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Deathwing-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Rettickins Quit Your JobDeathwing-US2210
2Toughlove The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2156
2Sorrz TearsDeathwing-US2156
4Víndicated PúlseDeathwing-US2126
5Rettickun Quit Your JobDeathwing-US2124
6Kyronics GGDeathwing-US2098
7Jerkwar The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2095
8Lamsauce The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2073
9Twodots The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2070
10Gardex TheoryDeathwing-US2066
11Cloudhoof Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2065
12Mondorr The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2063
13Lycanist SnäppedDeathwing-US2057
14Lovey The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2056
14Shatterx FarmersDeathwing-US2056
16Vizõr The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2047
17Almightyglo  Deathwing-US2046
17Sforza Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2046
19Manifestó The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2038
20Jerklek The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2034
20Vizhorn Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2034
22Gardem TheoryDeathwing-US2032
23Vixy GGDeathwing-US2031
24Roveenya Quit Your JobDeathwing-US2029
24Permablaza The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2029
26Tubber The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2026
27Gardez TheoryDeathwing-US2022
27Drifden Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2022
29Rootoholic The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2021
30Oxycotyn StrategyDeathwing-US2018
31Kennadie Gimmie Yo Lunch MoniesDeathwing-US2017Not updated
31Retickuity Quit Your JobDeathwing-US2017
33Cowfish The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US2014
33Tufflove Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2014
35Smashbashn SnäppedDeathwing-US2008
36Fallendruid TDCcrueDeathwing-US2004
37Treemanm Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2000
37Steezbro World ChampionsDeathwing-US2000
39Trollololul  Deathwing-US1999
40Châosbringêr The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1993
41Kändy SnäppedDeathwing-US1992
42Illdotyouson Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1991
43Spårtan  Deathwing-US1990
43Bambooya The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1990
45Pichulon The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1988
46Judë SnäppedDeathwing-US1986
47Omegachi The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1985
48Furiousfynch Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1979
49Fuziion  Deathwing-US1978
49Vykaro The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1978
51Antwerpen Quit Your JobDeathwing-US1973
52Tohoshi SnäppedDeathwing-US1969
53Trinadie Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1968
54Tyrone World ChampionsDeathwing-US1964
55Twosticks hey im badDeathwing-US1960
56Holys Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1957
57Chrosis ExhaustionDeathwing-US1955
58Protoplasm Æquîtas IncDeathwing-US1953
59Tyrodus ExhaustionDeathwing-US1950
60Twohard World ChampionsDeathwing-US1949
61Skullsfury Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1947
62Rheapr The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1944
62Rettickyz SnäppedDeathwing-US1944
64Cowdog The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1940
65Version World ChampionsDeathwing-US1935
65Slamoholic The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1935
67Chuy The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1932
68Vik The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1931
68Teehcee World ChampionsDeathwing-US1931
70Delonius Red StaggerDeathwing-US1930
70Bleach Peace Through SubmissionDeathwing-US1930
70Nemaki DiscordDeathwing-US1930
73Logikalheals The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1929
74Pandalogik Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1927
75ßigpapi World ChampionsDeathwing-US1923
76Blacktouch The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1919
77Helfury PixelatedDeathwing-US1918
78Cloudhorn Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1917
79Øuchies monkeyshoeDeathwing-US1913
80Venöm TearsDeathwing-US1911
80Monkboy SnäppedDeathwing-US1911
82Coldleap ScornDeathwing-US1908
82Seikon Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1908
84Thinkerbell World ChampionsDeathwing-US1907
85Crazybonkerz The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1905
86Salvzy The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1903
87Enjoí  Deathwing-US1899
88Steezerker World ChampionsDeathwing-US1898
89Espirar Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1889
89Redoutt  Deathwing-US1889
91Fatalyst The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1888
92Gyuuki SnäppedDeathwing-US1887
93Homicidle Gimmie Yo Lunch MoniesDeathwing-US1884Not updated
93Rawhides SicariusDeathwing-US1884
95Hegan Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1883
96Cromerick Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1881
97Solocup FarmersDeathwing-US1880
97Merdolfo Legen WAIT FOR ITDeathwing-US1880
99Retticks SnäppedDeathwing-US1878
100Graíven Red StaggerDeathwing-US1877

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