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Burning Legion-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Alone Ashes to AshesBurning Legion-US1874
2Fanira PrøBurning Legion-US1822
3Ásmoodius Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1821
4Tydar Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1820
4Tabernacle I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1820
6Sanalion Ashes to AshesBurning Legion-US1817
7Dabaca Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1816
8Lanatheii Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1810
9Lolipops Ashes to AshesBurning Legion-US1798
10Shikadance CREAMBurning Legion-US1793
11Judopest Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1790
12Gadhafi  Burning Legion-US1758Not updated
13Roadkill Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1752Not updated
14Bloodelvess Throne of LegendsBurning Legion-US1750
15Paisleyy Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1742
16Gewchy PrøBurning Legion-US1728
17Shizzoobies Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1721Not updated
18Mishuin PrøBurning Legion-US1712
19Barwolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1707
20Slayereprocs Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1704
21Protraps Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1701
22Skaddoosh S Key GladsBurning Legion-US1700Not updated
22Mcmuffinn Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1700
24Antimonic PrøBurning Legion-US1697
25Scrufmcgruff Bout that action bossBurning Legion-US1695
26Potstickers Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1683
27Muaytaidoe I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1679
28Hastebuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1676
29Cargonx PrøBurning Legion-US1675
30Highheels PrøBurning Legion-US1669
31Duhpally PrøBurning Legion-US1667
32Doijo GRAB A CACTUSBurning Legion-US1665
33Shadowrayne Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1663
34Rampagedk Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1660
35Aristocat Ashes to AshesBurning Legion-US1659
36Creyten Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1648
37Hëllbound Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1645
38Midnightgank Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1643
39Ohjustgreat Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1641
40Mackhine Light BrigadeBurning Legion-US1640
41Codster OblivionBurning Legion-US1635
42Furrlock KaleidoscopeBurning Legion-US1632
43Jimbokilledu PrøBurning Legion-US1631
44Darnon Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1622
44Stilo AcheronBurning Legion-US1622
46Brownbush Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1616
47Chitax Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1614
48Piikaboo Edge of InsanityBurning Legion-US1613
49Knuks Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1611
50Alienshifter PrøBurning Legion-US1610
51Cadence Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1607
52Rottenstabz Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1606
53Licks HCBurning Legion-US1600
54Wilhuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1597
55Scrubologist PrøBurning Legion-US1594
56Hÿpe GRAB A CACTUSBurning Legion-US1591
57Padonai Light BrigadeBurning Legion-US1589
58Ayhiah CREAMBurning Legion-US1588Not updated
59Takeo Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1586
60Nevernamed PrøBurning Legion-US1585
61Anklehumper GRAB A CACTUSBurning Legion-US1584
61Skyanide  Burning Legion-US1584
63Probinkrux PrøBurning Legion-US1582
64Lottadots Mind FreaksBurning Legion-US1581
65Grodalo PrøBurning Legion-US1580
66Firsthørsman PrøBurning Legion-US1577
67Aquietas RagnarökBurning Legion-US1575
68Blaçkout PrøBurning Legion-US1574
69Jimboskillz PrøBurning Legion-US1573
70Zombleh PrøBurning Legion-US1572Not updated
70Iheartwiener Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1572
72Feraldeath  Burning Legion-US1571
73Drøgo I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1570
74Shwiing PrøBurning Legion-US1569
74Billniller Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1569
76Gramsay CynicBurning Legion-US1568
77Shadowstepss KaleidoscopeBurning Legion-US1565
78Yodhha Throne of LegendsBurning Legion-US1563
79Cloudnova Ashes to AshesBurning Legion-US1561
80Aquaregia Edge of InsanityBurning Legion-US1559
81Sháolin PrøBurning Legion-US1558
82Alienone PrøBurning Legion-US1557
83Bullymayz PrøBurning Legion-US1554
83Sesár PrøBurning Legion-US1554
85Sündered CrossbonesBurning Legion-US1552
86Shamzaam PrøBurning Legion-US1549
87Taincityjr PrøBurning Legion-US1542
88Skadoòsh PrøBurning Legion-US1535
89Kiffi Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1534
90Eightz SoloBurning Legion-US1532
91Icybeãr PrøBurning Legion-US1531
92Thornish HCBurning Legion-US1530
93Moocowcreamr SoloBurning Legion-US1529Not updated
93Derlock Mind FreaksBurning Legion-US1529
95Elchichon I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1528
96Taire Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1527
97Vitalitie I Ate The BonesBurning Legion-US1526
97Squirtles Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1526
99Demonguard PrøBurning Legion-US1525
100Verroz PrøBurning Legion-US1522

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