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Deathwing-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Snapinturtle Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US2001
2Blåketown The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1931
3Molebutt hey im badDeathwing-US1909
4Víndicated PúlseDeathwing-US1878
5Kennadie Survival Of The SickestDeathwing-US1855
6Vlådåmin Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1841
7Permablaza The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1840
8Antwerpens The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1836
9Lovey The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1834
10Tubber The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1832
11Omegachi The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1822
11Pichulon The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1822
13Illdotyouson Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1808
14Fallendruid Survival Of The SickestDeathwing-US1806
15Toughlove The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1804
16Calculation The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1800
17Donhuan The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US1790
18Vik The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1789
19Heavyheals The Gods Chose WellDeathwing-US1780
20Dubskill The Gods Chose WellDeathwing-US1779
21Twodots The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1771
22Rootoholic The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1769
23Twocats The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1766
24Jerklek The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1761
24Bammy The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1761
26Respirator The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1759
27Encyclopedia The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1756
28Sorrz Survival Of The SickestDeathwing-US1752
29Sláter Radical BromanceDeathwing-US1751
30Vflip POW RIGHT IN THE KISSERDeathwing-US1750
30Punishable The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1750
32Geest The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US1747Not updated
33Fultoth Method To MadnessDeathwing-US1742
34Lamsauce The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1740
34Blacktouch Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1740
36Slamoholic The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1739
37Bambooya The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1738
38Mondorr The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1737
39Kilô Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1736
40Vizõr Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1731
41Fenwiick Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1729
42Furiousfynch Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1724
43Psychicdeath Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1719
44Cauchyeuler Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1716
45Beástiality Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1715
45Womdabitraki Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1715
45Scötty Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1715
48Youloveme Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1712
49Cloudhoof Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1711
50Avengorus Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1708
50Tejji The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1708
52Davoodu Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1706
53Izeus The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1705
54Birdnay Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1704
55Espirar Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1699
56Asunder Red StaggerDeathwing-US1698
56Chuy The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1698
58Milkmanx Red StaggerDeathwing-US1692
58Tufflove Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1692
60Venöm Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1685
61Skullsfury Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1681
62Beastialitty  Deathwing-US1668Not updated
63Leonidas PixelatedDeathwing-US1666
64Mieley PwntatoesDeathwing-US1665
65Cowfish The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1664
66Dukkip Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1661
67Søuldrainz Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1660
68Thinkerbell PwntatoesDeathwing-US1659
69Dephiance CostaDeathwing-US1647
69Monkedurmom PixelatedDeathwing-US1647
69Bobbybrownn PwntatoesDeathwing-US1647
72Iceyshock Red StaggerDeathwing-US1646
72Thepaly Red StaggerDeathwing-US1646
74Agroho The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1642
75Cloudhorn Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1641
76Soulswap Survival Of The SickestDeathwing-US1640
77Toats Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1635
77Format Red StaggerDeathwing-US1635
79Kokekan The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US1631
80Supbabygrl The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1629
81Luminara CostaDeathwing-US1625
82Rheapr Pwn ographyDeathwing-US1623
82Nogetaway PúlseDeathwing-US1623
82Treemanm Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1623
85Hotfuss Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1622
86Vykaro The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1619
87Hucc The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1611
88Apollyonn Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1609
89Ronam  Deathwing-US1607Not updated
90Freaky  Deathwing-US1604
90Marondaa Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1604
92Bently  Deathwing-US1602
93Benicodeltor Descendants of DraenorDeathwing-US1599
94Rowdy PúlseDeathwing-US1598
95Mastolenus Red StaggerDeathwing-US1596
95Hoisler PwntatoesDeathwing-US1596
97Hugehoss The Struggle is RealDeathwing-US1591
98Filsby  Deathwing-US1588Not updated
99Rawriors Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1586
100Hulkasaur Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US1581

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