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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dalaran-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Byann Ken You WaitDalaran-US2259
2Corneliaqt Ken You WaitDalaran-US2203
3Iceingdeath Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US2135
4Phantasia Gladiators of WarDalaran-US2109Not updated
5Legacy ReloadDalaran-US2099Not updated
6Lockër Death by RosesDalaran-US2050Not updated
7Dkfalkon Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US2046Not updated
8Evara Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US2045Not updated
9Nisticus OuroborosDalaran-US2044Not updated
10Skywälker Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US2032Not updated
11Blacknmild OTFDalaran-US2021Not updated
12Sidarthur OTFDalaran-US2020
13Falsehope OTFDalaran-US2019Not updated
14Feralpotri Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US2014Not updated
15Gløwyfistz ReloadDalaran-US2008Not updated
16Killxzone  Dalaran-US1996Not updated
17Sofhia Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1992Not updated
18Holypally  Dalaran-US1983Not updated
19Råiden Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US1976Not updated
20Shroomss Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1953Not updated
21Rns LegitimateDalaran-US1938Not updated
22Vervel OuroborosDalaran-US1928Not updated
23Cakez Prestige WorldwideDalaran-US1920Not updated
24Twïnkle Alliance in DefianceDalaran-US1918
25Moneyz GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US1917Not updated
26Sifana ReloadDalaran-US1914Not updated
27Oil UnleashedDalaran-US1912Not updated
28Urpregnant IncìtedDalaran-US1908Not updated
29Chuchita Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1905Not updated
30Azzie LegitimateDalaran-US1904Not updated
31Chewbaga Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1902Not updated
32Lorsara Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1897Not updated
33Adecilion Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1890Not updated
34Holytoy Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1888Not updated
35Dancingbear Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US1887Not updated
36Tuyo Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1879Not updated
37Kittanya Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US1875
38Arreya Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1870Not updated
39Bloodwitch Forsaken FewDalaran-US1857
40Shrimprollx HighdeaDalaran-US1856Not updated
41Undéadhéalz Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1855Not updated
42Muchi Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1852Not updated
43Delaminight OTFDalaran-US1849Not updated
43Orcofdeath GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US1849Not updated
45Sythrien Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1838
46Jamessualty BlackHearts Red BladesDalaran-US1837Not updated
47Ruolau Guardians of KnowledgeDalaran-US1831Not updated
48Doombubble Knights of WarcraftDalaran-US1827Not updated
49Grizzler LegitimateDalaran-US1826Not updated
50Tinkerwithme Death DealersDalaran-US1825Not updated
51Kamanas Order of the LionDalaran-US1820Not updated
52Finkledurp Cry HavocDalaran-US1819Not updated
53Lildewey HighdeaDalaran-US1818Not updated
54Guttsberserk Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1816Not updated
55Poleh Icons For EverDalaran-US1815
56Selun Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1814Not updated
57Nosfell FearDalaran-US1813Not updated
58Amàris Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1812Not updated
59Mizu Black DeathDalaran-US1811
60Rizzlebeam ReloadDalaran-US1805Not updated
61Khaele Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US1803
62Kaatet Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1801
63Anfarious  Dalaran-US1799Not updated
64Worstfearz SevenOrksAndYourSisterDalaran-US1794Not updated
65Jul Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1793Not updated
65Aquintilion Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1793Not updated
67Hatchetface LegitimateDalaran-US1787Not updated
68Yunä Death by RosesDalaran-US1784Not updated
69Shoulynn Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1781Not updated
70Boogerious Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1779Not updated
71Jéannedarc Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1774Not updated
71Möco Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1774Not updated
73Elêktra Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1771Not updated
74Youseit Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1769Not updated
75Ikilledppl Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1766Not updated
76Tammychaz Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US1765Not updated
77Fatbottom Black DeathDalaran-US1763
78Morrìghan Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1760Not updated
79Cyrahlanay Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1754Not updated
80Shelbyh Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1753Not updated
81Watertrucker Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US1751Not updated
81Døtz Six Feet UnderDalaran-US1751Not updated
83Baraaga local hellbilly unionDalaran-US1750Not updated
84Trippledee LegitimateDalaran-US1749
85Ilumina Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US1747Not updated
86Blackflare ReloadDalaran-US1740Not updated
86Itsallover DedicatedDalaran-US1740Not updated
88Natiel Gurlz Gone WowDalaran-US1737Not updated
89Berisha KaizenDalaran-US1733
90Fishstyxx Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US1732Not updated
91Cloudhopper Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1731Not updated
92Heizenberg local hellbilly unionDalaran-US1728Not updated
92Torosano Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1728Not updated
94Electrical Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1727Not updated
95Califenya ReloadDalaran-US1725Not updated
96Hotfries ReloadDalaran-US1723Not updated
97Netherin Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1721Not updated
98Sourran Gladiators of WarDalaran-US1718Not updated
99Youngeggs  Dalaran-US1714Not updated
100Pestiléncé ReloadDalaran-US1706Not updated

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