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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darksorrow-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Chärmi  Darksorrow-EU2522Not updated
2Jack hey im noobDarksorrow-EU2520Not updated
3Ryasia Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2509Not updated
4Quilium Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2495Not updated
5Nâzrins NoppapartioDarksorrow-EU2446Not updated
6Smitebunny Try HarderDarksorrow-EU2444Not updated
7Gorthfil Celebrities of DSDarksorrow-EU2379Not updated
8Merke Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2361Not updated
9Xénà Deeply DisturbedDarksorrow-EU2344Not updated
10Emofrog SarastusDarksorrow-EU2316Not updated
11Adrianá Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2273Not updated
12Andylok NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2252Not updated
13Syntì Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2248Not updated
14Aikapimee NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2247Not updated
15Shaydé Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2245Not updated
16Nikzupwn Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2241Not updated
17Fiatpunto Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2240Not updated
18Loitsuveli SarastusDarksorrow-EU2236Not updated
19Ævengelyne Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2231Not updated
20Maaliviiva Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2230Not updated
21Hampiqt Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2225Not updated
22Nysn Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU2224Not updated
23Connelly Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2220Not updated
23Paaluheikki Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2220Not updated
25Dotlulz GameOverDarksorrow-EU2212Not updated
26Absalons Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2199Not updated
27Gunigugu SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU2184Not updated
28Goldenberg Celebrities of DSDarksorrow-EU2180Not updated
29Rotgrib Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2173Not updated
30Mysicka IGNOREDarksorrow-EU2160Not updated
31Zamxu Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2156Not updated
32Venakloco Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU2155Not updated
33Vynzi Deeply DisturbedDarksorrow-EU2149Not updated
34Bezik VisioDarksorrow-EU2144Not updated
34Chaals NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2144Not updated
36Cátástróphé MLG Pilluminati PvPDarksorrow-EU2142Not updated
37Caenis Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2134Not updated
38Perwy  Darksorrow-EU2128Not updated
38Dubok RyhmäDarksorrow-EU2128Not updated
40Tunnelme NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2127Not updated
41Khost Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2122Not updated
42Malzadar Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU2119Not updated
43Mytarget Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2117Not updated
44Liquidý MLG Pilluminati PvPDarksorrow-EU2115Not updated
45Reyez Celebrities of DSDarksorrow-EU2113Not updated
46Braff Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU2112Not updated
47Eirtha Fox Force FiveDarksorrow-EU2107Not updated
48Radiostyrd NAVDarksorrow-EU2106Not updated
49Eckebilmek Viksängs YngstaDarksorrow-EU2090Not updated
50Pyövêli SarastusDarksorrow-EU2084Not updated
51Khosteanus Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2074Not updated
52Torwaldt MentalityDarksorrow-EU2072Not updated
53Offlíne NAVDarksorrow-EU2071Not updated
54Prixximo Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2065Not updated
54Leenßruce Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2065Not updated
54Valhallá Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2065Not updated
57Frshprncfblr Deeply DisturbedDarksorrow-EU2059Not updated
57Izoz Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2059Not updated
59Kiisla Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2057Not updated
60Folkewest Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2054Not updated
61Skog  Darksorrow-EU2053Not updated
62Sinzzu Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2052Not updated
63Radeox FirelordDarksorrow-EU2048Not updated
64Connélly MLG Pilluminati PvPDarksorrow-EU2047Not updated
64Drizty Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2047Not updated
64Dieahreah Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2047Not updated
67Deakdk Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2042Not updated
67Viyl Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2042Not updated
69Haveatyou Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2040Not updated
70Paskamyräkkä Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2037Not updated
71Akumu Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2033Not updated
72Sydonai VisioDarksorrow-EU2032Not updated
73Frenzone SCRUBCLUBDarksorrow-EU2028Not updated
74Tunech Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU2025Not updated
74Frostshockz Chaos TheoryDarksorrow-EU2025Not updated
76Gnomeyah Heroes of IndependenceDarksorrow-EU2023Not updated
77Redßull Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2018Not updated
78Krusemannen LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU2016Not updated
79Mjollner AegisDarksorrow-EU2015Not updated
80Aenema Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU2014Not updated
81Baalor LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU2013Not updated
82Lesix  Darksorrow-EU2012Not updated
82Enia Chaos TheoryDarksorrow-EU2012Not updated
84Tuledk hey im noobDarksorrow-EU2010Not updated
85Pihiz Hard Rock PvPDarksorrow-EU2009Not updated
86Rathy NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU2008Not updated
87Liye AfflictionDarksorrow-EU2004Not updated
88Safetydance LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU2000Not updated
89Grimmon RappioDarksorrow-EU1994Not updated
90Hintteri Public EnemíesDarksorrow-EU1992Not updated
91Huntrush Chaos TheoryDarksorrow-EU1991Not updated
92Kollekt LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1990Not updated
93Älyttäjä CluelessDarksorrow-EU1989Not updated
94Clàsh SarastusDarksorrow-EU1988Not updated
95Hotdoggin LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1985Not updated
96Isquat GameOverDarksorrow-EU1984Not updated
96Zaelo LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1984Not updated
98Lolrekt LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1983Not updated
99Swimba CluelessDarksorrow-EU1978Not updated
100Fruitjuice NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU1974Not updated

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