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Cho'gall-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Syrìna Off on an AdventureCho'gall-US1942
2Gameshu  Cho'gall-US1869
3Exupery Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1855
4Unmasked  Cho'gall-US1839
5Toughnails Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1835
6Trebeckx  Cho'gall-US1821Not updated
7Smothered  Cho'gall-US1805Not updated
8Aidsqt  Cho'gall-US1783Not updated
9Kizaria Nerf IncCho'gall-US1776
10Tutelage Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1774
11Wildmagikarp Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1770
12Icefox ExitiumCho'gall-US1767
13Emospec Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1766
14Gooby y u do disCho'gall-US1762
15Tastykakes ExitiumCho'gall-US1741
16Cràbs Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1732
17Igordarth The Enclave of ExodusCho'gall-US1719
18Huntardö Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1717
19Omh The AllianceCho'gall-US1714
20Frostideath Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1708
21Ggnoqq ExitiumCho'gall-US1707
22Askella Off on an AdventureCho'gall-US1699
22Baez Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US1699
22Icefist Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1699
25Ryoto Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1695
25Tucô Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1695
27Pandalf  Cho'gall-US1694Not updated
28Seriphixa Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1692
29Sidrax  Cho'gall-US1679
30Babytusk Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1668
31Inthedark  Cho'gall-US1664
32Brickbazooka Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1661
33Wîntersky Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1646
34Babytuskxo Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1644
35Zugmeister Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1641
36Tachyon Felsteel WarriorsCho'gall-US1639
37Hobbes Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1633
38Tinyhorns Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1631
39Sepherin  Cho'gall-US1628
39Cyborgschris ExitiumCho'gall-US1628
41Dipndots Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1626
42Hubcap Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1625
43Frankensteer Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US1616
44Healinyoass Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1611
45Sloppypoo Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US1602
46Og one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US1600
47Erasus ExitiumCho'gall-US1598
48Ablex Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1597
49Pickhart VivicideCho'gall-US1596
50Cubanate Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US1590
51Cilcor Distinct AdvantageCho'gall-US1588
52Lastia Flavour CountryCho'gall-US1584
53Holycurves  Cho'gall-US1582Not updated
54Dethlite Undead CovenCho'gall-US1579
55Vk The AllianceCho'gall-US1575
56Antigen ExitiumCho'gall-US1574
57Worldpeacë The AllianceCho'gall-US1572
58Imarebeltwo  Cho'gall-US1571Not updated
59Jraek Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US1563
60Alphabrah one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US1556
61Iaintdiein  Cho'gall-US1536Not updated
62Landiun Helms EliteCho'gall-US1532
63Dotzlol Wizards vs AlpacasCho'gall-US1529
64Devonshìre Helms EliteCho'gall-US1524
65Lazyaim WoW IncCho'gall-US1510
66Phobix Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1509
66Sevarex In SilicoCho'gall-US1509Not updated
68Oderisk Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1498
69Tamsinx Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1497
69Peilleas Solve et CoagulaCho'gall-US1497
71Shadôwsmöke  Cho'gall-US1493Not updated
72Olanne Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1489
73Sazaku lnfallibleCho'gall-US1487
74ßruteforce MARSHAL LAWCho'gall-US1481
75Avalinee Chain ReactionCho'gall-US1480
76Flyingshield Fatal IntentCho'gall-US1478
77Layso The AllianceCho'gall-US1475
78Battlesloth WAR PIGSCho'gall-US1471Not updated
79Demonox Distinct AdvantageCho'gall-US1461
80Lusiferr PermutationCho'gall-US1457
81Mythicals The AllianceCho'gall-US1452Not updated
82Blootsjê  Cho'gall-US1447Not updated
83Treeodeth  Cho'gall-US1446Not updated
83Sundroplet one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US1446
85Sëvêntèén NAILED ITCho'gall-US1436
86Diabsoulé Solve et CoagulaCho'gall-US1434
87Ubijac The AllianceCho'gall-US1431
88Pheneronn Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US1418
89Jaksparrowz The AllianceCho'gall-US1417
90Broccolijoe one vs one on LockoutCho'gall-US1405
91Murdercrow Åccïdentål ßløødlustCho'gall-US1374
92Brewwling  Cho'gall-US1320Not updated
93Vítals  Cho'gall-US1318
94Aeon Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US1316
95Carnäge Is on a RampageCho'gall-US1315
96Vessen VivicideCho'gall-US1312
97Yqu Hidden In StormwindCho'gall-US1309
98Hanzu WoW IncCho'gall-US1297
99Sleepykitty Honorable ConquestCho'gall-US1295
100Üsexÿbeast  Cho'gall-US1279Not updated

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