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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Cenarius-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hewtyz Dark MastersCenarius-US2563Not updated
2Ender  Cenarius-US2403Not updated
3Piankhi Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US2398Not updated
4Arkamani Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US2373
5Jordon Death NoteCenarius-US2354Not updated
6Precise EnvyUsCenarius-US2260
7Cevltovin The Cult of WendellCenarius-US2231
8Boogaa We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US2195
9Blowjabbed ReforgedCenarius-US2175
10Dìzzy Go HardCenarius-US2128
11Guillermo Go HardCenarius-US2118
12Frostynight  Cenarius-US2109Not updated
13Xermes AvowryCenarius-US2099Not updated
14Cocoapuffs  Cenarius-US2097Not updated
15Mctree Late CrewCenarius-US2086Not updated
16Getagrip  Cenarius-US2084Not updated
17Ricochets Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US2077Not updated
18Greymoor Violet ChainsCenarius-US2075Not updated
19Luquitas Misfit MonkeysCenarius-US2071
20Hagrids PirateCenarius-US2057Not updated
21Raìn Go HardCenarius-US2053Not updated
22Aroko Go HardCenarius-US2048Not updated
23Hyte StrifeCenarius-US2028Not updated
24Cigar Go HardCenarius-US2027Not updated
25Adestrinne Short Bus All StarsCenarius-US2011Not updated
26Kryptler Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US2004Not updated
27Ryshando  Cenarius-US2001Not updated
28Gokú Go HardCenarius-US1999
29Ratchetspice  Cenarius-US1994Not updated
30Kkronic Go HardCenarius-US1989Not updated
30Asminda Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1989Not updated
32Shendelzare Praetorian GuardCenarius-US1979Not updated
33Shambolic Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1969Not updated
34Padlethren PirateCenarius-US1961Not updated
35Shiomi Something ShinyCenarius-US1954Not updated
36Kaam PirateCenarius-US1951Not updated
36Antus The ChosenCenarius-US1951
38Opanlovenit After DarkCenarius-US1946Not updated
39Qtl PirateCenarius-US1941Not updated
40Finalstar We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US1934
41Stomped Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1930Not updated
42Vaega Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US1916Not updated
43Kerlian PirateCenarius-US1913
44Moosetofoles Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1911Not updated
45Grada Stay of ExecutionCenarius-US1909Not updated
46Ahsneeze Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1908Not updated
47Hauntted AwakenedCenarius-US1902Not updated
48Phosphours Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1900Not updated
49Arrowdynámic Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1899Not updated
50Konichiwah  Cenarius-US1898Not updated
51Endlessrage Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US1897Not updated
52Trauk PirateCenarius-US1894
53Sggi Ancients of AzerothCenarius-US1893Not updated
54Humanraptor Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1892
55Stocker Fallen AngelsCenarius-US1887
56Etheran Dawn EternalCenarius-US1886Not updated
56Rhuudii Death NoteCenarius-US1886Not updated
56Negligence  Cenarius-US1886Not updated
59Vejita Go HardCenarius-US1884Not updated
59Aret Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1884Not updated
61Tûrbonix Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1882Not updated
62Mellebra PirateCenarius-US1880Not updated
63Happyowl BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1879Not updated
64Vegetá Go HardCenarius-US1877Not updated
65Mohdemons  Cenarius-US1874Not updated
66Khalysi Fallen AngelsCenarius-US1867Not updated
67Telsa Veni Vidi BibiCenarius-US1862Not updated
67Surferdunks BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1862Not updated
69Deathraptor Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1860Not updated
70Pandemicpand BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1855Not updated
71Peoii Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1850
71Gregormendel BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1850Not updated
73Arthash PirateCenarius-US1848Not updated
74Espén Azeroth Liberation FrontCenarius-US1847
75Stallwin Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1846
76Teffy Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1841
77Nerwind Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1840
78Arcadiâ Last PullCenarius-US1839Not updated
78Searos Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1839Not updated
80Foajenkins TacticsCenarius-US1835Not updated
81Enverted BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1834Not updated
82Cggi Ancients of AzerothCenarius-US1832
83Pewpressure Late CrewCenarius-US1827Not updated
84Skyi PirateCenarius-US1823
85Rinnoha Last PullCenarius-US1822
85Sillysauce Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1822Not updated
87Logian AnnihilusCenarius-US1821Not updated
88Passionwar  Cenarius-US1819Not updated
89Creame P Y R OCenarius-US1818Not updated
90Zulthura PirateCenarius-US1816Not updated
90Bubblyicious Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1816Not updated
92Smashh Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1815Not updated
93Durieldb Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1814
94Ainna  Cenarius-US1812Not updated
94Mummraah Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1812
96Wifesurfer BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1809Not updated
97Paarthurnaxx Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1807Not updated
98Dohnilt Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US1804
98Timothydude Jelly Bean MafiaCenarius-US1804Not updated
100Nicesurfer BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US1795Not updated

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