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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dentarg-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Sneakytoon ConsiderationDentarg-EU2269
2Fluffytoon ConsiderationDentarg-EU2136
3Loonytoon ConsiderationDentarg-EU2082
4Bagraa StiffDentarg-EU2046Not updated
5Exzari ArbetarklasskillarDentarg-EU1919Not updated
6Kunoíchí  Dentarg-EU1915
7Überpalahala The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU1894Not updated
8Seema Red CrossDentarg-EU1889Not updated
9Dizzytoon ConsiderationDentarg-EU1868
10Hérmione Raging PandaDentarg-EU1825
11Eternalblue Red CrossDentarg-EU1819
12Mikru  Dentarg-EU1818Not updated
13Tlalóc ConsiderationDentarg-EU1806Not updated
13Grahztark Stark IndustriesDentarg-EU1806
15Cili No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU1805Not updated
16Dekio The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU1793
17Arrógancé  Dentarg-EU1771Not updated
18Mainerd DarkRebellionDentarg-EU1768Not updated
19Norya Red CrossDentarg-EU1756Not updated
20Hallonsaft The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU1724
21Capidextre The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU1608Not updated
22Peemanbaws Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU1593Not updated
23Vahshe PenanceDentarg-EU1478Not updated
24Luxíous ConsiderationDentarg-EU1323Not updated
25Catafist PenanceDentarg-EU1149
26Cosanzeana Pui de DacDentarg-EU1140Not updated
26Alinuta Pui de DacDentarg-EU1140Not updated
28Starfall ConsiderationDentarg-EU768
28Stromcek MugetsuDentarg-EU768Not updated
30Syfus The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU767
30Âzyl PenanceDentarg-EU767Not updated
30Snejävel Bad OmenDentarg-EU767Not updated
33Myria Lazy PeonsDentarg-EU763
34Torture Chaos TheoryDentarg-EU576Not updated
34Yales  Dentarg-EU576Not updated
34Darión Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU576Not updated
34Flïm PenanceDentarg-EU576Not updated
38Zmajcina Night BirdsDentarg-EU575Not updated
38Thaó Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU575
40Ulath Bad OmenDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Spellman ConsiderationDentarg-EU384
40Blacktori Limited EditîonDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Dróódu ConsiderationDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Angeles ConsiderationDentarg-EU384
40Tjején Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU384
40Gromak Eat My CritDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Cataclyst PenanceDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Glacias ConsiderationDentarg-EU384
40Tsome StiffDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Scintilla ConsiderationDentarg-EU384
40Giannelli Limited EditîonDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Lorellas Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU384Not updated
40Fasthealz The PrestigeDentarg-EU384
40Kwery ConsiderationDentarg-EU384
55Scrubdownx Bad OmenDentarg-EU222Not updated
56Cuk Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU192
56Martinjan  Dentarg-EU192
56Mixell ConsiderationDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Mëòwxqtxpürr Bad OmenDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Zeletrok  Dentarg-EU192Not updated
56Misslyckad ConsiderationDentarg-EU192
56Danasia elixyrDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Hunterpsin The Select FewDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Gambino DarkRebellionDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Roktarg The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU192
56Cmike ConsiderationDentarg-EU192
56Flim PenanceDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Armagêddon CSI UndercityDentarg-EU192
56Nomesexi ConsiderationDentarg-EU192
56Shamaney Old SkoolDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Kazmak  Dentarg-EU192Not updated
56Phimous Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Suomipala The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Krésnik ConsiderationDentarg-EU192
56Splungeblob TemptedDentarg-EU192
56Racakej Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Sicarious No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Feár No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Punkßlaster PenanceDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Waiguoren Avatar TrustDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Cilil Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU192
56Drullesix Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU192
56Jaybø elixyrDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Bladethrill The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU192Not updated
56Ellyana ConsiderationDentarg-EU192
56Ianuaria TemptedDentarg-EU192Not updated
87Astrup  Dentarg-EU0Not updated
87Slic Gryph RidersDentarg-EU0
87Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU0
87Bigtwink Avatar TrustDentarg-EU0Not updated
87Atena PenanceDentarg-EU0
87Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU0
87Iyura ConsiderationDentarg-EU0
87Yashik ConsiderationDentarg-EU0
87Sharpshott  Dentarg-EU0
87Sledgehammer Night BirdsDentarg-EU0Not updated
87Peter BGZBankDentarg-EU0Not updated
87Horhan ConsiderationDentarg-EU0
87Tectonics  Dentarg-EU0
87Thamas No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU0Not updated

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