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Cenarion Circle-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Crédo LêgionCenarion Circle-US1861
2Hiddëndragon LêgionCenarion Circle-US1817
3Wohlis LêgionCenarion Circle-US1747
4Tokaa DominionCenarion Circle-US1726
5Olórin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US1700
6Tarnum LêgionCenarion Circle-US1658
6Malikiath LêgionCenarion Circle-US1658
8Cerramazi SalvationCenarion Circle-US1639
9Snapdragon The ChosenCenarion Circle-US1637
10Legoness DominionCenarion Circle-US1622
11Applejaxz Wasted YouthCenarion Circle-US1605Not updated
12Wilayne Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US1594
13Alnatural The ChosenCenarion Circle-US1559
14Shanlie Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US1553
14Befuddlement LEGIONCenarion Circle-US1553
16Shauleynle LêgionCenarion Circle-US1548
17Sarumàn DIECenarion Circle-US1525
18Jenalle Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US1495Not updated
19Dekw LEGIONCenarion Circle-US1478
20Elveyerah Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US1465
21Idealmaxima Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US1454
22Blindjim LêgionCenarion Circle-US1386
23Peekabôô LêgionCenarion Circle-US1314
24Uldu SalvationCenarion Circle-US1309
25Scarlax Mouthbreathers HUUHHUUHHCenarion Circle-US1292
26Morefeen LêgionCenarion Circle-US1249
27Éllïs LêgionCenarion Circle-US1233
28Bobofets LêgionCenarion Circle-US1224
29Treebeards LêgionCenarion Circle-US1223
30Sheogorehoth LêgionCenarion Circle-US1207
31Nitid LêgionCenarion Circle-US1150
32Meatbola Wicked FerocityCenarion Circle-US1135Not updated
33Übernuts WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US957
33Taiss EmbráceCenarion Circle-US957
33Shahrivar Justified RetributionCenarion Circle-US957Not updated
36Iranaj SalvationCenarion Circle-US956
36Eaglecrow LêgionCenarion Circle-US956
38Sholafar Justified RetributionCenarion Circle-US955Not updated
38Deathstick NightLifeCenarion Circle-US955
40Walsonus Beauty for AshesCenarion Circle-US953
41Pentesilea LêgionCenarion Circle-US945
42Yaofei LêgionCenarion Circle-US944
43Xàntros Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US767
43Sñare LoyaltyCenarion Circle-US767Not updated
43Pinback Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US767
43Subzeró EmbráceCenarion Circle-US767
47Winteress Gods of HeroesCenarion Circle-US766Not updated
47Xalandir The Wayfarers CoterieCenarion Circle-US766
49Stealtheur LêgionCenarion Circle-US762
50Verbrennt LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Løthär LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Amberlammps EmbráceCenarion Circle-US576
50Nightsword Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US576
50Redyps LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Aycelen LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Carneira LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Huxster LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
50Errvara LêgionCenarion Circle-US576
59Owan Order of the BladeCenarion Circle-US575Not updated
59Hendrixion LêgionCenarion Circle-US575
59Myouren LEGIONCenarion Circle-US575
62Holyform Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US396
63Aucmic Troll ScienceCenarion Circle-US384
63Banthiss Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US384
63Tigerstalk LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Dalines Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Piiff Killing Blows Per SecondCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Mynxx LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Seprin Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Kathlena LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Ladgaman Order of the BladeCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Dèstrúctïon  Cenarion Circle-US384
63Twinkles Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US384
63Guroux LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Blendz LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Quenched DropDeadCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Xalines Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Miracella LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Mythicone LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Neveragain LêgionCenarion Circle-US384
63Kirrwin AxiomCenarion Circle-US384Not updated
63Shogún SalvationCenarion Circle-US384
83Riánne LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Jorick Cairn of KingsCenarion Circle-US192Not updated
83Oldnews Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US192Not updated
83Kirrwinn AxiomCenarion Circle-US192Not updated
83Proximos LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Tylindre Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US192
83Felhorn DominionCenarion Circle-US192
83Frozencore Baelrog is the BestCenarion Circle-US192Not updated
83Mandor LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Xantrose Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US192
83Bblhrth DominionCenarion Circle-US192
83Nugszor  Cenarion Circle-US192Not updated
83Willander LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Ketyru LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Mereideti LêgionCenarion Circle-US192
83Aeyru From The AshesCenarion Circle-US192
83Kìx  Cenarion Circle-US192
83Grego LêgionCenarion Circle-US192

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