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Deathwing-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Michéll  Deathwing-EU1934
2Jahrakal PantheonsDeathwing-EU1892
3Xolera PantheonsDeathwing-EU1817
4Torella Darkside of HordEDeathwing-EU1800
5Combatmedic Satans RejectsDeathwing-EU1784
6Rapidfire Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU1772
7Teliwmenos The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU1750
8Mantty The HellfrontDeathwing-EU1724
9Pagos The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU1673
10Rosky The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU1668
11Longisquama Satans RejectsDeathwing-EU1649
12Hiippari The HellfrontDeathwing-EU1629
13Dinkztr ASSAILANTDeathwing-EU1621Not updated
14Theiver Player Vs PlayerDeathwing-EU1500
15Evilbetty  Deathwing-EU1341
16Xerxesia The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU1338
17Nidalë PantheonsDeathwing-EU1335
18Noisyboy  Deathwing-EU1144
19Mamis Mega GloryDeathwing-EU958
20Darakss BattlebornDeathwing-EU768
21Iwillwin WTF PandasDeathwing-EU578
22Funberry The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU576
22Mamoulas Mega GloryDeathwing-EU576
22Cowjustice WTF PandasDeathwing-EU576
22Pwnita Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU576Not updated
22Biizo The HellfrontDeathwing-EU576Not updated
22Camsu Mega GloryDeathwing-EU576
22Eimaikomatia Sad PandasDeathwing-EU576
29Storöra WTF PandasDeathwing-EU575
30ßlaster Player Vs PlayerDeathwing-EU384
30Rasvamaksa  Deathwing-EU384
30Highmaster WTF PandasDeathwing-EU384
30Ifyoudare WTF PandasDeathwing-EU384
34Aggressiv Player Vs PlayerDeathwing-EU193
35Tyken Satans RejectsDeathwing-EU192
35Yeugor Cupids Army of LoveDeathwing-EU192
35Lillgaston SjöröversDeathwing-EU192
35Zinzo  Deathwing-EU192
35Budwaiser Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU192
35Klumpfod  Deathwing-EU192
35Hoga WTF PandasDeathwing-EU192
35Danma Saints of SylvanasDeathwing-EU192
35Skonken The HellfrontDeathwing-EU192
35Foolsmasher Dark GuardDeathwing-EU192
35Urukhaii WTF PandasDeathwing-EU192
46Datorwhar The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Peoulis Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU0
46Amadruid The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Morlock The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Torm The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Quetch The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Strafe The HellfrontDeathwing-EU0
46Kamne Sad PandasDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Makie The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Neferte SpaceMonkeysDeathwing-EU0
46Ryou SensibilityDeathwing-EU0
46Lysistrati Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU0
46Mukko Sad PandasDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Ituron SjöröversDeathwing-EU0
46Lormyr The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Zonzil The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Bubbleanddie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Kaydrin SpaceMonkeysDeathwing-EU0
46Nesseh  Deathwing-EU0Not updated
46Zefyria The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Myrmidón Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU0
46Gorblack The HellfrontDeathwing-EU0
46Krutus HegiraDeathwing-EU0
46Folpy DoomsDay PartyDeathwing-EU0
46Salkin The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Selne The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Diccari  Deathwing-EU0
46Vizza Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Pylgrim The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Deflo Sad PandasDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Dawaith The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Moowhar The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Soulcow Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0
46Chewie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0
46Makke YARRDeathwing-EU0
46Cyphër Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU0
46Alibonatron The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Idomin Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0
46Aeovin The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Xdcmouseuk The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Razerhart The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Árya Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU0
46Graunt ballisticsDeathwing-EU0
46Dummheit The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Cerina Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0
46Ziroscaro The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Cretene AnomalyDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Leaflet DistortionDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Fryciuchna  Deathwing-EU0Not updated
46Grasu The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Kafir Dark GuardDeathwing-EU0
46Medora Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU0Not updated
46Philomela The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0
46Moralis Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU0
46Nadshu The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU0

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