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Defias Brotherhood-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Whompin BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2476
2Acryas Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU2416
3Usera BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2395
4Shýlâstÿlêz ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2320
5Kittyxoqt The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2316
6Everloong MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2305
7Nojiri ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2284
8Woogar ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2244
9Élor BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2243
10Barryzwife ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2237
11Erwika ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2231
11Inzíght BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2231
13Luxí ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2226
13Haden ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2226
15Morkom ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2225
16Fluffles ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2223
16Tyraa ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2223
18Rotweasley  Defias Brotherhood-EU2221
19Clefable ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2184
20Vladimir ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2175
20Akna ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2175
22Merekx MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2174
23Drinox The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2168
24Bérr ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2156
25Absftw SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU2153
26Vidur DominionDefias Brotherhood-EU2151
27Deminshera MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2145
28Vaguelan MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2142
29Rendmeister MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2140
30Laqu MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2137
31Spearion MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2136
32Idarani KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU2131
33Ice MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2128
34Kravh ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2126
34Gandrok MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2126
36Haos ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2125
37Anticlimax MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2124
37Deverian The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2124
39Braxbro ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2114
40Jígglypuff BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2113
41Cerad  Defias Brotherhood-EU2111
42Thaze The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2108
43Zyxó Guild of HahehihoDefias Brotherhood-EU2107
44Lanak The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2106
44Harloc MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2106
44Gascoigne MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2106
47Kastle The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2105
48Lucounu The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2104
49Yellowhoof ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2103
50Hundkarusell ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2101
51Parztr ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2100
51Káhu The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2100
53Treenaa The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2094
53Skaró The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2094
53Dominion The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2094
53Oromes The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2094
53Forbeyance The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2094
58Firzen The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2093
59Windhawkz The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU2091
60Ceireen ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2090
61Parting The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2084
62Leida The Typhoon StruggleDefias Brotherhood-EU2079
63Avylon The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2077
64ßlessed MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2075
65Holyskurt ResurgenceDefias Brotherhood-EU2074
66Skuopi DominionDefias Brotherhood-EU2073
67Felesia  Defias Brotherhood-EU2072
68Turbotrine BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2071
68Fidgeyo BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2071
70Arougar La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU2068
71Hawk Vengeful MidnightDefias Brotherhood-EU2065
72Pharsalita The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2061
72Rothfuss MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2061
74Narokk The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2060
75Sickgrip ArcliteDefias Brotherhood-EU2056
76Êverloong MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2055
77Kasmár MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2054
77Saedine The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2054
77Muthael  Defias Brotherhood-EU2054Not updated
80Devilísh MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2052
80Macburst La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU2052
80Nexelene The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU2052
83Narac La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU2051
83Nexis MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2051
85Lensai The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2049
86Xawna BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU2047
86Ayahüasca MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2047
88Khelejandro Vengeful MidnightDefias Brotherhood-EU2046
88Djwizardqt The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2046
90Kiachi The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2044
91Noqq MythDefias Brotherhood-EU2043
92Unbreakablé ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU2042
92Tootica ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2042
94Specs The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2041
94Ariel La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU2041
94Primule The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2041
97Moontart The VanquishersDefias Brotherhood-EU2034
98Klobbahxyz ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU2032
98Klobbah  Defias Brotherhood-EU2032
100Amped The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU2031

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