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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Torfik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2396Not updated
2Frionlol  Burning Legion-EU2395Not updated
3Goomez Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2394Not updated
4Debaprime Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2384Not updated
5Vorinitwitch Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2378Not updated
6Mowmikotku BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2374Not updated
7Nsed Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2371Not updated
8Baerian The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2360Not updated
9Komunowroc Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2335Not updated
10Chewbaccä Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2306Not updated
11Szäd Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2300Not updated
11Porkykebab Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2300Not updated
13Holylolek BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2292Not updated
14Leuvenupadly Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2287Not updated
15Lickmyice Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2284Not updated
16Oporowiec Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2271Not updated
17Dilôk Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2264Not updated
18Lelum Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2254Not updated
19Rolfik Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2244Not updated
20Redjaw Whatever We Are AwesomeBurning Legion-EU2242Not updated
21Gitto Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2241Not updated
22Obierak Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2240Not updated
23Neranai Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2233Not updated
24Atrisjade Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2232Not updated
25Krissto Last WordBurning Legion-EU2228Not updated
26Sávalibar  Burning Legion-EU2227Not updated
26Loressa Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2227Not updated
28Acidumcremor Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2226Not updated
29Krotus Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2220Not updated
30Purítania The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2210Not updated
31Arkaim  Burning Legion-EU2208Not updated
32Kateczek Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2207Not updated
33Korciam Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2197Not updated
34Hydroxyzine  Burning Legion-EU2196Not updated
35Spiritusx Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2195Not updated
36Vorni Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2193Not updated
36Cowmageddon Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2193Not updated
38Jukenxyz Last WordBurning Legion-EU2190Not updated
38Juken  Burning Legion-EU2190Not updated
40Abrekam Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2170Not updated
41Lickmyknee Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2166Not updated
42Unth Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2165Not updated
43Emozord The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2164Not updated
44Hizzie Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2160Not updated
45Lexu Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2159Not updated
46Caiyan Good OmenBurning Legion-EU2156Not updated
47Telewizör Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2150Not updated
48Potfoor  Burning Legion-EU2147Not updated
49Hirnol Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2140Not updated
49Kermorvan Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2140Not updated
51Kenes Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2138Not updated
52Mekerosh The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2134Not updated
53Tomha Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2133Not updated
53Nilfrea Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2133Not updated
55Rph Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2129Not updated
56Maraman Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2128Not updated
57Metrok Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2119Not updated
58Siuta Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2118Not updated
59Zoroptt Ekipa RemontowaBurning Legion-EU2117Not updated
59Tastîno Soulless PacifistsBurning Legion-EU2117Not updated
61Abyssichate The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2115Not updated
62Bampatanga Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2113Not updated
63Sinfear Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2112Not updated
63Demarest Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2112Not updated
65Tharis Last WordBurning Legion-EU2111Not updated
65Senjutsu Last WordBurning Legion-EU2111Not updated
67Maiorisedes Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2109Not updated
68Skarbowka Katedra SnuBurning Legion-EU2105Not updated
68Twardyjogurt Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU2105Not updated
68Amelinium Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2105Not updated
71Sebkatt PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU2101Not updated
72Zunmak The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2099Not updated
73Fujis Last WordBurning Legion-EU2095Not updated
73Díabolica Last WordBurning Legion-EU2095Not updated
75Kerynia Dark OmenBurning Legion-EU2094Not updated
76Bomboklat Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2091Not updated
77Fizsu Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2090Not updated
78Pandoktor Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2089Not updated
78Freezíng Vortex of SilenceBurning Legion-EU2089Not updated
80Dmirgosk Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2083Not updated
81Zlodx Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2082Not updated
82Prypcio The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2081Not updated
83Tracajacy InsentientBurning Legion-EU2079Not updated
84Fahrin  Burning Legion-EU2076Not updated
85Shøckie  Burning Legion-EU2075Not updated
85Imbatman The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2075Not updated
87Piéro Fellowship of the BlingBurning Legion-EU2073Not updated
88Hazeamnesia Eat my BurstBurning Legion-EU2071Not updated
88Unlen Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2071Not updated
90Notfur AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU2070Not updated
91Usagiideluna Last WordBurning Legion-EU2069Not updated
91Voltés Stick TogetherBurning Legion-EU2069Not updated
93Xwxy The WanderersBurning Legion-EU2067Not updated
93Wyklinacz Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2067Not updated
95Bernael InsentientBurning Legion-EU2066Not updated
96Whysoserìous BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2065Not updated
97Psychoszatan Pozdro i PocwiczzBurning Legion-EU2062Not updated
98Przezorny Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU2060Not updated
99Raindrops  Burning Legion-EU2059Not updated
100Cowmooflash BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU2058Not updated

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