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Burning Legion-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Miercolay Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2090
2Aknadin Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US2081
3Zei U CANT PAUSE ARENAS MOMBurning Legion-US2051
4Frown ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEADBurning Legion-US2020
5Oakpaw Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2019
6Feraldeath Unbreakable WillBurning Legion-US2007
7Rhalevan U CANT PAUSE ARENAS MOMBurning Legion-US1996
8Scrubdalo PrøBurning Legion-US1966
9Xzethor Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US1960
10Yepaka Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1958
10Ðrakester Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1958
12Blkfrodo Rack EmBurning Legion-US1948
13Gewchy PrøBurning Legion-US1947
14Scrufmcgruff Bout that action bossBurning Legion-US1940
15Mishuin PrøBurning Legion-US1935
16Paisleyy Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1931
17Shikadance CREAMBurning Legion-US1930
18Licks HCBurning Legion-US1924
19Bätmän Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1922
20Chitax Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1915
21Graviti Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1911
22Antimonic PrøBurning Legion-US1907
23Fanira PrøBurning Legion-US1898
23Shadowrayne Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1898
25Buff Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1895
26Talandrious Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1893
27Pragmatic U CANT PAUSE ARENAS MOMBurning Legion-US1891
27Worsthunter Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1891
29Barwolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1884
30Jestersong Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1880
31Dgkslayerdk Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1879
31Kalyrune Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1879Not updated
33Firsthørsman Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1877
34Arithys PrøBurning Legion-US1876
35Tookillyou Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1870
36Hàdës  Burning Legion-US1869
37Kakos CrossbonesBurning Legion-US1867
38Suta Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1866
39Takeo Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1863
40Billniller Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1862
40Cargonx PrøBurning Legion-US1862
42Cadence Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1856
43Brownbush Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1854
44Hastebuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1852
45Zorgonoth Keepers of the ShadowBurning Legion-US1847
45Judopest Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1847
47Oldlady PrøBurning Legion-US1845
48Midnightgank Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1844
48Tydar Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1844
48Beefyses PrøBurning Legion-US1844
48Probinkrux PrøBurning Legion-US1844
52Taire Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1843
53Sivaro Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1842
53Keggernaut Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1842
53Iheartwiener Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1842
56Alienshifter Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1841
57Myjoystick Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1840
57Ohjustgreat Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1840
59Slimbean Rack EmBurning Legion-US1838
60Tëqüïlä PrøBurning Legion-US1835
61Bluntknightt Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1834
62Kiffi Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1833
63Klickx Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1831
64Rezarock Rack EmBurning Legion-US1830
64Perform PrøBurning Legion-US1830
66Armarl Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1828
67Gadhafi  Burning Legion-US1827
68Tukky Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1824
69Apostola PrøBurning Legion-US1823
70Creyten Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1822
70Wilhuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1822
70Lifegiveer Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1822
73Ásmoodius Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1821
74Derlock Casually DedicatedBurning Legion-US1812
75Lanatheii Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1810
76Verroz PrøBurning Legion-US1809
76Blaçkout Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1809
78Kaostank Throne of LegendsBurning Legion-US1808
78Roadkill  Burning Legion-US1808Not updated
80Scatterpro Bank Alts Of AzerothBurning Legion-US1806
81Dotdotgoosë Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1804
81Tabernacle I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1804
83Bubblehor  Burning Legion-US1802
83Diabhalbeag Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1802
85Kyshae Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1800
86Maltymilk Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1798
87Kolraw Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1797
88Monkndatrunk Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1795
89Creatíon Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1794
90Alienone Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1793
91Aingealbeag Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1792
92Fracck Keepers of the ShadowBurning Legion-US1790Not updated
93Resel Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1787
94Qeroca You Coulda had GladBurning Legion-US1786Not updated
95Koncshra  Burning Legion-US1785
95Healingpries  Burning Legion-US1785
97Fèythless Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1784
97Thornish HCBurning Legion-US1784
99Shadowstepss Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1782
100Babybluebush Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1780

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