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Dalvengyr-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lblaze GKDalvengyr-US1680
2Demonstress GKDalvengyr-US1615
3Dirtymerlin VendettaDalvengyr-US1596Not updated
4Nikolajis TitanFallDalvengyr-US1526Not updated
5Actionman  Dalvengyr-US1517Not updated
6Robotard  Dalvengyr-US1504Not updated
7Verac positDalvengyr-US1469Not updated
8Dalonese SimplicityDalvengyr-US1437
9Bloodtoad Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1402
10Critcrit  Dalvengyr-US1341
11Boomaction  Dalvengyr-US1134Not updated
11Trippy Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1134
13Kneehimeanie Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1104
14Latala Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US923
15Pahbear Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US919
16Bovum Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US916
17Slyone Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US914
18Mysticoffire Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US909
19Jarvinster GKDalvengyr-US766
20Phumunda RaptureDalvengyr-US754Not updated
20Halliss RaptureDalvengyr-US754Not updated
22Wolnero Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US753
23Abigal  Dalvengyr-US575
23Axemurder  Dalvengyr-US575Not updated
23Lluvatar HeaveNDalvengyr-US575Not updated
26Elblaize GKDalvengyr-US384
26Bladehunter  Dalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Pospaladin Smoke and MirrorsDalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Frostix  Dalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Bammy  Dalvengyr-US384
26Bloodtakerr HeaveNDalvengyr-US384
26Robynhoodlym expendablesDalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Gorgy VendettaDalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Mithrandi HeaveNDalvengyr-US384Not updated
26Myroen HeaveNDalvengyr-US384
26Blindfaith VendettaDalvengyr-US384
37Rumoob Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US382
37Ambelurs Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US382
39Kiranna expendablesDalvengyr-US192Not updated
39Embraced GKDalvengyr-US192
39Mondord Tawny Wind RIder ClubDalvengyr-US192Not updated
39Shadowzombie Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US192
39Devoted VendettaDalvengyr-US192Not updated
39Wülfgâr Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US192
39Phadass GKDalvengyr-US192
39Truenoob Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US192
39Stiggypants Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US192
39Sallastus RaptureDalvengyr-US192Not updated
39Oppangangnam THE FORGIVENDalvengyr-US192Not updated
50Janad Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US191
50Horrific Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US191
52Shadowlich gray death legionDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Prescious  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Staydownpimp Twilights HammerDalvengyr-US0
52Byringurok random unguilded baddieDalvengyr-US0
52Bosill  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Bohantheblue expendablesDalvengyr-US0
52Sootsey THE FORGIVENDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Warnyaonce VendettaDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Bredwin StormbreakerDalvengyr-US0
52Messala  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Vorratelly Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US0
52Shokroll GKDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Zellmaar  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Stefnyll Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US0
52Marrcceea GKDalvengyr-US0
52Vancleave Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US0
52Zorix VendettaDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Stickybuns Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US0
52Tegdig stalk and killDalvengyr-US0
52Brister VendettaDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Radwe THE FORGIVENDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Ôutrage Unprotected HexDalvengyr-US0
52Skeeshyx Almost AsianDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Kratar  Dalvengyr-US0
52Pabz  Dalvengyr-US0
52Kappow Farmers Of Dalvenger IncDalvengyr-US0
52Kiyiya The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US0
52Kannibalized gray death legionDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Trexen Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Pepsomae SimplicityDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Dämage Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US0
52Cyndrwyn  Dalvengyr-US0
52Einnod HallowedDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Novarian GKDalvengyr-US0
52Drizzler Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Deedledeath GKDalvengyr-US0
52Fluxxin  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Melondeagua Almost AsianDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Drucck GKDalvengyr-US0
52Cheline  Dalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Bronxzoo Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US0
52Pstbehindu LEGENDDalvengyr-US0
52Shanthios The Highest OrderDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Althrin stalk and killDalvengyr-US0
52Nightwizzard VendettaDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Mondork SimplicityDalvengyr-US0Not updated
52Bruicelee Plus Five SkillzDalvengyr-US0
52Matta War EnsembleDalvengyr-US0
52Warrsage RenascentiaDalvengyr-US0Not updated

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