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Dalvengyr-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Suffocatedx Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2257
2Impossibrèw Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2173
3Moaninorphan Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2140
4Plath Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2131
5Swd Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2129
6Mondork Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2097
7Jakeqt Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2074
8Mondumb Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2042
9Globaled Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2007
10Xop Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US2003Not updated
11Larlay Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1997
12Zrave Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1993
13Infected positDalvengyr-US1965
14Mondorkqt Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1913
15Firstsamurai HeaveNDalvengyr-US1903
16Razorface positDalvengyr-US1900Not updated
17Snutz Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1849
18Lblaze SIXRDalvengyr-US1847
19Jakewow Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1831
20Kylena positDalvengyr-US1828
21Lefay  Dalvengyr-US1823
22Psilocyben  Dalvengyr-US1807Not updated
23Elblaize SIXRDalvengyr-US1802
24Celeborn  Dalvengyr-US1763Not updated
25Wülfgâr Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US1756
26Lunnastar positDalvengyr-US1750Not updated
27Ariola Unprotected HexDalvengyr-US1719
28Pospaladin  Dalvengyr-US1709Not updated
29Sporlock Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US1708
30Phadass Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1703
31Thymonk Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1701
32Liljakey Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1694
33Lluvatar  Dalvengyr-US1677Not updated
34Zurius Unprotected HexDalvengyr-US1645
35Critcrit positDalvengyr-US1639Not updated
36Bloodtoad Bad Damage BaddiesDalvengyr-US1613
37Killertom Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US1578
38Darkerebus Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US1550
39Mesadk Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US1527
40Mithrandi  Dalvengyr-US1451Not updated
41Mysticoffire Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1412Not updated
42Latala Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1350Not updated
43Trippy Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US1317
44Myroen HeaveNDalvengyr-US1147
45Deadhedbrah  Dalvengyr-US768Not updated
45Jenwaaz Marmalade RenegadesDalvengyr-US768
45Knuckleberry Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US768
45Tukeejr Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US768
45Smallchild Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US768
45Hyfrx Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US768
51Xrave Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US767
52Babouin HeaveNDalvengyr-US576Not updated
52Jiwuhh Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US576
52Demonistdead Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US576
52Mesahunter Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US576
52Moffo Turtles GaloreDalvengyr-US576
57Dieyoung SIXRDalvengyr-US384
57Roles  Dalvengyr-US384
57Elmerjr  Dalvengyr-US384
57Shadowzombie Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US384
57Bammy HeaveNDalvengyr-US384
57Trapwiz Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US384
57Griimreaper  Dalvengyr-US384
57Blindfaith VendettaDalvengyr-US384
57Rheagar  Dalvengyr-US384Not updated
66Ambelurs Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US382Not updated
67Quavo Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US192Not updated
67Embraced stalk and killDalvengyr-US192
67Demoniça SparDalvengyr-US192
67Hendle  Dalvengyr-US192Not updated
67Jazzjack Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US192
67Hexis Unprotected HexDalvengyr-US192
67Ashken positDalvengyr-US192
67Gony HeaveNDalvengyr-US192
67Grimreapors  Dalvengyr-US192Not updated
67Flappybird Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US192
67Nothappy Marmalade RenegadesDalvengyr-US192Not updated
67Baylerion  Dalvengyr-US192Not updated
67Bigpapa Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US192
67Huggers Marmalade RenegadesDalvengyr-US192
67Gùidedlight The RebellionDalvengyr-US192
82Janad Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US191
83Jaguarone Have A SitDalvengyr-US0Not updated
83Hamsitup SparDalvengyr-US0
83Kershken Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US0Not updated
83Cirela HeaveNDalvengyr-US0
83Demonickill The ExiledDalvengyr-US0
83Crunge Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US0Not updated
83Thalias The ExiledDalvengyr-US0
83Vorratelly Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US0
83Uded  Dalvengyr-US0
83Stefnyll Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US0
83Marrcceea GKDalvengyr-US0
83Nightsorow  Dalvengyr-US0
83Vancleave Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US0
83Stickybuns Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US0
83Starseeker Starburst SocietyDalvengyr-US0
83Zorix VendettaDalvengyr-US0Not updated
83What Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US0
83Lucrezia True Horde ChampionsDalvengyr-US0

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