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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Blade-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Muffinkat RiSEBurning Blade-US2557Not updated
2Moranrogue lagBurning Blade-US2497Not updated
3Hotcheetos  Burning Blade-US2422Not updated
4Azayo  Burning Blade-US2415Not updated
5Madison  Burning Blade-US2334Not updated
6Dazarune Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US2290Not updated
7Moranimal Something CoolBurning Blade-US2260Not updated
8Gzu whats the run dudeBurning Blade-US2238Not updated
9Snareless  Burning Blade-US2237Not updated
10Lorìty CrusadersBurning Blade-US2129Not updated
11Ånårchy Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US2116Not updated
12Krystof  Burning Blade-US2107Not updated
13Jasonx Allied National GuardBurning Blade-US2105Not updated
14Kodiak  Burning Blade-US2071Not updated
15Gsmb  Burning Blade-US2068Not updated
16Craytos KHAOSBurning Blade-US2066Not updated
17Glutamate Poppin CooliesBurning Blade-US2062Not updated
17Ragevictim Ninja TurtlesBurning Blade-US2062Not updated
17Diesekt MaliciøusBurning Blade-US2062Not updated
20Wisejin  Burning Blade-US2053Not updated
21Suxmylock Proc CityBurning Blade-US2048Not updated
22Shockyoazz PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US2047Not updated
23Lazerrchickn DishonoredBurning Blade-US2043Not updated
24Icybulletz  Burning Blade-US2042Not updated
25Làdygaga  Burning Blade-US2036Not updated
26Cubecuddle  Burning Blade-US2029Not updated
27Zilo WumbologyBurning Blade-US2019Not updated
28Flayminjoo Man Caves UnitedBurning Blade-US2017Not updated
29Overkil Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US2015Not updated
30Bubblepwned Echoes of EternityBurning Blade-US2003Not updated
30Frostpain GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US2003Not updated
32Holyspade Life and LegendBurning Blade-US1979Not updated
33Ragefed FlawlessBurning Blade-US1976Not updated
34Critikillz Savage InstinctBurning Blade-US1973Not updated
35Bomheadshawt DefenestrationBurning Blade-US1970Not updated
36Sifuyipman Noggenfogger AddictsBurning Blade-US1959Not updated
37Imabaer PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US1958Not updated
38Johnypunani Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US1957Not updated
39Zulroth OutcomeBurning Blade-US1949Not updated
40Holyknìght Savage InstinctBurning Blade-US1947Not updated
41Envision FlawlessBurning Blade-US1946Not updated
42Mìa PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US1940Not updated
43Nastypriest AnnihilationBurning Blade-US1935Not updated
44Hansbär PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US1931Not updated
45Bombayy  Burning Blade-US1930Not updated
46Unseenhero Poppin CooliesBurning Blade-US1929Not updated
47Lichme Poppin CooliesBurning Blade-US1927Not updated
48Wilfried GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US1916Not updated
49Peroxx Québec GoldBurning Blade-US1913Not updated
49Entheogen ExileBurning Blade-US1913Not updated
51Raqueesha Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US1911Not updated
52Bliteddruid ØverpoweredBurning Blade-US1910Not updated
53Veqq MaliciøusBurning Blade-US1908Not updated
53Likangwah WumbologyBurning Blade-US1908Not updated
55Yourwife  Burning Blade-US1901Not updated
56Dagie TriadBurning Blade-US1900Not updated
57Bubblethis FlawlessBurning Blade-US1895Not updated
57Psycloned Savage InstinctBurning Blade-US1895Not updated
59Brðkencyde GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US1893Not updated
60Andorane AnnihilationBurning Blade-US1889Not updated
61Deceive Borderline SuperheroesBurning Blade-US1888Not updated
62Prèdator  Burning Blade-US1886Not updated
63Mutai WumbologyBurning Blade-US1885Not updated
63Elementts GuildzillaBurning Blade-US1885Not updated
65Nyimnyimz  Burning Blade-US1884Not updated
66Kamina Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US1883Not updated
67Orcestrâ GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US1881Not updated
68Illside Away TeamBurning Blade-US1875Not updated
68Zím FlawlessBurning Blade-US1875Not updated
70Shåmpagne Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US1870Not updated
71No Away TeamBurning Blade-US1866Not updated
72Odium FlawlessBurning Blade-US1861Not updated
73Eloradannan PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US1859Not updated
74Mabuz FlawlessBurning Blade-US1857Not updated
75Hoboedd WumbologyBurning Blade-US1844Not updated
76Kimboslyice FlawlessBurning Blade-US1842Not updated
77Spaagett FlawlessBurning Blade-US1841Not updated
78Kycöo LivingFictionBurning Blade-US1837Not updated
79Kraytoz KHAOSBurning Blade-US1834Not updated
80Huntonator GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US1832Not updated
81Shlyo  Burning Blade-US1828Not updated
82Jd Fluff and BloodBurning Blade-US1827Not updated
83Whiskie GIRTHQUAKEBurning Blade-US1825Not updated
84Beasstly Away TeamBurning Blade-US1823Not updated
85Adeazz Mentally UnstableBurning Blade-US1822Not updated
85Felonee Mile High ClubBurning Blade-US1822Not updated
87Zanzul FlawlessBurning Blade-US1814Not updated
88Tailtucker  Burning Blade-US1812Not updated
89Fingerfunk FlawlessBurning Blade-US1808Not updated
89Hooyahfury  Burning Blade-US1808Not updated
91Whammydog FlawlessBurning Blade-US1802Not updated
91Galaden Proc CityBurning Blade-US1802Not updated
91Grùdge MaliciøusBurning Blade-US1802Not updated
94Slowfade PvP hurensöhneBurning Blade-US1796Not updated
95Gohrtok MercilessBurning Blade-US1793Not updated
96Mysteltainn LivingFictionBurning Blade-US1791Not updated
97Tareco  Burning Blade-US1786Not updated
98Emerìc Got MilkBurning Blade-US1785Not updated
98Krücifix FlawlessBurning Blade-US1785Not updated
100Owlpoop  Burning Blade-US1784Not updated

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