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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Aknadin Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US2264Not updated
2Miercolay Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2220Not updated
3Rhalevan Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2163Not updated
4Shoutoramaru Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2104Not updated
5Halosis Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2103Not updated
6Súdó Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2090Not updated
7Barwolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2088Not updated
7Wilhuff Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2088Not updated
9Graviti Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2087Not updated
10Taire Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2082Not updated
11Dotdotgoosë Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2054Not updated
12Zei U CANT PAUSE ARENAS MOMBurning Legion-US2051Not updated
12Asmoodius Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2051Not updated
12Idoovoodoo Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US2051Not updated
15Shadowrayne Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2042Not updated
16Redbonè Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US2033Not updated
17Gewchy Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US2019Not updated
18Kyshae Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1992Not updated
19Talandrious Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1983Not updated
20Fínál Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1972Not updated
21Yepaka Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1958Not updated
22Metophis Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1957Not updated
23Leprechaunn Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1951Not updated
24Kiffi Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1948Not updated
24Ohjustgreat GenesisBurning Legion-US1948Not updated
26Cargonx Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1941Not updated
27Crazybean Rack EmBurning Legion-US1940Not updated
27Tukky Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1940Not updated
29Yodhha Unbreakable WillBurning Legion-US1928Not updated
30Kickx Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1924Not updated
31Myjoystick Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1917Not updated
32Aaronbeedd Mount UpBurning Legion-US1916Not updated
33Tookillyou Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1915Not updated
34Trinked SoloBurning Legion-US1900Not updated
35Buff Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1895Not updated
36Batuo Unbreakable WillBurning Legion-US1891Not updated
36Worsthunter Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1891Not updated
38Jestersong Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1880Not updated
39Kalyrune Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1879Not updated
40Suta Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1866Not updated
41Billniller Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1862Not updated
42Cadence Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1856Not updated
43Slimbean Rack EmBurning Legion-US1854Not updated
44Krackkat Fearless ImmortalsBurning Legion-US1852Not updated
45Tydar Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1844Not updated
45Shoshocec Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1844Not updated
47Xmañ JAGDBurning Legion-US1841Not updated
48Merdane Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1836Not updated
49Legendairy Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1831Not updated
50Gadhafi Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1827Not updated
51Tikapoo Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1819Not updated
52Dabaca Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1814Not updated
53Zerolf Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1811Not updated
54Lanatheii Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1810Not updated
55Aingealbeag Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1809Not updated
55Blaçkout Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1809Not updated
57Roadkill Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1808Not updated
58Armarl  Burning Legion-US1800Not updated
59Hellökitty Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1793Not updated
60Fèythless Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1784Not updated
61Kimjong Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1779Not updated
62Cozz JAGDBurning Legion-US1762Not updated
63Hozenstyle Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1755Not updated
64Maddonna Sorry Baby Im On CDBurning Legion-US1752Not updated
65Darnon Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1739Not updated
66Healsuraze Spare No AlliesBurning Legion-US1732Not updated
67Unknownxx Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US1728Not updated
68Georgé CREAMBurning Legion-US1721Not updated
69Squirtles Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1704Not updated
69Alipeve SanctityBurning Legion-US1704Not updated
71Xenagos SoloBurning Legion-US1703Not updated
72Shizzoobies Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1695Not updated
73Marsann HCBurning Legion-US1690Not updated
74Yeagerbomber Hotbox in the AHBurning Legion-US1675Not updated
75Berlios PrøBurning Legion-US1673Not updated
76Sairun Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1670Not updated
77Rampage Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1660Not updated
78Bubcutie Sorry Baby Im On CDBurning Legion-US1655Not updated
79Demonguard Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1644Not updated
80Rottenstabz Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1606Not updated
81Shizznasty Cookie TakersBurning Legion-US1594Not updated
82Nodferatus Spare No AlliesBurning Legion-US1579Not updated
83Frostbolts Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1564Not updated
84Monkhey Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US1549Not updated
85Taincityjr Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1542Not updated
86Proctìtute Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1537Not updated
87Frippers Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1531Not updated
88Pakku Tribe Of The AscendedBurning Legion-US1526Not updated
89Lemarcel Reborn in FlameBurning Legion-US1511Not updated
90Kørrøsiv  Burning Legion-US1508Not updated
91Orcnorris Rack EmBurning Legion-US1507Not updated
91Holybbeef Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1507Not updated
93Vesuvius  Burning Legion-US1493Not updated
94Irishcarbomb Light BrigadeBurning Legion-US1473Not updated
95Merlynn Spare No AlliesBurning Legion-US1451Not updated
96Toxic Blade of the HordeBurning Legion-US1371Not updated
97Zulama Armed ForcesBurning Legion-US1340Not updated
97Decro Whats Shakin HaitiBurning Legion-US1340Not updated
99Wrektic Sorry Baby Im On CDBurning Legion-US1337Not updated
99Tämerlein Into the MistsBurning Legion-US1337Not updated

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