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Burning Legion-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Reven Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2204
2Torfik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2202
3Sebä Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2201
4Lìoth Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2193
4Goomez Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2193
6Frionlol Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2192
7Caldon Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2191
7Debaprime Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2191
9Macierz Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2187
10Holylolek BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2176
11Kenes Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2168
12Komunowroc Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2149
13Rolfik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2145
14Relez Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2138
15Przyssana Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2121
16Neranai Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2116
17Vorni Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2113
17Caiyan Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2113
19Sinfear Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2112
20Geministic Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2111
21Spiritusx Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2109
22Kateczek Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2102
22Cochler Dark CrusadersBurning Legion-EU2102
24Krotus The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2098
24Xarsu Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2098
26Pandoktor Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2097
27Sebá FreeRaidersBurning Legion-EU2096
28Fujis Last WordBurning Legion-EU2095
28Cowmageddon Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2095
30Kelux Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2088
30Orcia Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2088
32Gnojowica Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2086
33Dmirgosk Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2083Not updated
33Siuta Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2083
35Amelkus Last WordBurning Legion-EU2082
35Zlodx Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2082
37Mowmikotku BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2079
38Gitto Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2070
39Tharis Last WordBurning Legion-EU2068
40Bragha SignumBurning Legion-EU2066
41Krzywuz PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU2065
42Juken Last WordBurning Legion-EU2064
43Psychoszatan Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2062
43Lickmyice Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2062
45Bolcownik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2061
46Bomboklat Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2059
47Telewizör Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2054
48Sebba Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2052
49Yârr Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2049
50Sebkatt PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU2046
51Ctrlfreakx The FraternityBurning Legion-EU2045
51ßurntwerk Nojja have the BIGGEST DBurning Legion-EU2045
53Bampatanga Cold LogicBurning Legion-EU2044
53Obierak Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2044
53Myslimpa The UncagedBurning Legion-EU2044
56Uncool BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2042
57Hydroxyzine Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2039
57Loressa The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2039
59Usagiideluna Last WordBurning Legion-EU2037
60Weneras  Burning Legion-EU2034
61Wygrzmocona Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2033
62Blinde Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU2032
63Saphiro Last WordBurning Legion-EU2029
64Lelum Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2022
64Mleczak Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2022
66Naray Last WordBurning Legion-EU2020
66Díabolica Last WordBurning Legion-EU2020
66Senjutsu Last WordBurning Legion-EU2020
69Aräsz Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU2019
70Unth Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2018
70Corvah Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2018
72Colrik Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2014
73Lleniwiec Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2012
74Passerin Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2006
75Kamiloz Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2005
76Gâtor Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2004
76Bellver Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2004
78Eragpl Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2002
78Defrozen  Burning Legion-EU2002Not updated
80Gamin Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2000
80Alieno Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2000
82Lickmyknee Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU1999
83Norek Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU1997
84Zrez Last WordBurning Legion-EU1995
84Nasun Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU1995
84Keski FbooUstCersKBurning Legion-EU1995Not updated
84Zorgof Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU1995
88Yasminna InsentientBurning Legion-EU1994
89Tomha FbooUstCersKBurning Legion-EU1993Not updated
90Haeldirlól Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU1992
91Dotus Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU1988
92Zwalaniec The ExiledBurning Legion-EU1987
92Szatkownica Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU1987
94Pokrzyw Cold LogicBurning Legion-EU1986
95Koøsti BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU1985
96Pakitto Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU1982
96Níx Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU1982
96Unlenn Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU1982
99Zlodxos Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU1979
100Spirytysta Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU1977

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