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Dark Iron-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bashier  Dark Iron-US2120Not updated
2Jumpoff  Dark Iron-US2040
3Ptidrood  Dark Iron-US2039
4Radimere  Dark Iron-US2035
5Bashcash  Dark Iron-US2026
6Drstrngeluv  Dark Iron-US2021
7Ophie Gag ReflexDark Iron-US1988
8Whatucallme  Dark Iron-US1955
9Megator Gag ReflexDark Iron-US1943
10Yarini ThrustDark Iron-US1938
11Rezenkey  Dark Iron-US1920Not updated
12Akomai Lost LegionDark Iron-US1918
13Omár  Dark Iron-US1916
14Ronjerëmy El Psy CongrooDark Iron-US1907
15Dkpaulyd Rated Baddie GroundsDark Iron-US1905Not updated
16Bluespawn Order of the WolfDark Iron-US1902
17Bopcommander ThrustDark Iron-US1897
18Hellbourne Order of the WolfDark Iron-US1889
19Acette Is BeautifulDark Iron-US1887Not updated
20Kikoalonso ThrustDark Iron-US1879
21Äbbynörmäl The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1878
21Ezékiel ThrustDark Iron-US1878
23Lockspawn Order of the WolfDark Iron-US1876
24Psychocrushr  Dark Iron-US1871
25Hotspawn Order of the WolfDark Iron-US1866
26Felraver  Dark Iron-US1865
27Bonesawed InfectiousDark Iron-US1860Not updated
28Brucesmith ThrustDark Iron-US1859
29Xenaro ChronosDark Iron-US1858
30Razorsnow Gag ReflexDark Iron-US1852
31Luztere EternityDark Iron-US1846
32Ÿonker  Dark Iron-US1843
33Resamsung Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1832
34Dream Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1825
35Daahno ThrustDark Iron-US1824
36Screwed Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1823
37Carlyle ExuberanceDark Iron-US1822
38Frôstie The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1821
39Zorasta Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1820
40Påndorå The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1818
41Narva AxisDark Iron-US1815
42Dijana Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1814
43Pråvusmågus The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1810
44Biggpeter Valár MorghulisDark Iron-US1808
44Doomiê ThrustDark Iron-US1808Not updated
46Vålidús The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1803
47Lolfire Is BeautifulDark Iron-US1796
48Mëtåmörphis The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1793
49Leafmehalone Orgrimmars Most WantedDark Iron-US1785
50Bellmare  Dark Iron-US1782
50Stygiansoul Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1782
52Sloot  Dark Iron-US1780
53Anderrya  Dark Iron-US1778
54Arlis  Dark Iron-US1776
55Alikat Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1764
56Speakeeze Final BossDark Iron-US1756
57Ibrew HempireDark Iron-US1753
58Carletton ManOwaRDark Iron-US1748
59Rotface ThrustDark Iron-US1747
59Soothingbrew Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1747
61Fröstbôlt The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1742
61Axetoback AESTIMATIODark Iron-US1742
63Alexxes  Dark Iron-US1740
64Ditdort  Dark Iron-US1735
64Snuupe  Dark Iron-US1735
66Raynè  Dark Iron-US1733
67Goodisevil Final BossDark Iron-US1726
68Patris Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1725
69Larryholmes ThrustDark Iron-US1721
70Makiura CANT REMEMBER CRITDark Iron-US1718
70Susano Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1718
72Frostyy Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1716
72Latona ThrustDark Iron-US1716
74Mcrath  Dark Iron-US1714
75Policy Novus InitiumDark Iron-US1712
76Brool Mentally DefectiveDark Iron-US1711
77Veitsev Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1705
78Kinkie  Dark Iron-US1698
79Bloodloved  Dark Iron-US1697
80Nagakilla N E R D R A G EDark Iron-US1696
81Drfrostie Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1691
82Knappa  Dark Iron-US1688
83Toravaca The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1677
83Dorotus  Dark Iron-US1677
85Gislan Guardians Of AsgardDark Iron-US1674
85Slighted Panda AttackDark Iron-US1674
87Muertispuris The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US1672
88Magnificentl ThrustDark Iron-US1671
89Bubblegurl Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1669
89Snoope Apple TreeDark Iron-US1669
89Lowpan HempireDark Iron-US1669
92Mcbeéf Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1662
92Kamirya Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1662
94Fluorescent  Dark Iron-US1660
95Zhannalin Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US1659
96Maniacmilo Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US1656
97Schco EternityDark Iron-US1655
98Narren  Dark Iron-US1653Not updated
99Snkrsotoole  Dark Iron-US1651
100Projectpat AxisDark Iron-US1649

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