejectsDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Zwölfer A few good menDestromath-EU0Not updated
53Oxmox untouchableDestromath-EU0Not updated

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