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Cho'gall-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Wiredmana Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US2402
2Peco The Catalina Wine MixerCho'gall-US2195
3Trebeckx Team PrecisionCho'gall-US2189
4Estark  Cho'gall-US2140
5Leesinga MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US2101
6Smothered  Cho'gall-US2086
6Prìèst MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US2086
8Elizzy Trinketing SapCho'gall-US2060
9Emobee  Cho'gall-US2052
10Jdot Off on an AdventureCho'gall-US2045
11Achiron  Cho'gall-US2016
12Grahm The Catalina Wine MixerCho'gall-US2013Not updated
13Lazerchicken HurtCho'gall-US1999
14Sphinct MaliceCho'gall-US1973
15Phobix  Cho'gall-US1970
16Cràbs Saints FewCho'gall-US1961
17Jeiger  Cho'gall-US1958
18Brabus  Cho'gall-US1951
19Inthedark  Cho'gall-US1947
20Darkmanaa  Cho'gall-US1944
21Ceraya HollowficationCho'gall-US1942
22Faijorn MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1940
23Yashia filthy casualsCho'gall-US1928
23Murdam filthy casualsCho'gall-US1928
25Tucô Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1926
26Swizzyswong filthy casualsCho'gall-US1925
27Taroosa filthy casualsCho'gall-US1919
28Luhbug Ramen HouseCho'gall-US1913
28Phathootz ButtsCho'gall-US1913Not updated
30Ðoctorwho Nefarious RaidersCho'gall-US1911
31Zeroche filthy casualsCho'gall-US1896
32Sidrax  Cho'gall-US1894Not updated
33Sickdood Siq NastyCho'gall-US1890
34Noobcowbot VivicideCho'gall-US1888
35Filibuster  Cho'gall-US1883
36Dipndots Trinketing SapCho'gall-US1881
36Gameshu  Cho'gall-US1881
38Pullthemall MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1875
39Tinyhorns Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1870
40Nopathavail The HazeCho'gall-US1867
41Thaepicperso Sons of LightCho'gall-US1865
42Oderisk Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1861
43Elsitar  Cho'gall-US1859
44Huntardö EverlastCho'gall-US1858
44Vellithdoran filthy casualsCho'gall-US1858
46Nystromia MaliceCho'gall-US1857
47Shamando  Cho'gall-US1853
48Whyyoumad  Cho'gall-US1848
49Burnish WAR PIGSCho'gall-US1847
50Valanyu Morior InvictusCho'gall-US1843
51Demonox Distinct AdvantageCho'gall-US1842
52Tamsinx  Cho'gall-US1841
53Kaycen PVPidCho'gall-US1840Not updated
53Shamperic Chaotic RemorseCho'gall-US1840
55Treasun filthy casualsCho'gall-US1839
56Emospec  Cho'gall-US1836
57Enemy filthy casualsCho'gall-US1835
57Cilcor  Cho'gall-US1835
59Dragonok MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1827
60Vemrin filthy casualsCho'gall-US1824
61Sazaku InfallibleCho'gall-US1821
62Faethful  Cho'gall-US1815
63Altair The Horde WarlordsCho'gall-US1813
64Wentegord MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1812Not updated
65Kizaria Nerf IncCho'gall-US1810
65Thàtguy Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1810
65Instanoodlz MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1810
68Demilth R é s Ï d u á lCho'gall-US1809
69Warvyn The Horde WarlordsCho'gall-US1807
69Essentia Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US1807
71Zoomazoom Trinketing SapCho'gall-US1805
72Sinaträ  Cho'gall-US1804
73Cannabinoidd  Cho'gall-US1802
74Shivala Chaotic RemorseCho'gall-US1799
75Contours Wicked GoogansCho'gall-US1788
76Dreadskie Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1787Not updated
77Medivak Sofa KingdomCho'gall-US1786Not updated
78Zanzan Dingle BerriesCho'gall-US1785
79Babytuskxo Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1781
80Sonofa Dingle BerriesCho'gall-US1779
81Ttiimmaayy This GuildCho'gall-US1774
82Pumpkín filthy casualsCho'gall-US1768
83Wazwazki filthy casualsCho'gall-US1767
83Blaze Trinketing SapCho'gall-US1767
83Seriphixa Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1767
86Sundroplet one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US1764
86Disengaged Trinketing SapCho'gall-US1764
88Sëvêntèén NAILED ITCho'gall-US1760
89Justinßiebêr  Cho'gall-US1759
90Evilduce Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1757
91Kazuha  Cho'gall-US1755
92Whitemonster  Cho'gall-US1752
93Zugmeister Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1749Not updated
94Chappel MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1748
95Highrize  Cho'gall-US1746
96Frankensteer Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1727Not updated
97Spêakeasy PVPidCho'gall-US1726
98Hudouken  Cho'gall-US1725
99Ogunist Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US1721
99Tachyon Felsteel WarriorsCho'gall-US1721

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