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Darrowmere-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Smàshem worst server USDarrowmere-US2029
2Pcu We R GoldDarrowmere-US2001
3Quikstabs Rise from the AshesDarrowmere-US1993
4Chuchrum The Hand of VengeanceDarrowmere-US1963
5Sick Welcome to the HellmouthDarrowmere-US1946
6Atillart  Darrowmere-US1931
7Makigos Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1903
8Raííden Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US1902
9Jitz  Darrowmere-US1891Not updated
10Astergx The PrimesDarrowmere-US1888Not updated
11Senariaa InconceivableDarrowmere-US1880
12Småshems worst server USDarrowmere-US1853
13Thunderstrke Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1847
14Rockalocka  Darrowmere-US1843
15Vogue Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US1835
16Joémontana FtwDarrowmere-US1829
17Åzulå FtwDarrowmere-US1824
18Ungôdly Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US1813
19Newtgingrich FtwDarrowmere-US1808
20Faplah Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US1804
21Corpsè  Darrowmere-US1802
21Aurîel Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1802
23Protectorro Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1801
23Shushma FtwDarrowmere-US1801
25Limpbiskit Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1797
26Ankhenamonk Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1796
27Razzara Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1773
27Kyverr Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1773
29Hottodot Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US1756
30Zacle Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1749
31Greengenie Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US1748
32Íronclad Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1747
33Lycisce Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1745
34Lazarusxx Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1737
34Clucknorris Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US1737
36Rezzlo Shadows of ChaosDarrowmere-US1731
37Érnie FtwDarrowmere-US1729
38Lovelycandy Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US1725
39Bért FtwDarrowmere-US1724
40Dalroodiirn Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US1722
41Gomars Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US1719
42Richãrd The Right To Go InsaneDarrowmere-US1714
43Venätoræ The Hand of VengeanceDarrowmere-US1710
44Shamziezz Light of ElendilDarrowmere-US1702
45Throbbenwood Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US1683
46Gunclapper Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1661
47Spriestone Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1659
48Traella Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US1655
48Shiftyshady Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US1655
50Mattdemon Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US1648
51Slickshotz Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US1644
52Sheephappins Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1635
53Scrtm worst server USDarrowmere-US1616
54Dalinar Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1608
54Allobrew Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1608
56Jederos  Darrowmere-US1602
57Calistro Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1592
58Kungfuscious The PrimesDarrowmere-US1589Not updated
59Akumà DragonMastersDarrowmere-US1587
60Pâcman The PrimesDarrowmere-US1578Not updated
61Comote  Darrowmere-US1567Not updated
62Gnomorris Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1564
63Ssz worst server USDarrowmere-US1505
64Rézz Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1502
65Quianna Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1369
66Voodoc In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US1368
67Garysdk Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1334
68Bandigoat Easy RidersDarrowmere-US1330Not updated
69Jaussie Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US1326
70Nussferatu FtwDarrowmere-US1318
71Sapsalot Welcome to the HellmouthDarrowmere-US1149
71Delegold Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US1149
73Smackmyudder The Darkest TimelineDarrowmere-US1148
74Ancientmai Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1147
74Velissarae Dream TeamDarrowmere-US1147
76Åirjordañ Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US1142
77Purloiner Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1138
78Shadowsday Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US1129Not updated
79Neogenesis The Undying LegionDarrowmere-US1128
80Vareyeda Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US959
80Bsìmp Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US959
80Foogle We R GoldDarrowmere-US959
83Kuhrusher Welcome to the HellmouthDarrowmere-US958Not updated
84Shocknorriss Easy RidersDarrowmere-US957
85Harshtoke Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US954
86Toungelasher PersistenceDarrowmere-US768
86Afflictdots Dream TeamDarrowmere-US768
86Magnetz The Old SouthDarrowmere-US768
86Complété Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US768
86Nikkoboshi The Old SouthDarrowmere-US768
86Swoon The Old SouthDarrowmere-US768
92Chrysstal Dream TeamDarrowmere-US767Not updated
92Bsìmpg Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US767
92Kalikoro Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US767
92Ismelltheqq Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US767
92Miléycyrús Dream TeamDarrowmere-US767
92Bgsìmp Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US767
92Hosstoker Dream TeamDarrowmere-US767
92Veriena Rising ForceDarrowmere-US767
92Xnothing Spleen MerchantsDarrowmere-US767Not updated

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