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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darkspear-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Rosheen RecklessDarkspear-EU2227Not updated
2Ashika RecklessDarkspear-EU2144Not updated
3Nivexoxo ZjinsuDarkspear-EU2134Not updated
4Shamiste ZjinsuDarkspear-EU2114Not updated
5Nivemvp ZjinsuDarkspear-EU2107Not updated
6Hexiss LooseDarkspear-EU2084Not updated
7Richos Blood GulchDarkspear-EU2083Not updated
8Retrosak ZjinsuDarkspear-EU2066Not updated
9Sprout LooseDarkspear-EU2047Not updated
10Shatterproof LooseDarkspear-EU2004Not updated
11Reachone LooseDarkspear-EU2003Not updated
12Wariste ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1998Not updated
13Saaladin Average JoesDarkspear-EU1979Not updated
14Manímal LooseDarkspear-EU1977Not updated
15Conk Jeds RaidersDarkspear-EU1969Not updated
16Guggenme Band of Merchants ClanDarkspear-EU1951Not updated
17Missus LooseDarkspear-EU1918Not updated
18Yurdrin LooseDarkspear-EU1907Not updated
19Myfairy CookieDarkspear-EU1868Not updated
19Adrinalin Veterans of PvPDarkspear-EU1868Not updated
21Wolpentinger CookieDarkspear-EU1865Not updated
22Thezeus ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1862Not updated
23Iad CookieDarkspear-EU1770Not updated
24Healplx ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1748Not updated
25Dremorius IcarusDarkspear-EU1740Not updated
26Grõm ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1705Not updated
27Taffice LooseDarkspear-EU1697Not updated
28Siniste GaylifecrisisDarkspear-EU1687Not updated
29Hamhawk ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1683Not updated
30Dwarfadinn The Midnight RaidersDarkspear-EU1647Not updated
31Fafnir CookieDarkspear-EU1638Not updated
32Snákepliskin CookieDarkspear-EU1616Not updated
33Somewhere DeusDarkspear-EU1612Not updated
34Rafail CookieDarkspear-EU1598Not updated
35Roml The SocietyDarkspear-EU1566Not updated
36Gunmarie The SocietyDarkspear-EU1546Not updated
37Thevicar ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1530Not updated
38Flygplan ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1524Not updated
38Rynz CookieDarkspear-EU1524Not updated
40Raynzo CookieDarkspear-EU1522Not updated
41Candyqt Veterans of PvPDarkspear-EU1509Not updated
42Glázed ÐevourDarkspear-EU1462Not updated
43Shannwarr Blood GulchDarkspear-EU1339Not updated
44Dotyoface Veterans of PvPDarkspear-EU1338Not updated
45Orbicelance ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1335Not updated
46Darkdestiny Crazy MatesDarkspear-EU1292Not updated
47Danpriest ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1151Not updated
47Amphytrion LooseDarkspear-EU1151Not updated
49Brannbil ValianceDarkspear-EU1148Not updated
49Yaajoj Mercenaries Of QuanDarkspear-EU1148Not updated
51Peácer Swedish SergeantDarkspear-EU1147Not updated
52Talah RecklessDarkspear-EU1146Not updated
53Phexides ZjinsuDarkspear-EU1145Not updated
54Agerbon CookieDarkspear-EU1137Not updated
54Rue CookieDarkspear-EU1137Not updated
56Ryysyranta Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU959Not updated
56Cantbetamed Destructive InfernoDarkspear-EU959Not updated
58Sliproach LooseDarkspear-EU955Not updated
59Hippiehuman The UpsideDown SinnersDarkspear-EU768Not updated
59Armandel ZjinsuDarkspear-EU768Not updated
59Chilledbow True DevotionDarkspear-EU768Not updated
59Zeroon  Darkspear-EU768Not updated
63Glimsy CookieDarkspear-EU767Not updated
63Enivei Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU767Not updated
63Oswín CookieDarkspear-EU767Not updated
66Shok ZjinsuDarkspear-EU766Not updated
66Amypriest CookieDarkspear-EU766Not updated
68Bygum Blood GulchDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Rebéllion ZjinsuDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Thomsonik Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Missmachine LooseDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Shamgodx ZjinsuDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Hordekingg ZjinsuDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Niuzao LooseDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Alpha DeusDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Stacksquad CookieDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Nêvbë  Darkspear-EU576Not updated
68Xaleth DeusDarkspear-EU576Not updated
68Bladestorms  Darkspear-EU576Not updated
68Misshoof CookieDarkspear-EU576Not updated
81Thoms Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU575Not updated
81Kiwx Reaper CrewDarkspear-EU575Not updated
81Móz Mercenaries Of QuanDarkspear-EU575Not updated
84Greenmaster ZjinsuDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Welshboy IcarusDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Drcocktor Arctic CircleDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Chimara  Darkspear-EU384Not updated
84Lux CookieDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Vìole ZjinsuDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Ubodempaodem IcarusDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Shamosh DeusDarkspear-EU384Not updated
84Sproutette Divine InterventionDarkspear-EU384Not updated
93Grootmeestér ÐevourDarkspear-EU195Not updated
94Werewulf Twisted RageDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Extozz DeusDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Matika ZjinsuDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Mojaki ZjinsuDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Gladiaro ZjinsuDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Rahlën IcarusDarkspear-EU192Not updated
94Totemstorm Blood GulchDarkspear-EU192Not updated

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